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06 March 2017: "How low will MC2 go?"
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New World Records

Julien Holmiere set a new PAL World Record on Mario Circuit 2 1-lap with 0'12"26


PAL Activity:

#5 Julien Holmiere, the 3rd fastest player in France didn't leave Mario Circuit 2 yet on PAL as he revised the trajectory with a new strategy similar to the NTSC route. This enabled him to pull out an even faster longboost lap World Record for Mario Circuit 2 on PAL thus widening the potential on this track even further! The lap looks crazy as it is but Julien reckons there is more on the way.

#39 Jerome Coiffard of France is really pushing Bowser Castle 2 well with excellent openers and a great course time nearly subbing 1'44". Mario Circuit 3 NBT is also doing good and a pair of Vanilla Lake 1 Non-NBT times. He is closing the gap to Sweden's 2nd fastest player, Richard Karlsson.

#53 Franck Adam of France delivered 9 new PRs this week as he works through the big average finish gap towards Lefevre. Choco Island 2 nearly subbed 1'10" and he is NBT'ing well on DP1, MC2 and KB1. On the Non-NBT front, Vanilla Lake 2 sub minute should be there soon and he is chipping away at Rainbow Road with potential for a sub 1'29".

#76 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of SMK sets an NBT lap PR for Donut Plains 1. He should be able to push this into the 14s soon and reach a faster course time. His Rainbow Road Non-NBT lap is also looking solid as he passes Australia's 3rd fastest player, Eric Scott.

#112 Richard Lefint of France made steady improvements again on PAL with a pair of new times on Bowser Castle 3 where he has huge potential on the course time. Koopa Beach 2 is also looking very good as he gains a couple of ranks and is close to reaching Switzerland's Alex Hantson.

#169 Pierrick Gautier of France focused on the latter half of the tracks this week with Vanilla Lake 1 PRs, including a sub 12 second lap so good potential is there for the course time. The same goes for Bowser Castle 3, where the obstacles are holding back the 5-lap. Nevertheless, along with KB2 and Rainbow Road he gains several ranks to reach beyond the 170th spot.

#240 Bill Smith, the Staffordshire Champion, in the UK had a great week gaining ranks over European rivals. Mario Circuit 1 is a key track where he has more potential and should aim for 1'02"s soon. Mario Circuit 3 is also going very well and sub 1'40" is about to happen. His Bowser Castle laps are getting sharper and he set some consistent times on KB2 and Rainbow Road.

#331 Julien Thomas of France improved his Non-NBT Mario Circuit 1 even sharper this week; but is also focusing on some other tracks where he is gaining average finish. Ghost Valley 2 has subbed 1'04" and he has set some nice PRs on Koopa Beach 1 gaining nearly 20 ranks on the PAL average finish.

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of SMK played Mario Circuit 1 lap this week and pushed past the 10.9 second minibarrier.

#11 Alencar Faria, the 3rd fastest Brazilian SMK Player improved again slightly on his Ghost Valley 1 NBT course time and maintains his current overall rank.

#20 Matt Ballard, the 3rd fastest karter of USA and Louisiana State Champion, Matt Ballard returned this week to Time Trials and is working through the path to the next set of karters . Anderson is a bit further on the average finish gap but Matt's records on Bowser Castle 1 and Donut Plains 2 are solid with a nice lap and more potential on Donut Plains 1.

#110 Richard Lefint of France continued a larger weighting of his time on the NTSC side again with 12 new PRs this week. The Bowser Castles are going well with great laps there and also the Koopa Beach tracks where he is water sliding well. He has potential on Donut Plains 3 and Rainbow Road for more, and 10 ranks to go to reach the Top 100 here.

#114 Samuel Gomez performed a platform jump on Ghost Valley 2 NTSC with a nice lap cut that almost subbed 12 seconds. He also slightly improved Donut Plains 1 course and cuts some good average finish score.

#234 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA had a good week with a number of lap times on the Bowser Castle tracks and improved course times for Mario Circuit 4 and Ghost Valley 3. Rainbow Road however is going great and he is targetting the sub 1'30" mark. Jordan passes three more karters on the NTSC World Ranking this week and is now ranked 96th in USA.

#376 Stef Kischak of Canada returned to SMK Time Trials this week with some Flower Cup PRs; Choco Island 1 which is progressing well and Ghost Valley 2 where she has potential for well below sub 1'10" and a new lap. Ghost Valley 3 and Rainbow Road laps were driven also and this gained Stef some more ranks including a climb to 70th in Canada.