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27 March 2017: "Hunting for food and PRs"
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New World Records

No new World Records this week...


PAL Activity:

#37 Jerome Coiffard of France set a couple of Koopa Beach 1 PRs this week and maintains his current rank.

#52 Franck Adam of France improved his Bowser Castle 2 lap this week.

#65 Euan Johnston, Scotland's Super Mario Kart Champion returned to Time Trials this week with four new PRs. This includes a sub 1'30" on Donut Plains 2 and a great lap cut alongside. He also improved Mario Circuit 3 and Bowser Castle 3 very well and passes Andreas Rudmarker from Sweden.

#74 Christopher Smith of the UK worked well on the Bowser Castles with further cuts to the 2nd and 3rd tracks; subbing 1'35" and slightly edging out Johnston's time. Christopher also pursued Vanilla Lake 2 and almost broke the sub minute barrier. He has now climbed to 12th in the UK.

#83 Stefan Thal of Germany also made a comeback to SMK this week with a pair of new PRs; Donut Plains 1 NBT and Choco Island 1 NBT. Stefan passes Edwin Peeters and John Kenny in the process.

#106 Richard Lefint of France improved Donut Plains 1 NBT and has potential on the course time; he also set some nice PRs for Koopa Beach 1 and Bowser Castle 3 with room for improvement on the course times. If Richard keeps up the pace he will reach the Top 100 on PAL soon.

#168 Thibault Terrasson of France delivered more NBT PRs this week and greatly improved his ranks on Mario Circuit 1, Donut Plains 2 and Koopa Beach 2. He also worked on Rainbow Road Non-NBT and has good potential there.

#219 Bill Smith of the UK improved Mario Circuit 2 lap with a nice sub 16 second mark and also set new times for Choco Island 1 and Bowser Castle 3. He has a lot of potential on the course times for both and can win a lot of points there. Bill gains a couple of ranks including passing Luxembourg's Champion, Frank Krack.

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of Super Mario Kart edges closer to the NTSC World Title with a Ghost Valley 3 lap PR, just short of the World Record there.

#19 Matt Ballard, the 3rd fastest karter of USA fought back stronger this week with a pair of solid longboost times on Mario Circuit 2; but also Choco Island 1 and Choco Island 2 were a success as he cut a lot of points to pass Anderson. He is closing the gap to Tohgo Ariake of Japan.

#26 Eric Olden, USA's 5th fastest karter also had a great week with an extensive list of cuts; these included improvements to his Choco Island 2 times where he is nearing the Top 10 there. Bowser Castle 3 also slipped into the sub 1'28" and Koopa Beach 1 almost went sub 50 seconds. Eric passes Sebastien Holmiere this week.

#96 Richard Lefint of France played Donut Plains 1 NBT and Choco Island 1 on NTSC this week with some good results there, passing Canada's Fabrice Baro this week.

#227 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA subbed Donut Plains 1 lap and drove a nice pair of Choco Island 1 times; where he has potential on the course. Donut Plains 2 is also progressing well and he can sharpen that one to the lower 1'30"s soon.