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13 February 2017: "CDM 2017 Registrations are up"
Super Mario Kart Championship Registrations 2017

The registrations for the Super Mario Kart Championships are now up on, please check out the registration details and sign up if you would like to attend. It is a fantastic event and also the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Kart's release this year, if you have not been before you should definitely try to attend!

New Members

Mark Strobert USA (NTSC 217th, USA 87th, Knight C)
Eric Bestul USA (NTSC 434th, USA 187th, Apprenctice B)

New World Records

Julien Holmiere sets NTSC World Records for Mario Circuit 2 5-lap and 1-lap with 1'01"63 and 0'11"42 respectively.

Karel van Duijvenboden sets an NTSC World Record tie for Vanilla Lake 1 1-lap 0'09"23*.


PAL Activity:

#40 Jerome Coiffard of France improved some more Mushroom Cup times this week, with a few trims to his laps and a sub 1'05" Ghost Valley 1 time. He also set a pair of Donut Plains 3 PRs and gains a few more ranks to reach the Top 40 in the World on PAL.

#49 Sophie Jarmouni, the Belgian Champion of Super Mario Kart made a return to Time Trials this week with a solid cut on Vanilla Lake 1 and a lap PR for Vanilla Lake 2, breaking into the Top 50 again on the PAL World Rankings.

#50 Anthony Pichard of France, ranked just below Sophie is sticking to Choco Island 2 with some further cuts and is seeking the sub 1'07".

#61 Franck Adam of France played a lot more Time Trials this week, going to town with NBT cuts on the Mario Circuits and the first and third Donut Plains tracks. His Ghost Valley 3 PRs are sharpening and also VL2 lap as he approaches Mickael Smolen and the Top 60 of PAL.

#77 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of SMK passes Eddy Lisima with some nice cuts to Ghost Valley 3 as he gets sharper with the gap jumping.

#117 Richard Lefint of France improved Bowser Castle 1 lap and Ghost Valley 1 course this week, but did some more PR'ing on Special Cup with a sub 1'20" Ghost Valley 3 and a pair of times for KB2.

#187 Pierrick Gautier of France improved six of his PRs this week including DP1, CI1 and BC2 Non-NBT, passing a number of rivals in the UK.

#230 Thibault Terrasson of France also made a return to SMK Time Trials this week with a storm full of new records; he is experimenting early with some NBT on Donut Plains 1 which is going well so far and he hit several other course and lap times. He has bigger potential on the course records however, in particular the Mario Circuits and Donut Plains tracks. He will pass well into the Top 200 with further improvements there.

#252 Bill Smith of the UK improved Koopa Beach 2 and is almost subbing 1'10" there. He also cut more off his Mario Circuit 3 lap and Choco Island 1 course times, closing the gap more to the Top 250 of the World on PAL.

#355 Julien Thomas of France continued to trim his Mario Circuit 1 Non-NBTs little more and had a quick go on Ghost Valley 2 where he gained some points and ranks on average finish this week. With more PRs on other tracks he can greatly increase his rank.

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of SMK mainly hit non WR PRs this week, but very fast ones indeed and more World Records could be on the way. These included Ghost Valley 2 records, and a sub 48 on Vanilla Lake 1 which he was after along with a lap PR on Mario Circuit 2. He did however land a World Record tie on Vanilla Lake 1 lap.

#3 Julien Holmiere of France hit more World Records this week; with Mario Circuit 2 course and lap times looking very sharp!

#10 Aron Langerak the 2nd fastest Dutch karter worked on 10 PRs this week with very strong efforts on Donut Plains 2 and also 3 where he can certainly attack the top times after his DP1 success. He also got a solid pair of Ghost Valley 1 times and BC2 and MC3 on Flower Cup, solidifying his Top 10 position in the World on NTSC.

#20 Matt Ballard improved his PRs again on Mario Circuit 3 where he still had potential, and he now reaches the Top 20 in the World on NTSC, passing Jonathan to become the 3rd fastest Time Trial Player in USA. With focus on other tracks now he can gain more average finish.

#61 Jerome Coiffard of France improved his Koopa Beach 1 time slightly and maintains his current rank.

#100 Fabrice Baro of Canada decided to stay on Bowser Castle 1 with a further improvement and reaches the Top 100 of NTSC in direct competition with Josh Stevens. With some more PRs he can push his way to the 90s.

#113 Samuel Gomez of Spain sets a couple of laps on Donut Plains 1 and 2 NTSC this week and passes Adam Zaiger of USA.

#118 Richard Lefint of France played quite a lot of NTSC this week also. With Mario Circuit 1 and 2 going strong and promising times on the Koopa Beaches and Ghost Valley 3. He gains more ranks there and reaches beyond the Top 120 of NTSC.

#240 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA improved well on Vanilla Lake 2 and Donut Plains 3 with pairs of new times there. His Rainbow Road is also showing potential to go a few more seconds soon and shoot for the barrier.

#438 Adam Roberts of USA improved six PRs this week; Mario Circuit 3, Choco Island 2 and Koopa Beach 2 course and lap times, passing 5 karters on the NTSC World Rankings.