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17 February 2017: "Midnight Train To Georgia"
Let's make things right. My last two updates weren't really updates, just some Discord pals having a good ol' time at the expense of the MKW community. In other words: fake news. I didn't really want to do a news update right now, but I have nothing else to do besides catch Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and luckily for you guys, I'm all out of Pokeballs.

It's been a while since I've done an update, so let's get everyone up to speed on how this works. First of all, my updates are always train themed (see: title of this article). Players 1-20 are first class, 21-100 are coach, and any scrub outside of the top 100 is a ticketless noob clinging to the side of the train because there aren't any seats left for them. That's pretty much all you need to know.

This update covers January 14th through February 16th. Since the last update, we have had 50 active players, 2 site record, and 3 new passengers. The new passengers are James Andrews, Kaito R, and Ian Canter. Welcome aboard, gentlemen!


First Class:

#3 Thomas van Deerse sent in 5 PRs to cut ~.9 AF. He's 1.3 points away from being #2.
#10 Liam Ashcroft only sent in 1 PR, but it was a doozy of a 3 lap ranked 4th on Daisy Circuit.
#15 Ruby Aruba set 2 impressive 3 lap PRs on Peach Gardens and Koopa Cape.


#23 Stavros Ferentinos was the best player not good enough for the top 20 who played since the last update. I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not (sorry, stavros), but he cut .7 AF with 3 PRs.
#28 Alex Shoal showed up for the first time in years with a #nicewr on Grumble Volcano.
#33 Gautier62 uses a fake name. He sent in 3 PRs.
#44 Bob Holden sent in 2 PRs. He's within 3 AF points of being in the top 40.
#58 AJ Rangthale moved up 4 spots with 5 PRs.
#75 Dennis Colvin passed a solid 24 players with 32 PRs.
#84 Mo No cut almost 6 points with 11 PRs.
#85 Kyle R fell victim to Dennis and Mo. He improved his AF with 6 PRs but fell down 2 spots.
#87 Jacob Fitzgibbon moved up 7 spots with 12 PRs.
#88 Yoshi Christan only set 2 PRs, but it was enough to cut 3.4 points and pass 2 people.
#96 Austin Berrios joined the top 100 with 6 new PRs.
#98 Jon Coppernoll is me. My name is purple because I like it and wanted to be different from all the other nerds in this update. I only sent in 1 measly PR, and it wasn't enough to keep me from losing a spot on the charts. Now I'm almost a ticketless scrub like everyone in the next category.

The Ticketless (yes, I'm aware that "ticketless" isn't a real word):

#103 Jeremias Kolanski moved up 10 spots. He's within 58 AF points of the top 40.
#179 Matt Piper passed 8 players with 10 PRs.
#200 LeoMK moved up a spot to join the top 200.
#206 Stephen Weber hasn't done jack in MKW, but he recently joined the iconic top 50 in MKSC, and that's kinda cool I guess.
#280 Chris Dunstan passed 5 players with 10 PRs.
#286 Bradon managed to pass 3 players with just 2 PRs.
#296 Cody Vanorder was busy, setting 32 PRs to pass 26 players and join the top 300.
#307 David Delzenne was unfortunate enough to move down a spot despite improving his AF with 4 PRs.
#353 Adam Roberts had better luck than David, moving up 3 spots with his 4 PRs.
#393 MKZac is the 3rd person in a row to submit 4 PRs. He moved up 1 spot.

Site Records

There were 2 new site records since the last update. Read them.

Alex Shoal beat the old Grumble Volcano crs time of 0'19"503 with a time of: 0'19"259
David Morton beat the old N64 DK's Jungle Parkway lap time of 0'06"260 with a time of: 0'05"953

I must say, it feels good to do a real update again. Now if you'll excuse me, this cheesesteak has some new Pokemon to catch. Happy karting!