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05 December 2016: "Time Trial in the Garden, sort of.."
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New World Records

Julien Holmiere set an NTSC World Record for Ghost Valley 2 1-lap with 0'11"33.


PAL Activity:

#51 Sophie Jarmouni, the Belgian Champion of Super Mario Kart had a few unsent PRs from a while ago on Donut Plains 3 with a solid Non-NBT course time and NBT lap there.

#68 Jerome Coiffard of France wrapped up November in a great way with constant improvements all round; his Non-NBT is getting sharper and consistent with notable hits on the Bowser Castles and Ghost Valley 2 and platform jumping on Ghost Valley 1. He is getting strong on the Choco Island track NBTs and Mario Circuit 1 lap has potential for well under 12 seconds. Jerome is approaching his local rival, Alexandre Burel and now ranks at 26th in France.

#91 Christopher Smith, the Champion of Yorkshire in the UK continues to climb with a good pace; his Bowser Castle 2 improvements are good as he is getting more consistent with the bumper jumps, and his lap will sub 21 seconds soon. He also made a couple of Star Cup PRs including CI2 NBT. Christopher passes several karters including Buckinghamshire's Champion, Jonathan Steel, for 13th in the UK.

#145 Franck Adam of France met up with Coiffard for some training and this helped him up his level a lot more. Franck worked on a lot of his weaker times for large cuts on Flower, Star and Special Cups with NBT PRs to help on KB1 and CI2. His Non-NBT is also looking great with BC2 and Rainbow Road. He has potential for a 1'04" on GV2 so we should see him improve there soon. Franck is now 46th in France and surpasses the Top 150 Worldwide on PAL.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#5 Julien Holmiere, the 2nd fastest player in France on NTSC worked hard on Ghost Valley 2 with an impressive 5-lap PR ranked 2nd, but most of all was an awesome World Record on the lap time topping Christian Wild's former World Record by 0.04 seconds. Julien is approaching Brazilian Champion, Oliver Segarra Gonzalez.

#33 Eric Olden, the Louisiana State Champion of Super Mario Kart gains a rank ahead of Matthias Boucher with 4 new PRs; he cuts his Donut Plains 1 lap time down and sets an improvement to Donut Plains 3 course. Key records on Rainbow Road are also helping and he has sub 1'26" potential there, along with the ability to go sub 17 on the lap soon.

#104 Matt Ballard, the 2nd fastest player of Louisiana, USA makes a few improvements on NTSC; he focused mainly on Mario Circuit 1 with some big cuts there and a low 57 second course and a low 11 lap. Donut Plains 1 also saw some PRs as he approaches the Top 100 on NTSC and reaches 34th in USA.

#108 Fabrice Baro of Canada continues to shave down his Donut Plains 1 time; after being stuck at low 1'17"s he made a breakthrough to the mid 1'16"s. He can cut more there but with further PRs on other tracks he can also drive himself towards the Top 100.

#252 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA improved his Mario Circuit 1 times; with further cuts there he can gain a lot of average finish. Bowser Castle 1 will go well below sub 1'35" soon and he also improved Bowser Castle 3 course and lap times.