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11 March 2017: "Marchrio Kart Six"
Hey everyone it's me again. I apologise for not doing a news update in February, fortunately J-Cop did the job for me that time.
Shout outs to him and Zack McNell for taking over the time updating for the most part during my absence. cool eh?
Anyway we are now 3 weeks further since the last update so let's see what has happened, shall we?

New Players



While the entire top 9 has been silent, #10 Liam Ashcroft gets this whole section for himself. He has decided to play some kart wii and he attained a WW top on rYF and improved his own rSGB WR.


The first player to play in this section was #15 Ruby Aruba who improved his KC flap, slightly lost a bit of AF though.
The next player to play was #17 Cyril Fulag who improved his KC and his rDS 3-lap times and he cut 1 AF with those PRs.
#19 Danny Gallenberger improved his own DKSC 3-lap time although he did not get the sub, he slightly cut a bit of AF with that.
After Danny we have #20 Jascol who improved his rDH 3-lap and his DKSC 3-lap just like Danny, he cut 0.7 AF with those PRs.
The last person in this section is #25 Alex Shoal who set 9 PRs, he cut nearly 5 AF and bopped 3 players by doing so.


The first person in this section was #29 Zed R who set 3 PRs and by doing so he joined the sub 30 club.
#33 Gautier62 attained 1 PR but slightly lost a bit of AF. #43 Bob Holden set 3 PRs and passed 1 player.
The last person in this update being #50 AJ Rangthale who set 9 PRs making an impressive jump on the leaderboard and finally joining the top 50.


This section we're starting off with #67 Dennis Colvin who set an impressive amount of 17 PRs and joining the top 70.
#69 Caleb House set 2 PRs but dropped 1 spot because of Dennis' PR streak. #73 Brendan Payne set 2 PRs and cut a little bit of AF.
The next person is #82 Mo No who set 2 PRs and also bopped 2 players. #87 Jacob Fitzgibbon set 2 PRs aswell and passed 1 player.
#91 Agustin Berrios set 10 PRs and passed 5 players by doing so. #95 Neuro set 6 PRs and he became part of the top 100 club.
#96 Ross Coleman set 15 PRs and also became part of the top 100 club just like Neuro.
The last but not least person in this update being #97 Darragh J who set 2 PRs and one of them being a rPG WR improvement.


#114 Tom Norton joined the rSGB hype and improved his own time aswell. #151 Matt Piper set 23 PRs and cut an impressive amount of 40 AF.
#160 Marco van Turner set 1 PR and cut over 3 AF. #278 Cody Vanorder set 19 PRs and subs the 400 AF score. #303 David Delzenne set 3 PRs and bopped 4 players. #352 Adam Roberts set 2 PRs and bopped 1 player.

Site Records

Liam Ashcroft beat the old GBA Shy Guy Beach crs time of 1'21"667 with a time of: 1'21"646
Darragh J beat the old DS Peach Gardens crs time of 1'59"435 with a time of: 1'59"415

Well that's it for this news update, I will see you guys next time somewhere during early April where I will be doing a themed news update. Prepare yourselves wink

Happy Karting everyone and be happy.