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09 December 2016: "Return of the KC hype?"
Hey guys it's Thomas again bringing you another monthly news update. I actually was going to write this yesterday, but I got home later than expected. Anyways what's better than starting your weekend off with coming home from a long day of school/work and see a new news update?! wink

This news update covers from November 10th to December 8th 2016

New player(s)



As usual our World Champion #1 Martin Fox joined in on the KC hype to defend his own WR, he improved his own time a few milliseconds, meanwhile #3 Thomas van Deerse picked up KC aswell and improved his own time by over a second setting a near sub 2:19 / WR time. Former World Champion #5 Shaun Tanney joined in aswell by setting a solid WW top.


To start off this section we first have #14 Justin Hitchcock who set a really nice MC glitch time, he did lose some AF though. #15 Ruby Aruba played aswell he set 2 PRs and including a sub 2:21 on KC, he slightly lost some AF though.


#37 Gautier62 has this whole section for his own this month, he attained 5 PRs and cut over 1 AF, he did not pass any players though.


First of all we have #62 AJ Rangthale who set 2 PRs, he slightly lost some AF. A few spots behind Sosis we have #66 Lachlan Young who set 7 PRs and managed to climb up 3 spots. #72 Steven Reinhold set a lot of PRs this month, 16 to be exact and he passed 12 players by doing so. #74 Zack McNell set 4 PRs but he lost a spot due to Steven's PR streak. The old rBC3 king #84 Dylan Imhoff improved his own rBC3 time, but still dropped a spot on the rankings. Right behind Chuoy we have #85 Mo No who set 6 PRs and passed 1 player. #94 Stacy Needham also set a lot of PRs and clumb all the way from #100 to #94


#105 Murray Wright attained 9 PRs and passed 5 players. #112 Jeremias Kolanski set 8 PRs and cut over 1 AF, he did not pass anyone though. Shinx lover #113 Tom Norton improved his own rSGB time. #199 LeoMK set 10 PRs and joined the club 200 club by passing 7 players. #289 Bradon attained 6 PRs, cut nearly 6 AF and passed 4 players. #306 David Delzenne set 4 PRs and passed 3 players. #366 Adam Roberts set 15 PRs, he cut over 14 AF and also passed 14 players

Site records

Martin Fox beat the old Koopa Cape crs time of 2'18"939 with a time of: 2'18"936
David Morton beat the old N64 DK's Jungle Parkway crs time of 1'34"293 with a time of: 0'49"454

Well that's it for this news update, the next update will probably be after new years. So happy karting and see you guys next time. smile