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09 January 2017: "There wasn't supposed to be an update but..."
...Greetings from Karel and I at AGDQ!

The AGDQ event has been on this week near Washington D.C. Karel and I have performed a live stream Time Trial speed run on NTSC so far and looking forward to do some more record setting and demonstrations for the rest of the week plus watch some other great speed runs on other games. So, on to the update for those that sent PRs on by this usual time.

New Members

No new members this week...

New World Records

Karel van Duijvenboden sets an NTSC World Record for Bowser Castle 2 1-lap with 0'19"19.

Julien Holmiere sets an NTSC World Record for Koopa Beach 1 1-lap with 0'08"77.


PAL Activity:

#10 Christian Wild, the 2nd fastest Time Trial player in Germany returns to PAL SMK Time Trials this week. This is very exciting as his potential is huge considering his successes on NTSC. Christian is closing the gap to Manuel Babjar fast with new records for Mario Circuit 4 course and Choco Island 1 lap.

#130 Richard Lefint of France drove 12 new PRs this week and made some very good Non-NBT hits on the Donut Plains tracks, nearly subbing 1'20" on DP1 course. He was also close to sub 1'50" Bowser Castle 2 but succeeded in sub 1'45" Mario Circuit 4. Richard climbs 4 ranks and reaching 41st in France this week.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Time Trial Champion took Julien's Bowser Castle 2 lap from last week and broke the mini barrier by 0.01 with an amazing new NTSC World Record there along with a PR cut for Choco Island 2 lap.

#3 Julien Holmiere of France did a similar crazy act this week; a new World Record lap for Koopa Beach 1 on NTSC and a solid course PR. Julien also made PRs on Choco Island 1 course and lap and Vanilla Lake 1 course time. He has now passed Christian Wild for the 3rd place rank in the World on NTSC!

#7 Sami Cetin, the UK Time Trial Champion improves his Ghost Valley 1 course time PR during AGDQ and maintains his current rank.

#21 Matt Ballard, the Louisiana State Champion and 4th fastest karter of USA improves his Vanilla Lake 1 course time PR this week and also maintains his current overall rank.

#114 Samuel Gomez continued on with the same tracks; with a further cut to Mario Circuit 1 course time and the lap approaching the sub 12 second barrier. Donut Plains 1 course time was also improved slightly.

#248 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA set new times for Choco Island 1 course and lap where he has sub 1'03" potential on the course time. His Ghost Valley 1 course time is approaching the 1'07"00 barrier and a new lap is likely to follow.