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14 January 2017: "Cold Hands"
Hey everyone it's me again, first of all I'd like to wish all of you a happy 2017. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas 'n new years. smile
The title perfectly describes every Time Trialers worst enemy, so perhaps just maybe some people didn't bother to play, or maybe they did. We shall see what happened in the past 5 weeks!

This news update covers from December 10th 2016 to January 13th 2017

New players:

Vincent Braixen , Logan Tracey , Angel V , The Destroyer , Jarrett Anderson , David Mear , Emmanuel Ocampo , Anthony Pulsone , Aero Faze , Brawl CC , Anime Lover , Peter Williams , Michael Link , Uriel Hernandez , Jared Axe , Rapid Veptagon , Andrew Corbin , Dennis Colvin , DiamondMaster


First of all once again, our World Champion #1 Martin Fox improves his own BC WR and also became the first sub 2:10. #3 Thomas van Deerse played aswell, he picked up rBC and smashed his PR and got a solid WW top aswell as the fastest BB flap. Up next we have a newcomer to the top 10 club, #10 Liam Ashcroft finally joins the top 10 by setting 3 new PRs. He still has a very inconsistent timesheet so who knows what he could do more.


The first person in this group to play was #12 Olivier Luyckx who has been focussing himself on MH, he smashed his old PR and subbed 1:44. #19 Danny Gallenberger set 2 PRs and by doing so he finally ''subs'' 20 on the rankings. #23 Stavros Ferentinos set a bunch of PRs and managed to climb 1 spot.


The first person to play in this group was #34 Gautier62 , he set 9 PRs and passed 3 players. Up next we have #43 Anthony Caiulo who set 2 PRs and passed 1 player.


#53 Lachlan Young decided to go on a PR streak, he set 8 PRs and managed to pass 13 players. #62 AJ Rangthale set 1 PR and also passed 1 player. #74 Zack McNell set 6 PRs but did not pass any players. #82 Benjamin Zenon also set 1 PR, but didn't pass anyone. #84 Dylan Imhoff returns to rBC3 and sets the American Record.
#85 Mo No set 6 PRs, but did not pass anyone. #94 Jacob Fitzgibbon set 4 PRs and joins the ''sub'' 100 club. #95 Stacy Needham set 2 PRs and passed 1 player.


#102 Dennis Colvin completes his timesheet, and almost joins the top 100. #187 Matt Piper set 3 PRs and passed 6 players. #196 Tyler Martin completed his timesheet aswell and joins the rankings in the top 200. #201 LeoMK set 1 PR but lost 2 spots due Dennis and Tyler. #289 Bradon set 7 PRs, but didn't pass anyone.
#306 David Delzenne set 6 PRs, but didn't pass anyone aswell. #322 Cody Vanorder set 19 PRs and passed 10 players #356 Adam Roberts set 18 PRs and passed 10 players aswell. #394 MKZac set 1 PR but lost 2 spots. #432 Hugh Moorhead set 31 PRs and passed 24 players.

Vincent Braixen beat the old Coconut Mall crs time of 0'32"602 with a time of: 0'32"273
Martin Fox beat the old Bowser's Castle crs time of 2'10"081 with a time of: 2'09"906
Jacob Fitzgibbon beat the old GCN Peach Beach crs time of 1'01"099 with a time of: 1'00"661
Vincent Braixen beat the old N64 DK's Jungle Parkway crs time of 0'49"454 with a time of: 0'47"489
David Morton beat the old N64 DK's Jungle Parkway lap time of 0'06"944 with a time of: 0'06"260

Well that's it for this news update. Sorry for letting y'all wait for longer than usual I'll see you again in about a month!