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03 October 2016: "Falls Kart Wii"
Hello everyone it's Thomas again, and it's time for another news update for Mario Kart Wii. So recently the falls semester started which means that it's time to stop going outside and play more Kart Wii! During this period of 3 weeks we have 33 players who played and managed to PR. And also 1 new player who decided to join the club.
So let's see what's been going on.

New player(s)

Mark Kristensen


#1 Martin Fox continued his hunt for improving his own KC WR and managed to do so. He did not only improve but managed to get what seemed to be the impossible in the past, the first ever sub 2:19. And with that he slightly improved his own AF. After fox we have #3 Thomas van Deerse who wanted to get his AF below 11, he made 1 PR on DDR flap but it wasn't enough to push his AF into the 10 range.


To start off this section we first have #15 Ruby Aruba who has been setting a few American top 10s. And also managed to lower his AF a bit. he nearly cut off 0.8 off his own AF by setting just 5 PRs. Up next we have #21 Jascol who set 2 PRs, one of them being an American Record on KC without the use of the mander. he cut .8 off his own AF and is slowly reaching the top 20.


#27 Alex Shoal made 1 PR on GV, but still lost some AF points. Followed by #29 Zed R who attained 2 PRs and with those PRs he managed to cut off 1 AF. Up next we have #37 Gautier62 , Estaloy made 5 PRs and managed to cut 1.4 AF with that. #40 Roymund Firestone attained 1 PR on rMC flap. But still lost some AF.


To start off this section we first have #66 AJ Rangthale being the first person in this update to pass anyone. He managed to pass 3 players with only 4 PRs, and cut off 3 AF. Followed by our tree hugger #68 Caleb House who made 1 PR, but still lost 1 spot due to Sosis. Up next we have #70 ZJ Insanity who made 3 PRs and managed to enter the top 70 with that. #72 Brendan Payne attained 1 PR, which was a sub 1:57 on CM, quite an achievement for someone who has been out of the scene for so long. #81 Zack McNell who got 1 PR and also passed 1 player with that.


#129 Blake Germany who managed to get 1 PR and cut over 1 AF with that. A long gap after Blake, but finally we have #230 Brendan Santin , who attained 1 PR but still lost some ground. Up next we have #295 Bradon who attained 2 PRs, but still lost a spot

Site Records

Martin Fox beat the old Koopa Cape crs time of 2'19"429 with a time of: 2'18"939

Well, that's it for this news update. Happy Karting everyone and peace out. smile