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13 March 2017: "More and More MC2! 1'04" and sub 12 soon?"
New Members

Kevin Spalding USA (NTSC 129th, USA 44th, Veteran B)
Jesse Mehrbach USA (NTSC 249th, USA 106th, Knight D)

New World Records

Julien Holmiere set further PAL World Records on Mario Circuit 2 5-lap with 1'05"63 and 0'12"02.


PAL Activity:

#5 Julien Holmiere, the 3rd fastest player in France has been superpowered on Mario Circuit 2 with another great week, not only hitting 1'06" but lowering the course World Record to an amazing 1'05" level time with the improved longboost techniques! 1'04" potential is even there so we look forward to see if he will try for this. Just as great was his new lap World Record which almost broke the 12 second barrier, definitely something that he should shoot for soon too! He also landed a Ghost Valley 3 lap PR 0.01 from the World Record.

#25 Martin van Haasteren, the 4th fastest Dutch karter of Super Mario Kart worked on a lot of his NBT times since he last played and delivered a long list of new PRs. He made great NBT cuts in particular on BC1, MC3, CI2 and VL1, with a lot of potential on more. He also gave a few of the trick / glitch tracks a go with some PRs on GV1 and CI1. Martin passes Harold Christensen and Fredy to reach the Top 25 in the World on PAL.

#38 Jerome Coiffard of France improved his Bowser Castle 1 and Bowser Castle 3 NBT times along with a nice lap for Vanilla Lake 1 and is approaching Swiss Time Trial Champion, Raphael Braun.

#53 Franck Adam of France continues his fight through the average finish gap and is now within range to go for Lefevre's rank on PAL then aim for the Top 50. His latest NBT PRs on Mario Circuit 3 were great and also a consistent Ghost Valley 2 PR.

#64 Salim Araissia had not improved his Time Trial records for some time as he focused more on GP and racing, but there was a lot of room for improvement there. He has driven a long list of new records including NBT on a number of tracks. This has propelled him up to well beyond the Top 70 of PAL with potential for more on both course and lap records.

#107 Richard Lefint of France leaned his focus into the PAL version this week with new PRs on the Donut Plains tracks Non-NBT, there is potential for subbing 1'30" on Donut Plains 2 soon and further on Donut Plains 3 plus a sub 1'08" Ghost Valley 1. He has 7 ranks to go to reach the Top 100 on PAL, we look forward to seeing his next PRs.

#168 Pierrick Gautier of France set a pair of new Vanilla Lake 1 times passing Vincent Zee of the Netherlands.

#231 Bill Smith of the UK improved his Mario Circuit 1 times further and should definitely stick to this track to win more ranks and aim for 1'02". Donut Plains 1 has potential too and he has hit some good Donut Plains 2 times. Vanilla Lake 2 is also improving well as he gains several more PAL ranks this week.

#323 Julien Thomas started work on Choco Island 1 briefly this week with big potential there once he adapts his Non-NBT skills. He also made a Vanilla Lake 1 lap gaining several ranks. Once he plays some more tracks he can drive well into the Top 300 quickly and beyond.

#331 Guillaume Da Silva Jesus of France returned to SMK Time Trials also after a long time and made some new PRs on Mushroom Cup with potential on Mario Circuit 1 in particular, gaining several PAL ranks.

#343 Stephen De Winter of Australia also returned to SMK again and set a pair of Mario Circuit 1 times, passing 8 players on the PAL rankings.

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of SMK improved Mario Circuit 1 lap and after persevering he reached the 2nd fastest spot there. Karel is now just a few average finish points short of reaching the NTSC Time Trial World Title again!

#20 Matt Ballard, the 3rd fastest karter of USA and Louisiana State Champion improved Donut Plains 2 very well to his potential level, cutting solid average finish. With some other courses he can cut more and reach the next ranks beyond the Top 20 of NTSC.

#96 Fabrice Baro of Canada improved his Koopa Beach 2 course time this week and maintains his current overall rank.

#106 Richard Lefint of France still played NTSC this week too, focusing just on the Donut Plains tracks with some good cuts there and not too many ranks left till he reaches the NTSC Top 100!

#233 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA set some very nice improvements on Ghost Valley 1 this week with a sub 1'07" course time, and also improved Choco Island 2 plus a couple of more lap cuts to Bowser Castle 3 and Donut Plains 3.