Combined Average Rank Rating 

The Combined Average Rank Rating is the average of a Combined player's standards across all tracks, based on the Combined standards. A good score achieves a good standard. Each score corresponds to only one standard, and standards have a point value. To fill any gaps, a player is automatically given the worst standard for a missing score. The better your scores, the lower you ARR.

Your ARR will not change unless you beat a new standard. Certain player titles are awarded to you based on your ARR.

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Rank Combined Player Info CountryProof Score Change
1Martin FoxinfoNorwayY1.5469 (Myth B)-
2Thomas PetraudinfoFranceY1.9688 (Myth B)-
3Thomas van DeerseinfoNetherlandsY2.5312 (Myth C)-
4Dave TandyinfoUSAY4.2344 (Myth D)-
5Shaun TanneyinfoUKY4.2500 (Myth D)-
6Liam AshcroftinfoUKY4.2969 (Myth D)-
7Nick MeadeinfoUSAY4.6250 (Legend A)-
8Leo ZoaninfoFranceY4.7500 (Legend A)-
9Luke BerrillinfoIrelandY4.7812 (Legend A)-
9Justin HitchcockinfoUSA 4.7812 (Legend A)-
11Paul648infoGermanyY4.8750 (Legend A)-
12Marc BasinfoFranceY4.9688 (Legend A)-
13Olivier LuyckxinfoBelgiumY5.1094 (Legend A)-
14Salvatore BellusciinfoGermanyY5.1719 (Legend A)-
15Danny GallenbergerinfoUSAY5.2969 (Legend A)-
16Cyril FulaginfoFranceY5.5938 (Legend B)-
17Ruby ArubainfoUSAY5.6094 (Legend B)-
18JascolinfoCanadaY5.6875 (Legend B)-
19Dane MinfoNetherlandsY5.8438 (Legend B)-
20Aziz AbdullahinfoUSAY5.8594 (Legend B)-
21Roy DinfoGermanyY5.8906 (Legend B)-
22Jak KortezinfoUSAY5.9219 (Legend B)-
23Zed RinfoGermany 6.3125 (Legend B)-
23Gautier62infoFranceY6.3125 (Legend B)-
25Cole GilbertinfoCanadaY6.3281 (Legend B)-
26John BrunninfoUSAY6.4219 (Legend B)-
27Matt StrikerinfoGermany 6.4375 (Legend B)-
28Stavros FerentinosinfoGreeceY6.4844 (Legend B)-
29Alex ShoalinfoCanadaY6.6250 (Legend C)-0.0312
30Tony RosinfoSpainY6.7344 (Legend C)-
31Lee DugganinfoUKY6.8125 (Legend C)-
32Hunter WellsinfoUSA 6.9844 (Legend C)-
33Roymund FirestoneinfoUSA 7.0000 (Legend C)-
34Mark SchmidtinfoGermanyY7.0469 (Legend C)-
35Reinier de JongeinfoNetherlandsY7.1094 (Legend C)-
35Qi ZhuinfoGermanyY7.1094 (Legend C)-
37Alvin LeinfoSwitzerlandY7.1719 (Legend C)-
38Anthony CaiuloinfoAustraliaY7.3906 (Legend C)-
39David McPartlandinfoUSAY7.5469 (Legend D)-
40Fabien JacquesinfoFranceY7.6250 (Legend D)-
40Clement RouchoninfoFranceY7.6250 (Legend D)-
42Long John MarvinfoGermanyY7.6875 (Legend D)-
43Caleb HouseinfoUSAY7.8125 (Legend D)-
44Jamie DisleyinfoUKY7.9531 (Legend D)-
45Bob HoldeninfoLuxembourg 7.9688 (Legend D)-
46Andre HoelscherinfoGermany 8.0000 (Legend D)-
47Jimmy BensoninfoAustralia 8.0156 (Legend D)-
48Daniel CrutcherinfoUSA 8.0312 (Legend D)-
48Christian WinfoGermany 8.0312 (Legend D)-
50Ray GredoninfoGermany 8.0625 (Legend D)-
51Max AnosovainfoGermanyY8.1250 (Legend D)-
52Franco GubserinfoSwitzerlandY8.2344 (Legend D)-
53Eric HacksellinfoSwedenY8.3906 (Legend D)-
54Kiver KiviciousinfoFrance 8.4062 (Legend D)-
55Ben HartinfoUSAY8.4688 (Legend D)-
56Matthias SempelsinfoBelgiumY8.5938 (King A)-
57Mickael SmoleninfoFranceY8.6250 (King A)-
58Lachlan YounginfoAustralia 8.6406 (King A)-
59Zane RoyalinfoUSAY8.6875 (King A)-
59Jacob FitzgibboninfoUSA 8.6875 (King A)-0.0625
61Gary MarcozinfoFranceY8.7344 (King A)-
62Jamie SkepperinfoUK 8.7500 (King A)-
63Alexandre AgnielinfoFranceY8.7656 (King A)-
64Steven ReinholdinfoUSA 8.7812 (King A)-
65AJ RangthaleinfoUSA 8.8438 (King A)-
66Kevin MasoninfoUSA 8.8594 (King A)-
67Alvin van AsseltinfoNetherlandsY8.8906 (King A)-
67Tim van HaminfoNetherlandsY8.8906 (King A)-
69Alexandre GiletinfoFranceY8.9531 (King A)-
69Axel SaninfoJapanY8.9531 (King A)-
71ZJ InsanityinfoCanada 9.0156 (King A)-
72Oliver MartininfoUKY9.0469 (King A)-
73Robert van ZanteninfoNetherlandsY9.0938 (King A)-
74James RichardsinfoAustraliaY9.1250 (King A)-
75Michael HutchingsinfoUKY9.1406 (King A)-
76Zack McNellinfoUSAY9.2188 (King A)-
77Lucas AcekinfoFrance 9.2344 (King A)-
78Benjamin ZenoninfoFrance 9.2656 (King A)-
79Ruvies ElieinfoFrance 9.4375 (King A)-
80Mo NoinfoGermany 9.4531 (King A)-0.0156
81Dennis ColvininfoUSA 9.5312 (King B)-0.1875
82Dylan ImhoffinfoUSAY9.5469 (King B)-
83Stacy NeedhaminfoUKY9.5938 (King B)-
84Michele GallastriinfoItaly 9.6250 (King B)-
85Kyle RinfoCanadaY9.6562 (King B)-0.0469
86Leif LeopoldinfoCanadaY9.6719 (King B)-
87Kevin BorneinfoFranceY9.7188 (King B)-
87Dilan ArseinfoFranceY9.7188 (King B)-
89Brendan PayneinfoUSAY9.7969 (King B)-
90Darragh JinfoUKY9.8125 (King B)-
90Alberto FioreseinfoItaly 9.8125 (King B)-
90Yoshi ChristaninfoNetherlands 9.8125 (King B)-
93Marvin RekovskyinfoGermany 9.9062 (King B)-
93Thomas UllrichinfoGermany 9.9062 (King B)-
95Harp ValentineinfoJapanY9.9375 (King B)-
96Jay CarrinfoScotland 10.0000 (King B)-
97Andrew GrieveinfoUSAY10.0625 (King B)-
98Nate PaternostinfoUSAY10.0938 (King B)-
99Murray WrightinfoUK 10.1562 (King B)-
99Kyle FitzgeraldinfoUSA 10.1562 (King B)-