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12 April 2017: "Starlight Express"
Hi guys. I recently binge watched 'Better Call Saul' on Netflix. I know what you're thinking: why is this relevant? Answer: it's not. Let's get to the news.

Since our last update, we have had 51 active players, 2 new passengers, and 3 new site records. The new passengers are Albert999999 and Count. Welcome aboard, gentleman!


First Class:

#1 Martin Fox cut a tiny amount of AF with 2 PRs. He's coming up on 2 consecutive years at the top, and as of 44 days ago, he's spent more time as site champ than any other player.
#3 Thomas Van Deerse lost a tiny amount of AF, but also sent 2 PRs.
#6 Nick Meade submitted one PR, his first in a couple years.
#9 Liam Ashcroft moved up a spot with 2 PRs.
#15 Roy D moved up a spot with 8 PRs.
#16 Ruby Aruba moved down a spot, but he set 3 PRs.
#18 Zed R upgraded to first class, passing 11 people with 21 PRs.


#25 Dane M moved down a spot thanks to Zed, but he improved 2 of his times.
#31 Gautier62 moved up 2 spots with 5 PRs.
Everyone's favorite Canadian, #32 Cole Gilbert, showed up long enough to beat the Desert Hills non-glitch world record.
#39 Roymund Firestone submitted 2 PRs.
#45 Dennis Colvin moved up a solid 18 spots with 22 PRs.
#46 AJ Rangthale moved up 4 spots with 4 PRs.
#69 Caleb House used 1 PR to stay at everyone's favorite number.
#70 Ross Coleman made the biggest move this update, passing 26 players with 41 PRs.
#72 ZJ Insanity beat 2 PRs.
#76 Zack McNell also beat 2 PRs.
#83 Mo No submitted 3 PRs.
#87 Jacob Fitzgibbon cut 2 and a half points from his AF with 6 PRs, but he didn't go anywhere on the charts.
Also #87 Neuro passed 8 players with 10 PRs to tie with Jacob.
#89 Dylan Imhoff only set 1 PR, but it was a world record on GBA Bowser Castle 3.
#97 Darragh J stayed put on the charts, but he improved his AF with 2 PRs.

The Ticketless:

#117 Keiichi Nagai joined the charts at #117.
#125 Sam Smith stayed put with 1 PR.
#141 Sam Fairless moved down a spot despite improving his AF with 5 PRs.
#142 Matt Piper moved up 9 spots with 11 PRs.
#201 LeoMK sent in 1 PR.
#207 Stephen Weber has worse eyesight than I do.
#268 Cody Vanorder moved up 10 spots with 12 PRs.
#285 Bradon moved up 2 spots with 4 PRs.
#303 David Delzenne moved up 1 spot with 8 PRs.

Site Records

There were 3 new site records since the last update. Read them.

Vincent Braixen beat the old Coconut Mall crs time of 0'32"273 with a time of: 0'32"159
Dylan Imhoff beat the old GBA Bowser's Castle 3 crs time of 1'58"324 with a time of: 1'58"190
Martin Fox beat the old GCN DK Mountain crs time of 2'01"202 with a time of: 2'00"624

That's it for this update. Hope you enjoyed it.