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10 April 2017: "Karel reaches the NTSC Time Trial World Title Again!"
New Members

Brad Smith USA (NTSC 220th, USA 90th, Knight C)

New World Records

Karel van Duijvenboden set NTSC World Records on Vanilla Lake 2 5-lap with 0'45"99 and 1-lap at 0'08"45.


PAL Activity:

#4 Julien Holmiere, the 2nd fastest player in France made a very strong NBT lap on Rainbow Road this week and also a course time which was close to the 1'27"00 barrier.

#37 Jerome Coiffard of France set a number of NBT improvements this week, including sub 50 seconds on Koopa Beach 1 and a great 5/5 platform jump time for Ghost Valley 1. His Ghost Valley 2 PR is also about to enter the 1'02"s soon.

#104 Richard Lefint of France improved well on Mario Circuit 1 and is within range to go for the sub 1'02" Non-NBT. His Ghost Valley 1 has also subbed 1'08" and Bowser Castle 1 consistency is looking good. Richard passes Joel Chatelet for another rank in France. With a similar average finish cut next week he can reach the Top 100 level on PAL.

#225 Stefan Glosby of the UK returned to SMK with a pair of Mario Circuit 1 PRs; this gained him a couple of ranks on the PAL average finish.

#348 Julien Thomas of France continued to focus on Donut Plains 1 with a solid mid 14s lap PR and a couirse time in the 1'16"s. Once he maxes out his current level here he should be able to land at sub 1'15".

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Time Trial World Champion Karel van Duijvenboden has done it again, successfully reaching the Top of the NTSC ladder! It was completed in a stylish way as he returned to one of his favorites, Vanilla Lake 2. With an added jolt of NBT on the opener laps and promising lap splits, he first tied the World Record held by Guillaume Leviach and Ha Nyan, reaching the title. Seeing the big barrier just up ahead he continued to kart, breaking the 46 second barrier with an amazing 45.99 second time! This didn't stop there as he played the fastlap afterwards, and with the added NBT he hit an amazing World Record at 8.45 seconds! Congratulations to Karel for his fantastic results!

#18 Matt Ballard, the 3rd fastest karter of USA took on the 3rd fastest karter of Japan this week, Tohgo Ariake. He managed to pass him after some great improvements to Mario Circuit 2 with longboosting and a sharp Ghost Valley 3 NBT lap PR.

#25 Eric Olden, the 5th fastest karter of USA had a strong result on BC3 last week, so he is pushing the first and second Bowser Castle tracks more, with a sub 1'40 on the horizon for BC2 soon. DP3 lap subbed 15 seconds and Ghost Valley 1 had a further trim as he reaches the Top 25 in the World on NTSC.

#66 Daniel Nealey, the Washington State Champion of SMK improved Koopa Beach 2 with a sub minute PR and also Mario Circuit 3 with some good NBT and potential for more. He gained a few more ranks and passed Colombian Champion, Juan Arevalo.

#93 Richard Lefint of France hit 3 PRs on NTSC with a further cut to Bowser Castle 1 and also Choco Island 2 5-lap this week.

#226 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA set five new PRs this week, with a DP1 lap that opens the sub 1'20" potential, some Choco Island laps and PRs on Ghost Valley 2 and Donut Plains 3 where he has potential.

#435 Max Driessen of USA returns to SMK with 20 new PRs and some very nice cuts. He has potential on the longer tougher courses so we look forward to see further times there soon and he will shoot towards the Top 400 quickly.