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28 November 2016: "Which road to take at the fork"
New Members

Matt Ballard (joining NTSC) USA (NTSC 118th, USA 40th, Veteran A)
Rory Mahood Canada (NTSC 237th, Canada 43rd, Knight D)
Matthew Cavanagh Ireland (PAL 155th, Ireland 1st, Veteran D)

New World Records

No new World Records this week...


PAL Activity:

#60 Paul Tanney of the UK improves his Koopa Beach 1 PRs and Vanilla Lake 2 lap this week, passing Chris Clark for the 9th Place position in the UK and Top 60 in the World on PAL.

#72 Jerome Coiffard of France set 22 new PRs this week with further movements of NBT and potential on a number of course times such as Koopa Beach 1, Choco Island 2 and Mario Circuit 2. His Bowser Castles, Ghost Valley 3 and Vanilla Lake 2 are also sharpening well Non-NBT as he climbs several ranks to reach 28th in France.

#97 Christopher Smith of the UK improved his Vanilla Lake 1 times well and has potential there and gave NBT on Mario Circuit 3 a go with some new PRs. Along with some Donut Plains 3 PRs he gained a couple of ranks and passes Richard O'Neill for 14th in the UK.

#170 Franck Adam of France improves his Ghost Valley 2 PRs well and is closing in on Bertrand du Bois of Belgium.

#287 Bill Smith of the UK gains some more ranks this week with his latest improvements; a lot of PRs were on Mushroom Cup with good improvements on GV1, BC1 and MC2. His Mario Circuit 1 time can go well into 1'03"s soon and some of the longer tracks on Flower and Special Cups are also taking shape.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#5 Julien Holmiere continues to shave his NTSC PRs down each week and delivers a sub 1'26" Bowser Castle 1 time, a sub 1'03" Choco Island 2 along with a lap PR and a very nice Vanilla Lake 1 lap. Julien passes Alicia L'Hoest to become the 2nd fastest NTSC Time Trial player in France.

#34 Eric Olden, the Louisiana State Champion of Super Mario Kart cuts just under the mid 1'03" mark on Choco Island 2 and also worked on Special Cup's Mario Circuit 4 where he has 1'32" - 1'33" potential. Vanilla Lake 2 is also a good track to focus on and helping improve some average finish. Eric passes Minnesota State Champion, Bryan Bosshardt.

#107 Fabrice Baro of Canada makes some PRs on Donut Plains 1 and improves the lap a little nearer to the 15 second barrier opening potential for a faster course time.

#253 Jordan Fetner of USA focused on Star Cup this week with pairs of new records on Choco Island 2, then Vanilla Lake 1 where a sub minute is possible soon. His best lap on Mario Circuit 4 is sharpening and the 18 second barrier is very close on Donut Plains 3 and Rainbow Road laps.