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12 December 2016: "Felt like driving a car with one eye"
New Members

Richard Lefint France (PAL 140th, France 45th, Veteran C)
Michael Clarke USA (NTSC 193rd, USA 78th, Knight A)

New World Records

Karel van Duijvenboden set 2 NTSC World Records; for Bowser Castle 1 1-lap 0'16"89 and Bowser Castle 2 1-lap with 0'19"24.


PAL Activity:

#51 Sophie Jarmouni, the Belgian Champion of Super Mario Kart SNES made a return to PAL with NBT PRs on Donut Plains 1 and 2, and also NBT improvements for Koopa Beach 1 both and Koopa Beach 2 lap. She cut some good average finish, closing the gap a little more to Pichard and the Top 50 PAL.

#55 Jerome Coiffard of France is catching up fast however to rival Sophie soon. He once again improved a lot of records, really showing his strengths on NBT tracks and potential on the more Non-NBT heavy courses. With improvements there he will also reach towards the Top 50 quickly. Jerome is now ranked at 22nd in France!

#90 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of the UK improved his Mario Circuit 2 lap NBT and has a lot of potential there when he starts to learn the longboost. He also delivered some nice Non-NBT cuts as he lands at the Top 90 of PAL.

#127 Franck Adam of France continued his training with Coiffard and it is helping him drive further towards the Top 100 this week. Franck made 14 PRs in total, and worked more on Non-NBT cornering where he is getting sharper in particular on Bowser Castles and Ghost Valleys. Ghost Valley 1 is working very nicely with the platform jump and he will sub 1'20" soon on Ghost Valley 3. Franck now ranks at 40th in France.

#283 Bill Smith, the Staffordshire Champion of the UK broke the 1'04" barrier on Mario Circuit 1, but has room for further; however he cut well off Mario Circuit 4 and Koopa Beach 1 this week, along with Ghost Valley 3. Bowser Castle 1 sub 1'40" is looking great and he improved some of his lap times on Special Cup as well.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#2 Karel van Duijvenboden, the Dutch Champion of Super Mario Kart SNES returned to NTSC Time Trials for some more action on the Bowser Castle laps; and he breaks the sub 16.90 mini barrier of Bowser Castle 1 for a superb World Record there; replicating his recent work on PAL. He also set a new World Record lap into the lower quartile of Bowser Castle 2!

#5 Julien Holmiere, the 3rd fastest player in France on NTSC improved Bowser Castle 3 lap slightly and maintains his current overall rank.

#44 Matt Ballard, the 2nd fastest karter of Louisiana made a huge climb this week as he starts to unleash his potential. With a long list of PRs on NTSC he has hit some great marks all round. His laps show that he can go a lot further, and Eric may have a battle on his hands for the Louisiana title soon. Matt now ranks at 11th in USA!

#107 Fabrice Baro of Canada worked further on Donut Plains 1 delivering some sharper times, and a lap that went sub 15 seconds. We will see him reach the 1'15" level soon.

#112 Christopher Smith of the UK put a lot more energy this week into NTSC and is driving his rank there towards the Top 100 soon as well. He subbed 1 minute on Mario Circuit 1 with NBT and also tried NBT on a couple of other boards; otherwise he revamped a lot of Flower, Star and Special Cup Non-NBT cutting a lot of average finish.

#113 Samuel Gomez lost a rank to rival, Smith but he drove a sub 1'01" time for Mario Circuit 1 and a pair of Donut Plains 1 PRs as well all Non-NBT.

#252 Jordan Fetner of USA set a pair of records on Bowser Castle 1, subbing 1'35" there and also a Mario Circuit 4 lap nearly sub 21 seconds.