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19 August 2016: "A fresh start!"
Hey everyone, most of you guys probably know me as Thomas (or Thomas van Deerse). You guys have probably noticed the lack of news updates in the past year. Which is why I decided to step in. I am kinda new to this so for now I won't be doing a themed news update. Maybe later in the future. So let's see what happened in the past 5 months, shall we?

This news update covers March 19th 2016 to August 19th 2016.

The New Players
Over the course of the past 5 months 19 new players decided to join the site, we have: Jeremias Kolanski , AJ Rangthale, "Zac" , Blaze , Skitty-san , Gerald Butler , Jeremy Betz , Lucie Moules , David Morton , Kyle Wadley , Nick Prear , Guymane , Michael Lyga , Nathan Allen , Okami , Akiza , Greg Howard , Hugh Moorhead , Megan Stalder

First off We have 2 players in the top 10 who decided to play some MKW during this pediod of 5 months. First off we have #3 Thomas van Deerse decided to lower his, he made an impressive amount of 24 PRs, and cut over 3 AF. To finish off the top 10 section we have #8 Luke Berrill who made 1 PR, but it wasn't enough to lower his old AF, nontheless he maintains the #8 spot on the charts.

First off we have #12 Olivier Luyckx who made 3 PRs, one of them being his very first 3-lap World Record! He slightly lost a bit of ground though. After Olifré we have a new comer to the charts, and a really high rank aswell. #13 Justin Hitchcock who finally completed his timesheet, he made an impressive amount of 40 PRs and managed to get himself into the top 15. Next up is everyones favourite track specialist #14 Liam Ashcroft, Liam got 6 PRs and managed to cut over 2 AF. He is slowly inching in to the top 10. Next off we have #16 Ruby Aruba who made 1 PR on Koopa Cape, most likely with the new strat. He still lost over 1 AF though. To finish this section off we have #20 Danny Gallenberger who managed to get 6 PRs. Even though he lost some ground, he's still getting closer to enter the sub 20s on the rankings.

To start this section off we have #33 Zed R who came really close setting as many PRs as his actual rank. He managed to get 32 PRs and cut an impressive amount of 22.7 AF. Next off we have #37 Gautier62 who is also new to the AF charts. He managed to attain 23 PRs. A pretty solid spot to first appear in the rankings. Next off we have #39 Roymund Firestone. He didn't gain or lose any AF, he managed to stay equal. Now that is an accomplishment. After Firestone we have #41 Hunter Wells. He made 2 PRs and managed to pass a few players. To finish this section off, lastly we have #43 Stavros Ferentinos. Steve decided to pick up the controller and he set a pretty decent amount of just 9 PRs. He cut over 1 AF and also managed to pass some players.

First off we have #67 Lachlan Young who made 10 PRs and also passed 10 players. Next off we have our Canadian wheeler #70 ZJ Insanity. Insane managed to attain 12 PRs and cut just under 7 AF. He also passed 12 players. After Insane we have #78 Benjamin Zenon. Zenon got 12 PRs, cut over 7 AF and managed to pass 6 players. Next off we have our 3rd newcomer to the rankings #82 AJ Rangthale, also known as Sosis. Welcome aboard buddy. #87 ''Mo No'' also known as the guy being on the very top of the players ''A-Z'' list. Decided to play some kart aswell. He attained 14 PRs and managed to pass 8 players. Our rPG specialist #94 Darragh J managed to get 6 PRs and pass a few players. Another newcomer to the rankings is #96 Yoshi Christan. He made 7 PRs, completed his timesheet and joined the rankings just within the top 100. Followed by #97 Jacob Fitzgibbon, he made a lot of PRs aswell. 25 to be exact and he cut nearly 13 AF. Finally managing to get himself into the top 100. Congrats. Lastly we have #98 Ross Coleman who decided to play some kart and managed to get 1 PR. He didn't pass anyone though.

To start this section off we first have #107 Kyle Fitzgerald, he managed to get 1 PR. But didn't pass anyone. Next up we have another newcomer to the rankings. #111 Jeremias Kolanski. Welcome to the club buddy. Followed by #122 Sam Smith. Sam made 3 PRs and passed 4 players. Next up we have #131 Matt Danner, also known as the toivo guy. Matt got an impressive amount of 35 PRs, and managed to climb 25 spots. Followed by 2 Glitch Master players who decided to play together. First being #137 Michael Penninck who attained 21 PRs and managed to pass 16 people, getting himself into the top 150. #138 Sam Fairless, he got 6 PRs but only managed to pass 1 player. Next up we have #202 Stephen Weber, he managed to get 1 PR, but sadly did not pass anyone. Followed by #205 LeoMK who got 10 PRs and passed 6 people with that. Next off we have #245 Matt Wills, he cut just under 14 AF with 9 PRs and managed to pass 13 players. Up next we have 2 players who decided to join the rankings together. First #293 Adam Maynard with 35 PRs. Second being #294 Bradon with 18 PRs. Both managing to enter the top 300. Next person to play some kart was #326 Ben Bart who got 8 PRs and with that he passed 6 players. #384 Adam Roberts and #386 ''Zac'' also decided to compleet their timesheet together. With Adam hitting 3 PRs to do so. Up next we have #392 Rudy Weitze who made 4 PRs, he didn't pass any players though. And the last person of the top 400 who decided to play some kart was #396 Vincent Kwiecien. He attained 2 PRs and managed to pass 1 player. Followed by 2 players who once again decided to join the rankings together aswell #453 Lucie Moules and #456 Hugh Moorhead. #483 Nicholas Kwiecien attained 7 PRs and managed to pass 4 players with that. #489 Greg Howard and #492 Guymane decided to join the site together aswell. Welcome to the club!

Site records

Justin Hitchcock Beat the old Coconut Mall crs time of 33''019 with a time of 32''602
Justin Hitchcock Beat the old Wario's Gold Mine lap time of 9''365 with a time of 9''213
Roymund Firestone Beat the old Daisy Circuit lap time of 28''273 with a time of 28''238
Joshua Baldwin Beat the old Maple Treeway crs time of 1'58''833 with a time of 1'58''144
Olivier Luyckx Beat the old Koopa Cape crs time of 2'19''761 with a time of 2'19''649
Blaze Beat the old Bowser's Castle crs time of 2'10''532 with a time of 2'10''179
Blaze Beat the old Bowser's Castle lap time of 42''563 with a time of 42''311
Jacob Fitzgibbon Beat the old GCN Peach Beach crs time of 1'01''441 with a time of 1'01''099
Justin Hitchcock Beat the old GCN Peach Beach lap time of 15''754 with a time of 15''712
Skitty-san Beat the old N64 Sherbet Land crs time of 1'45''837 with a time of 1'44''905
Skitty-san Beat the old N64 Sherbet Land lap time of 17''064 with a time of 16''932


It's been way too long since the MKW PP has done awards. I think it's pretty much impossible to dig up all the missing POW / POM / POQ from the past. I will be trying to announce a 2013 and a 2015 POY sometime though. Thanks for reading. I hope I didn't make too many grammar / spelling errors. And Happy Karting everyone!