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02 January 2017: "2017 already? Tell that to Kanjiklub!"
Next Update Monday 16th January

The next update of the site will be on Monday 16th January; due to the AGDQ event that Karel and I will be attending. The deadline for PRs will be as normal on Sunday 15th January, so please keep the PRs coming in as normal on both weeks for those who are interested in catching the first Player of the week awards of 2017.

Final Awards and end of 2016

Firstly a thank you to all of the players who have taken part this year to keep the site alive with new PRs and World Records. We have had a great year and towards the end some exciting new World Records and mini barriers broken. The final awards are up, but of course for the player of the year there can only be one.

Congratulations to Matt Ballard for earning Player of the Year 2016! A new player to the community who has learned very fast since the start of the year on both Non-NBT and NBT reaching well beyond the Top 20 on PAL already! He also had time to take on his home version of NTSC in the last month of the year where he is approaching a similar rank super fast! Since reaching the PAL result, we could have a new challenger for the USA Time Trial title on NTSC soon too. But many other players also deserve a mention!

Julien Holmiere and Karel van Duijvenboden were certainly forces to be reckoned with this year; although they weren't as regularly active as Matt and some other karters in Time Trial, they certainly delivered where World Records are concerned. Julien's recent Bowser Castle 2 NTSC lap is insanely strong, amongst others he landed such as Ghost Valley 2 NTSC lap. Karel has hit some great PAL marks on Donut Plains 2 with double World Records, Bowser Castle 1 lap for both PAL and NTSC and Rainbow Road lap for NTSC. Karel has potential for more and Julien is setting his sights on the Top ranks with the pace he is going at and a CDM title from 2016. Will the battle continue between these two and will Guillaume Leviach return to defend?

Sophie Jarmouni has also had an impressive year, participating in both PAL and NTSC sides with a great climb to beyond the Top 50 of PAL and Top 60 of NTSC, and taking the Belgium title on Time Trial in the process! Sophie has delivered fantastic times on both Non-NBT and NBT; but is being approached by a new rival. Jerome Coiffard of France joined us later in the year but has shocked the Top 100 ranks with his very strong improvements and learning of NBT. He has also reached the Top 50 of PAL and almost at the Top 60 of NTSC earning the well deserved final Quarter award. If there is one karter to watch in 2017 if he keeps up this crazy pace, it is Jerome Coiffard.

Many notable mentions also for Franck Adam who has trained with Jerome recently and makes a superb climb into the Top 100 with definite potential for more. Paul Tanney and Christopher Smith from the UK were also impressive, with Paul a returning contender who rose into the Top 100 quickly and Smith following close behind.

Keep up the great karting everyone and wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2017!

New Members

No new members this week...

New World Records

Julien Holmiere sets an NTSC World Record for Bowser Castle 2 5-lap with 0'19"20.

Karel van Duijvenboden sets an NTSC World Record for Rainbow Road 1-lap with 0'16"48.


PAL Activity:

#23 Leyla Hasso, the 2nd fastest PAL Time Trial player of the UK returned during the final week of the year and decided to hit Bowser Castle 1. After a lot of effort she cut her lap time further and continued improving the course until she subbed 1'29". She has passed the 3rd fastest Dutch karter, Gerard Roodhorst on the PAL World Rankings with her latest PRs.

#49 Sophie Jarmouni, the Belgian Champion of SMK improved Non-NBT PRs for Ghost Valley 2 with great results there and a pair of NBT times for Mario Circuit 1 and a lap on Koopa Beach 1. She has defended vs rival, Jerome Coiffard this week and is approaching Jerome Gava.

#50 Jerome Coiffard of France returned to PAL this week again to finish the year in style by reaching the Top 50 in the World on PAL! Jerome's latest impressive PR list included 14 new times, including some focus on the Non-NBT tracks as well such as Ghost Valley 2 and Rainbow Road but also making time for NBT heavy tracks such as the Koopa Beaches and some Mario Circuit 1 action to cut some time down. Jerome also reaches 19th in France on PAL!

#82 Stefan Thal, the 8th fastest karter in Germany returned to Time Trial during the Christmas week also with Mario Circuit 1 and Choco Island 2 NBT times. Stefan cut some good average finish and is closing the gap to Edwin Peeters, John Kenny and the Top 80 of PAL.

#84 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of the UK gains a couple of more PAL ranks this week with impressive Rainbow Road PRs where he subs 1'29" and a couple of PRs each for Flower and Star Cups. The best result however was his first 2/5 Non-NBT PR for Ghost Valley 1 as he closes in on Belgium's Peter Toch.

#88 Franck Adam of France was aiming for the Top 100 but got a lot more than he bargained for! Franck had a very successful Non-NBT run this week hitting key tracks of the Ghost Valleys, Vanilla Lake 2, Rainbow Road and Bowser Castle 3 where there is still huge potential left. He also drove many great NBT times on the Mushroom Cup tracks, Choco Island 2, Koopa Beach 2 and Donut Plains 3. Franck climbs to 32nd in France and lands beyond the Top 90 in the World on PAL.

#264 Thibault Terrasson of France returned to SMK Time Trials with a long list of new times he worked in recently. He PR'ed on most of the tracks though he focused on the lap records a little more with an NBT cut on Donut Plains 1 lap record. Thibault flies well past the Top 300 PAL and has potential to cross the next 100 ranks if he continues this pace. He is now ranked at 73rd in France.

#274 Bill Smith, the Staffordshire Champion of the UK improved further on some of the same tracks from last week such as Ghost Valley 1 and Bowser Castle 1, the latter of which he cut further seconds down. He is liking the Ghost Valley 2 and 3 tracks and Rainbow Road as he worked on those too with great results. Bill's UK rank rises to 55th as we reach the close of the year.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Time Trial Champion set a fantastic World Record lap for Rainbow Road on NTSC, breaking the 16.5 second mini barrier following a lap reached by Julien Holmiere. Karel also improved his CI2 course PR this week with potential there for more.

#4 Julien Holmiere of France set a blindingly fast Bowser Castle 2 lap World Record, along with a course time, and a pair of records for Rainbow Road. He held the lap World Record briefly on Rainbow Road lap before it was beaten shortly after by Karel. Along with a Vanilla Lake 2 course time PR, Julien is cutting his average finish down further and is approaching Germany NTSC Time Trial Champion, Christian Wild.

#11 Tyler Worley, the USA Time Trial Champion returned to SMK Time Trials with a PR on Koopa Beach 1 lap. He maintains his current rank.

#21 Matt Ballard, the Louisiana State Champion and 4th fastest karter of USA set four new PRs; he made an excellent pair of Vanilla Lake 1 times, subbing 50 seconds there in the process. He improved Ghost Valley 1 very well, almost reaching the sub minute barrier.

#30 Eric Olden, the 2nd fastest player in Louisiana hit the Bowser Castles with a pair of new times on the first track and a very nice lap for the 2nd. Bowser Castle 3 course also saw a slight improvement and a Donut Plains 3 lap where he has sub 15 seconds potential. Eric reaches the Top 30 on NTSC.

#62 Jerome Coiffard of France continued his NTSC work following the PAL PRs this week; he made some more big cuts to NBT tracks such as Koopa Beach 1 and Choco Island 2. But the majority of PRs were on Mushroom and Flower Cups where he holds big potential judging by the lap records. Mario Circuit 2 long boosting is looking good and he can reach sub 1'10" there soon.

#106 Fabrice Baro of Canada improved a pair of Donut Plains 2 course time PRs and passes Costa Rican Time Trial Champion, Juan Manuel Arteaga.

#111 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of the UK improved his NTSC PRs on all of the Ghost Valley laps, subbing 15 seconds on GV3 lap. He also worked on his lap on Koopa Beach 1 and a pair of new times on Koopa Beach 2.

#114 Samuel Gomez set 3 new PRs, with a pair of small cuts for Mario Circuit 1 and Donut Plains 1 course, all Non-NBT.

#248 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA improved his PRs for Donut Plains 1, where he almost subs 16 seconds on the lap and a course time PR for Koopa Beach 2.