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11 September 2016: "Fox and Cole"
Whatsup everyone it's Thomas again. Are y'all ready for another news update? Well I sure am not ready to write one but here goes nothing! I'm sure most of you noticed that on the forums we have been holding the 2013 and 2015 Player Of the Year contest. Anyway during these 3 weeks of time 51 players have decided to play some em kay wee and PRd.This news update covers August 19th to September 10th3 new players have decided to join the site during these 3 weeks we have Keiichi Nagai , Kenny L , Mike Star


First of all we have #1 Martin Fox (also our POY 2015 winner) who made 1 PR on Koopa Cape but still lost a bit of AF. He did reclaim his 3lap WR though. Next up we have #2 Thomas Petraud who got 4 PRs. Even though they were old PRs from Totom, so don't get your hopes up wink. We hope to hear from you someday again.


To start this section off we first have #12 Olivier Luyckx who quickly managed to set a PR on MH flap right before the news update as he was TTing the 3lap course.
Right after Olifré we have #13 Liam Ashcroft who got 11 PRs and managed to pass Justin. Right on Liam's back we have #14 Justin Hitchcock he managed to set 3 PRs and cut half an AF, he did lose a spot on the rankings though because of Liam. Up next we have our first unexpected comeback player #15 Ruby Aruba who decided to take his MKW disc out of the dust and and PRd on rMC and rPG. Another player we haven't seen in a while is #16 Roy D who set a new PR on rMR flap, but he did get passed by Aruba though. To finish this section off we have #19 Aziz Abdullah who continued his adventure on Koopa Cape setting another PR there, he did lose some AF though.


First off we have #31 Zed R who did actually make it into the top 30 as im writing this. He managed to set 6 PRs, mainly focussing on DC trying to sub 1:30. He did manage to pull off a low 1:30 though. He also passed 2 players. Next up we have a pack of 5 players who decided to have a MKW TT lan party together. First off we have #37 Gautier62 He managed to pull off 6 PRs but did not pass any players. Right after Estaloy we have another unexpected comeback from #38 Jamie Disley who has been grinding rMC3 and managed to PR on both the 3lap and the flap. Up next in the middle of this pack we have #39 Hunter Wells Who attained 2 PRs which managed to pull himself into the top 40! Up next we have #40Roymund Firestone who managed to set 1 PR. Although he lost 1 spot to Hunter sadly. The last person of this pack is #41 Qi Zhu who managed to set 1 PR aswell but he lost 1 spot aswell.


To start off this section we have #57 Zane Royal who managed to set 1 PR on rBC. He lost some AF though but managed to pass Fulag on the WW tops. The next person to PR in this section is #68 Caleb House who managed to pull off 3 PRs and pass 2 players. Right on Caleb's back we have #70 AJ Rangthale who continued his PR streak setting 16 PRs this time and Passing 12 Players! After Sosis we have another player, an old legend in fact. #72 Brendan Payne who decided to play a little TT again setting 2 PRs. He still lost 1 spot though because of Sosis.


To start this section off we have #112 Tom Norton who sent in an old rDS PR from himself. Next up we have #137 Michael Penninck who set 2 PRs, even though he did not pass any players he still cut a bit off his AF. Up next we have #192 Matt Piper who managed to pull off 4 PRs and pass 1 player. Up next we have #455 Hugh Moodhead who set 2 PRs and passed 1 player. And to finish off the news update we have #485 Greg Howard who pulled off 17 PRs which made him pass 4 players.

Site Records

Kenny L beat the old Mushroom Gorge crs time of 0'26"769 with a time of: 0'26"009
Kenny L beat the old Mushroom Gorge lap time of 0'06"353 with a time of: 0'05"767
Blake Germany beat the old DK's Snowboard Cross crs time of 1'46"262 with a time of: 1'46"121
Martin Fox beat the old Koopa Cape crs time of 2'19"649 with a time of: 2'19"429
Alex Bjorkman beat the old Grumble Volcano lap time of 0'04"451 with a time of: 0'04"350
Martin Fox beat the old Bowser's Castle crs time of 2'10"179 with a time of: 2'10"081
Romain Smadja beat the old DS Yoshi Falls lap time of 0'18"450 with a time of: 0'18"418
Blaze beat the old N64 Sherbet Land crs time of 1'44"905 with a time of: 1'43"723
Blaze beat the old N64 Sherbet Land lap time of 0'16"932 with a time of: 0'16"818
Josh Andre beat the old DS Delfino Square crs time of 2'04"753 with a time of: 2'04"571
Liam Ashcroft beat the old DS Delfino Square lap time of 0'38"897 with a time of: 0'38"887
Martin Fox beat the old DS Desert Hills lap time of 0'27"771 with a time of: 0'27"730
Jamie Disley beat the old SNES Mario Circuit 3 lap time of 0'23"937 with a time of: 0'23"892
Edvard Tsymbala beat the old N64 Bowser's Castle crs time of 2'31"270 with a time of: 2'30"991


As promised, me and Sam did manage to organise a very late Player of the Year contest for the year 2013 and 2015

Player Of The Year 2013 award goes to Cole Gilbert
Player Of The Year 2015 award goes to Martin Fox

That's it for this news update. Happy Karting everyone!