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17 April 2017: "When the dust clears"
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PAL Activity:

#4 Julien Holmiere, the 2nd fastest player in France continued to work on Rainbow Road, while consistency is difficult he managed to go sub 1'27" this week and also a superb BC3 lap with a missed NBT, so there is potential for more there.

#37 Jerome Coiffard of France improved his Koopa Beach 2 lap on PAL this week and maintains his current rank.

#102 Richard Lefint of France is making a further attempt at the Top 100 of PAL and is getting close. With PRs on Mario Circuit 2 and 4 along with Ghost Valley 2 he cut some good points and gained a couple more ranks.

#217 Bill Smith of the UK landed a pair of Donut Plains 1 times, the lap of which is nearly subbing 16 seconds. He also continued key track Bowser Castle 3 where the lap continues to show big potential for the course time. Bill now reached 42nd in the UK after passing Wolverhampton's John Western.

#317 Guillaume Da Silva Jesus of France set 10 new PRs with some excellent times on Rainbow Road. His Flower Cup times have potential, especially Choco Island 1 and he is progressing well on Vanilla Lake 2. He will reach the Top 300 soon with continued PRs.

#347 Julien Thomas of France returned to Mario Circuit 1 with a slight cut to his course time and passes Matthew Ord on the PAL Rankings.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Time Trial World Champion Karel van Duijvenboden improved his Mario Circuit 1 PR with a great lap finish following reaching the NTSC World title last week and would like to revisit PAL Time Trials next.

#49 Jerome Coiffard of France made a great return to NTSC Time Trials with a fully re-done timeset and a large average finish cut made. He has Non-NBT potential on many tracks still such as Rainbow Road, however for now he has reached the Top 50 in the World on NTSC and we look forward to see his next PRs.

#63 Daniel Nealey, the Washington State Champion from USA improved well on Choco Island 1 and Koopa Beach 2 NBT. He has big potential on Koopa Beach 1 and will make significant cuts once he joins up the NBT boosts between the islands.

#90 Richard Lefint of France continues to fly on NTSC since he joined the Top 100, and this week he makes the Top 90. It was primarily on the Mario Circuits but he also drove well on Rainbow Road where he can sub 1'28".

#218 Jordan Fetner of USA gains a number of ranks this week with progress on Bowser Castle 1 as he strengthens his platform jumping. Donut Plains 1 and Vanilla Lake 2 are approaching subs and Donut Plains 3 lap has been trimmed further. Jordan climbs to 89th in USA with his latest PRs.

#282 Sam Smith of USA returns to SMK this week with 24 new times, and big cuts that propel him beyond the Top 300 of NTSC. He did some particularly good times on the water and ice tracks and has potential to shoot towards the Top 200 fast as he improves.