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21 November 2016: "Damp Valley in the UK, with a cough and rain"
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PAL Activity:

#61 Paul Tanney, the UK's Top 10 karter is edging even closer to the Top 60 and 9th place spot in the UK. His Ghost Valley 3 course time earned him some points and a pair of Vanilla Lake 1 PRs are getting faster, especially the lap which is now further sub 11. Donut Plains 3 also has potential and he is making great progress there with room on the course time.

#83 Jerome Coiffard of France worked very hard on a mixture of Non-NBT and NBT once again and has made a huge climb this week showing his great potential as he flies well into the Top 100. NBT on the Choco Islands in particular is going realy well and he has potential on the Donut Plains and Mario Circuit tracks which will improve further soon. There is potential on the Bowser Castle and Ghost Valley tracks as he sharpens the Non-NBT going forward. Jerome Coiffard is now ranked 29th in France.

#99 Christopher Smith, the Yorkshire Champion of Super Mario Kart lands inside the Top 100 of the World in PAL following his latest PRs! Despite being passed by Coiffard his latest times gained him a number of ranks including a bit of NBT on DP1 and MC1. His Non-NBT times for VL2 and RR are sharpening too with the latter seeking a sub 1'29". Christopher passes Devon's Champion, Dan Hooper for 15th in the UK.

#128 Fabrice Baro of Canada made a sub 12 second Non-NBT lap on PAL for Vanilla Lake 2 last week.

#169 Franck Adam of France is following behind Coiffard with a wave of new times as well; this week he made some big cuts on Donut Plains 1 with some NBT and Ghost Valley 1 where he also landed the platform jump. Several other lap cuts showing potential on Flower Cup tracks and Special cup along with Koopa Beach 2 and Vanilla Lake 2 course times earned him a large rank climb to edge out Julien Magnin for 53rd in France.

#312 Thibault Terrasson of France made a return to SMK Time Trials this week with a huge cut to his times also; the team of 3 have really taken a steep climb! Thibault set 26 new PRs in total, with tracks on all of the cups attempted and solid improvements all round. He experimented with a little NBT on Donut Plains 1 and as per Adam, also landed a Ghost Valley 1 platform jump. He is headed towards the Top 300 of PAL fast and now ranks at 83rd in France.

#345 Stephen De Winter of Australia returned this week with a pair of Rainbow Road times; he has potential with his lap driven with Bowser to go sub 1'35" so we look forward to see more improvements there soon. Stephen passes Martin Flynn of the UK.

NTSC Activity:

NTSC Activity:

#3 Christian Wild, the Super Mario Kart NTSC Champion of Germany improved a pair of Choco Island 1 NBT times, edging closer to the Top records there. The 53 second barrier is tough but can be reached by Christian soon and a possible World Record there or the lap time.

#6 Julien Holmiere, the 3rd fastest player in France was platform jumping while hunting Ghosts again on Ghost Valley 1 course. His Bowser Castle 1 lap is also in a 3 way tie at sub 17 seconds and not far from the World Record.

#107 Fabrice Baro, the 16th fastest karter of Canada sets a pair of new times on NTSC Ghost Valley 3 this week and is close to the 15 second lap barrier. His Bowser Castle 3 PR also has potential for more soon and he passes Dirk Olson on the NTSC overall ranking.

#112 Samuel Gomez of Team Spain hops over to the NTSC side for some Non-NBT Donut Plains 1 and a new 5-lap PR there.

#125 Christopher Smith of Yorkshire in the UK delivered some great new times on the NTSC side this week also; in particular for Vanilla Lake 1 where he perfected the strategy to get sub 55 seconds so far! He also made some solid NBT cuts for Donut Plains 1 and Mario Circuit 2 along with Non-NBT Rainbow Road where he gained several ranks.

#253 Jordan Fetner of Texas, USA continues to gain more ranks this week and has made some new cuts for Ghost Valley 3 course, including a platform jumping lap. Bowser Castle 2 consistency is also looking good as he moves further into the sub 2 minutes there, and a couple of laps for Donut Plains 1 and Mario Circuit 2.