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03 April 2017: "Close again to NTSC #1"
New Members

Simon Tong UK (PAL 194th, UK 37th, Knight A)
Daniel Nealey USA (NTSC 69th, USA 19th, Star A)
Mason Jones Canada (NTSC 240th, Canada 42nd, Knight C)

New World Records

No new World Records this week...


PAL Activity:

#4 Julien Holmiere set a strong pair of Mario Circuit 1 NBT PRs and also a superb lap on Ghost Valley 1 that was just 0.01 short of Guillaume Leviach's World Record. Julien has now passed Alicia L'Hoest to become the 2nd fastest PAL Time Trial Player in France, also reaching 4th in the World on PAL!

#37 Jerome Coiffard of France set two new PRs this week; a sub 52 second time for Koopa Beach 1 5-lap and a new lap time for Choco Island 2.

#64 Euan Johnston, the Champion of Scotland made consistent work of Ghost Valley 3 this week, there is potential on the lap including his new lap times on Bowser Castle 3 and Vanilla Lake 2, the latter of which he subbed 11 seconds and has passed Salim Araissia on the PAL World Rankings.

#105 Richard Lefint of France is working well on his mission for the Top 100 PAL, with latest new times on Ghost Valley 1 and Rainbow Road where he has potential to go sub 1'08" and sub 1'30" soon. He also set a couple of Flower Cup lap times on CI1 and BC2, landing at 36th in France on PAL.

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of Super Mario Kart is now just short of the NTSC Time Trial Title again, with his latest PR which was a great time on Vanilla Lake 2. The World Record is within reach here and this could be the track that helps him reach the NTSC Crown.

#26 Eric Olden, the 5th fastest karter of USA and 2nd fastest karter of Louisiana set six new PRs with some small cuts to Donut Plains 1, Ghost Valley 1, and Koopa Beach 1 being so close to the barrier, along with DP3's sub 15 lap which was also near. Eric did however set a new USA Record for Bowser Castle 3 Course.

#96 Richard Lefint of France improved Choco Island 1 on the NTSC side this week and maintains his current rank.

#226 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA continued the Choco Island track going sub 1'03" on CI1 and further under the 1'15" mark on Choco Island 2. He also shaved a bit of time from his Donut Plains 1 times, and can start looking for a sub 1'20" there following some more lap improvements.