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25 December 2016: "Christmas Day update, have a great day!"
POW, POM, POQ, POY Awards finishing 2016

The next update as mentioned will be as usual on Monday 2nd January, with usual time submission deadline the night before. However the final awards also won't be ready until after the update is online, and this may be later in the evening on the Monday. Thank you for your patience everyone, the final Player of the Week, Month of December, Quarter 4 and Player of the Year 2016 will be revealed in one go then. Hope you all have a great new year!

New Members

No new members this week...

New World Records

Julien Holmiere sets an NTSC World Record for Ghost Valley 3 1-lap with 0'14"26.


PAL Activity:

#49 Sophie Jarmouni, the Belgian Champion of SMK set a solid pair of Donut Plains 2 NBT records and also some cuts for Koopa Beach 2 where she is approaching the sub minute barrier. Sophie also improved GV1 and CI1 laps, passing Anthony Pichard and Archibald Lefevre and going beyond the Top 50 PAL.

#52 Jerome Coiffard of France improves his Bowser Castle 3 course time on PAL this week and maintains his overall rank.

#86 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of the UK set PRs on Mario Circuit 1 course with NBT and a couple of PRs for MC2 and GV3. He managed to sub the minute barrier on Koopa Beach 1 passing some rivals in Germany and Belgium.

#103 Franck Adam of France is approaching the Top 100 fast! He has set more NBT PRs with success on MC1, KB1, CI1 and more. He still has big course time potential on the Non-NBT side, Donut Plains 3 in particular as he lands a great lap cut and can shave several seconds more off the course time. Franck reaches 34th in France this week.

#278 Bill Smith, the Staffordshire Champion of the UK improved Ghost Valley 1 and Ghost Valley 2 well this week and also cut down his Rainbow Road course time further. Bill passes 3 more karters this week.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#4 Julien Holmiere of France set a great new NTSC World Record for Ghost Valley 3 lap and an improved course PR. He also improved well on Rainbow Road course and lap times where he was 0.01 short of the World Record lap there. Julien passes Brazilian Champion, Oliver Segarra Gonzalez on the NTSC World Rankings.

#21 Matt Ballard, the Louisiana State Champion and 4th fastest karter of USA made some very nice improvements on Ghost Valley 2 with his first 5/5 platform time there and another US Record. He also focused on Bowser Castle 3 and Rainbow Road, landing higher ranks there and a couple of PRs on GV1 and VL2 laps. Matt passes more karters on the NTSC ladder and will now aim for the Top 20 where he has to cut an average finish gap.

#31 Eric Olden, the 2nd fastest player in Louisiana improved a little more on Bowser Castle 3 narrowly holding on to the State record there and improving Bowser Castle 2 lap. He is now very close to the Top 30 of NTSC.

#72 Jerome Coiffard of France focused on NTSC this week and has re-written his entire time set with huge cuts all round. He still has big potential left as per his great results on PAL recently and is close to the Top 70 on NTSC so far. His NTSC rank in France is now 13th.

#114 Samuel Gomez improves his Mario Circuit 1 lap slightly with D.K.Jr following his course time improvement recently.

#248 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA improved well on Vanilla Lake 1 getting closer to the sub minute barrier and Mario Circuit 4. He made some improvements for Ghost Valley 2 and Donut Plains 3 plus a second cut on MC2. Jordan passes the Top 250 on NTSC after gaining 3 ranks.