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19 December 2016: "Everyone done their Christmas shopping early?"
Christmas Day Update

Hope you are all enjoying the approach to the Holidays. Just to let you know that the following update will be uploaded a day earlier, on Christmas Day (Sunday 25th December), instead of the Monday. Therefore the deadline for time submissions will also be a day earlier, on Saturday 24th December. Please ensure that your PRs are in for then to be in the Christmas Day update. The following updates will resume on Mondays thereafter with the following one on Monday 2nd January 2017 (with time submissions due in by Sunday 1st January as normal).

New Members

Daniel McElroy UK (PAL 181st, UK 30th, Veteran F)
Jerome Coiffard (joining NTSC) France (NTSC 219th, France 17th, Knight B)
Kyle Randol USA (NTSC 333rd, USA 142nd, Louisiana 4th, Warrior F)
Roberto Cardenas Mexico (NTSC 351st, Mexico 2nd, Contender A)

New World Records

No new World Records this week...


PAL Activity:

#51 Sophie Jarmouni, the Belgian Champion of Super Mario Kart worked on Star Cup this week and improved her Mario Circuit 4 NBT PRs and also the same for Choco Island 2 where she subbed the 1'10" barrier. Koopa Beach 1 lap was also improved bringing her to 1.0 finish point from the Top 50. However a big rival is fast approaching.

#52 Jerome Coiffard of France is on fire once again with his latest NBT times showing great strengths on Choco Island 2 but also delivering well on Donut Plains 1, Mario Circuit 1 and the Koopa Beaches. He improves his Non-NBT tracks Ghost Valley 3 and Vanilla Lake 2, passing Camille Batier for 21st in France and approaching Belgian Champion, Sophie Jarmouni and the Top 50 PAL!

#116 Franck Adam of France gains another solid average finish cut with 14 new PRs, showing good NBT potential on the Choco Islands and Koopa Beaches. His Donut Plains 1 NBT is also picking up the pace and he has big Non-NBT potential still on the Bowser Castles. With PRs on some of these tracks it will help drive him towards the Top 100 which he is on pace to reach soon. Franck is now ranked 38th in France.

#134 Richard Lefint of France sets 12 new Non-NBT PRs with a further shave on Mario Circuit 1 and sharp cuts on Mario Circuit 3 and 4. His Ghost Valley 3 times are also looking sharper and he has 1'03" potential on the 2nd track along with sub 1'20" on the 3rd. Richard climbs to 43rd in France with his latest PRs.

#281 Bill Smith, the Staffordshire Champion of the UK worked on Star and Special Cups where he is making further progress on Ghost Valley 3 and Rainbow Road is approaching 1'40". He managed to sub 1'50" on Bowser Castle 3 though and cut down Koopa Beach 1 some more.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#24 Matt Ballard worked on Mario Circuit 4 with some excellent NBT cuts and potential for more. Special Cup however he improved very well all over, including approaching the 50 second barrier on Vanilla Lake 2, and landing his first USA National Record on Ghost Valley 3. Matt climbs to 4th in USA and now holds the Louisiana State Title and sets his sights towards the Top 20.

#32 Eric Olden, the 2nd fastest karter of Louisiana in USA also had a great week; focusing on key tracks such as Rainbow Road and Bowser Castle 3 where fast progress is happening. Eric also drove several lap PRs which are opening up more course time potential. He lands just ahead of Andy Lundeen for the 7th in USA.

#106 Fabrice Baro of Canada hopped over to Donut Plains 2 this time with a pair of new PRs on NTSC there. He gains a rank ahead of Guillaume Sylvain for 15th in Canada and a step closer towards the Top 100.

#113 Samuel Gomez improves his Donut Plains 1 Non-NBT lap this week on NTSC.

#252 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA improves his Mario Circuit 1 to a mid 1'01" level and sets a pair of times on Mario Circuit 3, with the lap closing in on the 19 second barrier.