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30 January 2017: "Talk too fast or work faster?"
CI1 wall hop and pipe / wall boosting strats

As many of you are aware, there are a few forum topics and polls this week regarding the Choco Island 1 wall hop discussion and also the wall and pipe boosting strategies. The discussion is whether to include them as part of the main NBT charts going forward or keep / place them within the short cut / separate trick strategy charts. Although the votes are clearly going one direction on the polls for both counts, it is important that we take enough time to discuss the strategies before coming to a final decision that we can be happy with. I just wanted to be clear that it was not intended to be a quick rushed poll and change over on this update.

Therefore we are not including any PRs with these strategies to the site just yet, but we will do in due course when we are decided and comfortable with a decision. I do encourage players to use the time to test the pipe / wall boosting out, it may help in having an understanding of these strategies and how much impact they will have on the current times. Keep hold of those times for now if you hit anything and we can add these on eventually to their respective charts. I also haven't set any deadline as I mentioned on the forum there is no rush to make any changes. Please continue the discussions there for now; and when you all feel we can set a reasonable deadline, then I can update the records accordingly thereafter.

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New World Records

Aron Langerak lands NTSC World Records for Donut Plains 1 5-lap 1'07"97 and 1-lap 0'13"27


PAL Activity:

#43 Jerome Coiffard of France set a lot of PRs this week on PAL, with several new course times including a great one try on Bowser Castle 1 NBT, amongst others. His Choco Island 1, 2 and Koopa Beach 1 NBT PRs are getting stronger and he is sharpening more on the Ghost Valleys with potential for sub 1'29" on Rainbow Road. Jerome gains two more ranks this week, reaching 16th in France.

#51 Anthony Pichard of France made a return to SMK Time Trials with a pair of new NBT times on Mario Circuit 3, closing the gap again to the Top 50 of PAL.

#66 Franck Adam of France also kept up his great pace, gaining 3 more PAL ranks this week; the Ghost Valleys were successful as he subs 1'05" on the first and makes consistent cuts to GV2 with potential there and on the more difficult BC3. His NBT potential is increasing on the Choco Islands and Koopa Beach 1 as he lands at 26th in France, also passing the 2nd fastest karters of Spain and Belgium.

#78 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of SMK in the UK improves his NBT Mario Circuit 1 PRs slightly and passes the 2nd fastest Swiss karter, Cedric Leutwyler on the PAL World Rankings.

#109 Adrien Garreau of France sent in two old PRs, one for Mario Circuit 1 and the other for Donut Plains 3 lap, holding off rival Gomez on the PAL World Rankings.

#110 Samuel Gomez of Spain set a pair of new PRs for Donut Plains 1 on PAL this week; he could challenge Garreau next week with some PRs on other tracks.

#117 Richard Lefint of France made 9 new PRs this week, pushing sub 1'20" Mario Circuit 2 and sub minutes Vanilla Lake 1 with great Non-NBT. He also has sub minute potential on Vanilla Lake 2 soon when he learns the faster routes. Richard gains several ranks and lands at 39th in France.

#191 Pierrick Gautier of France set some big cuts on Koopa Beach 1 this week and gains 6 more ranks.

#256 Bill Smith of the UK worked on the Vanilla Lake tracks with some nice PRs there; he is at the stage where he can start learning the faster racing lines on Vanilla Lake 2 and will sub 12 second laps soon. He moves a step closer towards the Top 250 of PAL.

#363 Julien Thomas of France sets a small PR cut to his Mario Circuit 1 course time and maintains his overall rank.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden the Dutch Champion of Super Mario Kart set a couple of NTSC PRs, close to World Records; for Donut Plains 1 lap and Vanilla Lake 1 lap.

#11 Aron Langerak the 2nd fastest Dutch karter had a lot of fun on Donut Plains 1 this week by breaking the 1'08" barrier with a great World Record there after some cuts before that. He also lowered the lap time for a new World Record, beating the tied one he had with Guillaume Leviach.

#12 Tyler Worley, the Time Trial Champion of USA lowered his Bowser Castle 3 times slightly further, sub 1'28" potential is still there and he can reach the mark soon.

#21 Matt Ballard, the Louisiana State Champion and 4th fastest karter of USA set a solid NBT cut for Mario Circuit 3 and also Choco Island 2 lap and is approaching the Top 20 NTSC.

#28 Eric Olden, now the 6th fastest karter in USA after passing Michael Fried; gains a couple more ranks after some strong PRs on Mario Circuit 1 and 2 and also working on Rainbow Road where he can gain more points. His Koopa Beach 1 also had great potential as does Vanilla Lake 1 where he subs 10 seconds on the lap.

#43 Stacy Needham, the 3rd fastest karter of the UK on NTSC made a quick return this week with a couple of very nice laps for Vanilla Lake 1 NBT and Koopa Beach 2 NBT, passing Olivier Antoine on the NTSC ladder.

#103 Fabrice Baro of Canada has almost broken the 1'30" barrier on Bowser Castle 1 and has a great lap there now. He also played Choco Island 1 again earlier this week, sharpening his Non-NBT skills very well. Fabrice is approaching the Top 100 NTSC and will reach there soon!

#114 Samuel Gomez also played Donut Plains 1 NTSC with a pair of new PRs there. He is closing the gap to USA's Adam Zaiger.

#199 Stephen Weber, the Philadelphia Champion of Super Mario Kart has been on fire this week again with another wave of PRs, and aimed for the Top 200 which he managed to achieve with 17 new PRs. His course times are lining up well with his fast laps now but new potential opens up as he cuts the laps further. Stephen lands in the Top 80 of USA.

#244 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA improved his Bowser Castle 2 times and has potential on the course time with more bumper jumps. He also set a couple of PRs on Mario Circuit 3 and Koopa Beach 1, passing April Thompson on the NTSC World Rankings.

#329 Kyle Randol of Louisiana, USA set 10 new PRs this week; where he mainly hit the Mario Circuits with some great improvements overall, but also Vanilla Lake 2 where he has a lot of course time potential and some solid times for Rainbow Road.

#381 Stef Kischak of Canada made a large climb this week with a wave of new records across the boards. By working on the overall tracks evenly she has improved her level and flown way past the Top 400 NTSC. Stef has a lot of potential as her lap times are considerably faster on the harder tracks; and she reaches 72nd in Canada.

#439 Adam Roberts of USA gains a rank this week with some larger cuts to his Mario Circuit 1 and Ghost Valley 1 times. As he works through the other tracks he will close the gap to the Top 400 of NTSC.