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06 February 2017: "Where there's ice and plains"
New Members

Richard Lefint (joining NTSC), France (NTSC 124th, France 17th, Veteran B)
Dwayne Green USA (NTSC 262nd, USA 112th, Knight F)

New World Records

Karel van Duijvenboden sets the NTSC World Records for Donut Plains 2 5-lap 1'22"53 and 1-lap 0'16"25. He also broke the World Record lap on Vanilla Lake 2 with 0'08"48.

Aron Langerak ties the NTSC World Record for Donut Plains 1 5-lap with 1'07"82.

Julien Holmiere sets NTSC Shortcut World Records for Choco Island 1 5-lap and 1-lap with 0'51"06 and 0'09"61 respectively.


PAL Activity:

#43 Jerome Coiffard of France improved 4 of his PAL PRs, with Ghost Valley 2 and Rainbow Road chipping down well; his Rainbow Road course time should reach the 1'28" level soon. He also delivered a sharp NBT Choco Island 2 PR, closing in on the 1'07" barrier.

#50 Anthony Pichard of France also improved his Choco Island 2 NBT PRs this week and reaches the Top 50 in the World on PAL!

#66 Franck Adam of France sent one PR this week, for Bowser Castle 2 5-lap and maintains his current rank.

#78 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of SMK from the UK drove new PRs for Mario Circuit 1 where he subs 1'01" NBT, and also Ghost Valley 2 Non-NBT which he trimmed a little further. Eddy Lisima is just ahead on the PAL Rankings.

#117 Richard Lefint of France worked on Bowser Castle 1 with a pair of new times, and also a new course record for Bowser Castle 3. His Koopa Beach 2 lap has subbed 13 seconds now and opened up more potential for the course time.

#363 Julien Thomas of France improved his Mario Circuit 1 5-lap PR by another tenth.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of SMK has been on crazy form this week! He has potential on Donut Plains 2 NTSC following his great PAL achievements there in 2016, so he put the work in and set a pair of great new World Records, edging out Julien's lap WR there. Along with a GV3 PR, he didn't stop there as this weekend he utilised the NBT strategy on Vanilla Lake 2 lap, breaking the 8.5 second mini barrier for a great new World Record!

#3 Julien Holmiere of France set a pair of Choco Island 1 Shortcut World Records this week, beating Guillaume Leviach's lap in particular by some margin and landing close to the 51 second barrier on the course time.

#10 Aron Langerak the 2nd fastest Dutch karter went a little further after breaking the Donut Plains 1 barrrier from last week. He improved his World Record by another 0.15 seconds! He also brought along 15 more PRs across the boards to improve his average finish very well. He definitely has potential on DP2 as with Karel and will hit more PRs very soon. Aron reaches the Top 10 in the World on NTSC.

#61 Jerome Coiffard of France set more PRs on NTSC this week, working on the water and ice tracks a lot. Koopa Beach 2 will go well sub minute very soon and his Mario Circuit 1 course will drop sub 59. Jerome is approaching the Top 60 of NTSC.

#102 Fabrice Baro of Canada broke the sub 1'30" on Bowser Castle 1 by some margin and still has potential for more there. The Top 100 is just within grasp as he seeks the next tracks to gain enough average finish.

#243 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA worked on four course times this week. Flower Cup's Donut Plains 2 where he has potential being a shorter track than Mario Circuit 3. He subbed the minute on Vanilla Lake 1 and can likely drop this lower to 58 or 57 soon and he drove a Koopa Beach 2 PR.

#320 Kyle Randol was the only active player of Louisiana this week but he made 6 great cuts, working on both course and lap times for Bowser Castle 1, Bowser Castle 3 and Ghost Valley 2. His Ghost Valley 2 times were consistent and he can cut a lot more of the Bowser Castles with bumper jumps. Kyle gains several ranks this week on the NTSC World Ranking.

#379 Stef Kischak of Canada improved her Mario Circuit 2 times slightly more and set some lap times on Bowser Castle 2, Vanilla Lake 2 and Rainbow Road. This gained her a few more ranks on the NTSC World Ranking.