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20 March 2017: "Everyone got tired of MC2 already?"
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New World Records

No new World Records this week...


PAL Activity:

#5 Julien Holmiere, the 3rd fastest player in France breaks the Ghost Valley 3 1'15" barrier with his latest PR there this week and maintains his current rank.

#37 Jerome Coiffard of France also worked on the Ghost Valley tracks with new lap PRs on the first two followed by Course time PRs on Ghost Valley 3 and Rainbow Road where he has potential to cut a lot of ranks. With further Non-NBT focus he can gain more ranks. Jerome passes Swiss Time Trial Champion, Raphael Braun this week.

#52 Franck Adam of France sets an NBT PR on Bowser Castle 1 lap which helped him to pass Archibald Lefevre. He is getting closer to the Top 20 of France and Top 50 Worldwide on PAL.

#77 Christopher Smith of the UK sets a new Vanilla Lake 2 course PR and maintains his current rank. He is approaching the sub minute there soon.

#107 Richard Lefint of France set an NBT lap on Donut Plains 1, and has potential there for the course time; along with a Bowser Castle 2 course PR.

#167 Pierrick Gautier of France improved the Vanilla Lakes well this week and also set a pair of new records on Bowser Castle 1. His aim there now is for the bumper jumps to lower his best lap further and this will enable him to cut several more seconds down from his times.

#222 Bill Smith of the UK set 7 new PRs; with potential still there on Donut Plains 2 and Mario Circuit 2 lap. He put some good time into the Choco Island tracks where CI1 can hunt for a sub 1'05" very quickly and his Choco Island 2 lap is looking solid. Bill gained several ranks this week and if he keeps up the pace will reach the Top 200 soon.

#317 Julien Thomas of France continues to work on a wider range of tracks and Donut Plains 1 was on the target this week. He made some solid NBT cuts there and also improved Mario Circuit 2 and Vanilla Lake 1 lap records.

#321 Guillaume Da Silva Jesus of France continued to kart and is working well on the water and ice tracks. Bowser Castle 1 is looking solid and he has potential on Mario Circuit 1.

#337 Stephen De Winter of Australia set new PRs on Mario Circuit 1 and narrowly missed the sub 1'03" barrier, he will definitely reach it very soon. Stephen cut several ranks with this track already and can hunt for the Top 300 once he works on some more tracks.

NTSC Activity:

#9 Aron Langerak, the 2nd fastest Dutch karter of SMK plays some more NTSC and is pushing Ghost Valley 1 course time very far where he is now ranked 3rd there. Aron is closing in on Lecoanet on the NTSC Average Finish.

#96 Fabrice Baro of Canada improved his Koopa Beach 2 course time again this week, and is approached by a rival.

#97 Richard Lefint of France drives through to the Top 100 on NTSC! He set some NBT PRs on Donut Plains 1 and also very good marks on both Vanilla Lakes, Bowser Castle 2 and Ghost Valley 3. We await him to reach the Top 100 on the PAL side soon.

#198 Stephen Weber, the Philadelphia City Champion of SMK returned to Time Trials and jumped back into the Top 200 with four new PRs, on Bowser Castle 2 course and lap, Mario Circuit 4 lap and Rainbow Road course.

#231 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA lowered his Ghost Valley 1 times some more and can work his way towards the 1'05"s once sharper. He also improved Mario Circuit 2, Choco Island 1 and a little more off DP2 lap which helped him gain a few more ranks on the NTSC World Ranking.