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20 February 2017: "Whole Earth"
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New World Records

Julien Holmiere improved the PAl World Record on Mario Circuit 2 1-lap and 1-lap with 0'12"58 and also set a Shortcut World Record on Choco Island 1 1-lap at 0'10"31.

Karel van Duijvenboden sets an NTSC World Record for Donut Plains 3 5-lap at 1'13"17.

Aron Langerak hits the NTSC World Record for Bowser Castle 1 5-lap at 1'25"32.


PAL Activity:

#5 Julien Holmiere, the 3rd fastest player in France returned to PAL Time Trials this week with further longboosting skills to test out. He managed to lower his PAL World Record on Mario Circuit 2 lap by an impressive 0.20 seconds! He also tested out the Shortcut route on Choco Island 1 PAL with a new World Record there too.

#40 Jerome Coiffard of France set some PRs on the Mario Circuit tracks with NBT, mainly focusing on the laps. He also landed a pair of Ghost Valley 1 improvements.

#45 Anthony Pichard of France had a great week on Time Trials after setting a lot more PRs following his CI2 adventures. He did reach the sub 1'07" there but also set several lap cuts mainly which increased his average finish score; propelling him well beyond the Top 50 PAL, just in front of Australia's 2nd fastest karter James Tagliabue.

#53 Franck Adam of France drove a speedy Vanilla Lake 2 Non-NBT lap and followed up with more NBT PRs on other tracks. Bowser Castle 1 consistency is looking good along with Donut Plains 2. Franck gains several ranks this week, and lands in an average finish gap leading to French rivals just below the Top 50.

#77 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of SMK sets a couple of PRs on Mario Circuit 4 and maintains his current rank.

#117 Richard Lefint of France set some more Bowser Castle PRs this week on PAL as he cuts his way through the average finish, falling a little short of reaching Anna Moon.
Richard slightly improves his Donut Plains 1 NBT lap also.

#183 Pierrick Gautier of France set PRs on Choco Island 1 and Ghost Valley 3. After another second or two cut to Ghost Valley 3, Pierrick could try the platform jump there for some larger rank cuts.

#249 Bill Smith of the UK did very well on Bowser Castle 2 which is becoming a stronger track for him now and a lap cut for Bowser Castle 3 where he can sub 20 seconds soon. The Koopa Beach 2 sub was just missed but he will surely reach 1'09" or even 1'08" level very soon. Bill successfully reaches the Top 250 in the World on PAL this week; his journey continues as he aims for the Top 200.

#350 Julien Thomas of France worked on his next track, Ghost Valley 2 this week with some great improvements, and a low 1'04" course time there. Once he plays some more of the tracks he will climb quickly to rival the karters above on the overall ranking.

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of SMK had many hand-hurting Donut Plains 3 sessions this week. He improved his lap, and got the World Record for the Course time. A sub 1'13" is possible and can be reached soon!

#9 Aron Langerak the 2nd fastest Dutch karter continued to cut large chunks off his NTSC times; with nice PRs on GV2, Rainbow Road and the Vanilla Lakes. The best result of all however was Bowser Castle 1 Course time where he hit the World Record, a few hundredths ahead of Karel's time. Aron passes Brazil's 2nd fastest karter, Guilherme Arantes.

#28 Eric Olden, USA's 6th fastest player, and 2nd fastest from Louisiana improved his Koopa Beach 1 times further, the sub 50 second PR is coming soon. He also landed a sub 1'28" Mario Circuit 3 time and some cuts to DP1 and MC4. Eric is very close to reaching USA Top 5, Jamie White.

#59 Jerome Coiffard of France set a lot more NTSC PRs as he has larger potential there; mainly working on his lower ranked times where he cut a lot of points. Jerome passes former Time Trial Champion from many years ago, Canada's Stanley Jeram and reaches beyond the Top 60 NTSC.

#96 Fabrice Baro of Canada is enjoying his new ranks beyond the Top 100 of NTSC. This week he switched the Choco Island 2 and gained a few more ranks in the process including a National rank climb to 14th.

#115 Richard Lefint of France has continued to play more NTSC and reached a higher rank here than on PAL now; with 14 new PRs he gained some more ranks and is also in a good position to reach the Top 100 soon; both on NTSC and PAL.

#238 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA continues to gain ranks as he picks up the pace and sets his sights on the Top 200. Rainbow Road lap sub will happen soon and he is experimenting the Ghost Valley 3 platform jump. Donut Plains 1 and Mario Circuit 2 consistency is also looking good as he passes Washington State Champion, Mike Simmons.