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07/05/2016: "(update title later)"

J-Cop-Today at 5:47 PM
What am I still doing here? I was gonna write an update

kyleb30-Today at 5:47 PM
As is tradition jcop

shadow-Today at 5:48 PM
Instead of writing an update, just copy and paste this conversation
nobody will notice

John-Today at 5:48 PM

Shock-Today at 5:48 PM
exactly, other self

J-Cop-Today at 5:48 PM
Kyle is part of the 97+1*0 %

MKDSLeone-Today at 5:48 PM

kyleb30-Today at 5:48 PM
You're not writing an update unless you spend 6 hours putting it off

MKDSLeone-Today at 5:48 PM
ah right

kyleb30-Today at 5:48 PM
I'm part of the 1%

thewebinator-Today at 5:48 PM
alright, so I'll pencil in late October for the news update following yours(edited)

kyleb30-Today at 5:48 PM

MKDSLeone-Today at 5:49 PM
to be safe, Lafungo waits 2 weeks

Hcte-Today at 5:49 PM
throw in some imaginary numbers
that'll stop em

MKDSLeone - Today at 5:49 PM
best wr

kyleb30 - Today at 5:49 PM
Time fake confirmed

Hcte - Today at 5:49 PM
every jeff pr since 2010
zoki better not copy that strat

MKDSLeone - Today at 5:50 PM
I had him 64/0'd in mkds at 37th back in 2014

Shock - Today at 5:50 PM
if I could remember my pw, I could still do MKW news

Mick - Today at 5:51 PM
I think I still do haha

kyleb30 - Today at 5:51 PM
I'm gonna crack the code

thewebinator - Today at 5:51 PM
you could, but would you? 😛

Mick - Today at 5:51 PM
even though that was over 5 years ago now

thewebinator - Today at 5:51 PM
we should have Chris write the MKW news from now on

Mick - Today at 5:51 PM
maybe it's been changed actually

MKDSLeone - Today at 5:51 PM
Fenner used i blindfolds

Shock - Today at 5:52 PM
Chris should write all the news minus MKDD and SMK

thewebinator - Today at 5:52 PM
so he can slowly take over all news responsilbilites for all 8 games

kyleb30 - Today at 5:52 PM
Chris writes every news

Shock - Today at 5:52 PM
MKDD has alex still iirc and SMK has sami

MKDSLeone - Today at 5:52 PM
yea MKDD still has Alex
after all this time

kyleb30 - Today at 5:52 PM
Lol do they both just solely run those sites?

MKDSLeone - Today at 5:52 PM

kyleb30 - Today at 5:52 PM
As well as etch with mkds

MKDSLeone - Today at 5:52 PM
well, Kmacc chips in a couple times a year on 'DS

Mick - Today at 5:53 PM
that's quite the dedication, I know I couldn't do it for long (news that is)