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08/12/2011: "Non-Glitch Rules"

Hey everyone. This is a post with the purpose of explaining what is considered non-glitch and what is considered SC/glitch. The time submissions that we've been getting have been including several times that are not achievable non-glitch, but are being sent in as such. So, here are the rules.

For all the pictures: Black lines indicate glitch/SC paths, blue lines indicate paths that are accepted in both NonSC and Combined charts rankings, and yellow lines show the approximate location of the start/finish line.

Mushroom Gorge

Any riding on rock is considered glitch/SC. It does not matter how much time is cut. If you want your time considered non-glitch, do not do any acrobatics on any mountain face.

Yeah these are going to be drawn real quick. Hope it's clear enough though. Do not ride on the mountain for non-glitch. Everything else on the mushrooms and whatever is fine. You can jump the chasm with a shroom, you cannot use the shroom on a mushroom bouncer and ride the mountain across to the finish line.

Mario Circuit

Everything on this is non-glitch, except for the obvious tree hit and boundary glitch.

Low-jumping on the ramp in such a way as to maintain speed on the sand is non-glitch. Just really hard.

Coconut Mall

Basically, don't go out of bounds and drive around out of bounds in any fashion or way whatsoever. Once again, this is only if you are submitting a non-glitch time. You should not be able to go through any objects; if you hit a car, you should flip and lose all your boosts, not go through it. Pretty straight forward.

Furthermore, you may not bounce from the edge of the fence in order to skip a large portion of the track before the U-turn staircase.

Wario's Gold Mine

This course has been the center of debate these days. The conclusion is this: do not hit any objects that do not lie on the main path. Do not jump off any green pipes. Do not leave the basic path to hit any wooden beams to jump over a gap. Stay on the main path and stick to it.

You are allowed to bounce off the invisible wall on the right after the large ramp and trick. You can switch paths after the minecart area. You can use the blue vertical zippers to gain a boost going into the next lap for a flap attempt. And yes, I do know there are random blue and black dots on that picture. You can go out to the blue dot if you can reach it for non-glitch, however, don't try to reach the black dot smudge or it will be counted as glitch.

Maple Treeway

Do not jump into the offroad area to the left of the finish line, bounce through walls back onto the track, and then jump across to the track to the left after the cannon. Either one of the routes shown by the black lines is useless on its own, but if they are used in combination, it will be counted as SC.

Jumping across to skip the U-turn where the blue line indicates is allowed for NonSC, if you can manage it.

Grumble Volcano

Basically, do not ride on any rock objects. As long as you stay in the air and do not land on any rock fixtures, you are playing non-glitch. Very important: Do not jump the chasm or intentionally fall into the lava to do a Lakitu skip! You can go around the last turn in the air though if you can make it.

If you finish with a time in the 1'40s or less, you used a shortcut that's not allowed on the non-glitch charts.

Bowser's Castle

Do not go through the wall and ceiling by jumping up from the edge of the halfpipe on either path after the long room with the exploding fireballs.

GCN Peach Beach

Do not bounce off any trees to jump from the start/finish line area over the wall and onto the beach.

Ghost Valley 2

Do not launch from the beginning start post to the other side of the chasm. Everything else is permissible.

Bowser Castle 3

Do not use the ramps to cut over large portions of lava to skip large portions of track. Everything else is allowed.

DK Jungle Parkway

Using any form of boost to launch up in the air and go through the wooden fence just before the long boost platform is not allowed. Everything else don't worry about.

DK Mountain

Everything here is NonSC except for using a mushroom to hit the vertical dash panels at the end of the mountain path in such a way as to go through the wall. It's rather hard to explain, so if you continue to wonder, go to YouTube and search "MKWii: DK Mountain glitch" and you should be able to find it.

You are allowed to go over the chasm near the end of the lap, just not use a mushroom to go through the fence.

If you have any questions or wonder how these things look in-game, try using YouTube. Enter "MKWii" in the search, then the course of interest, then "glitch", and you should be able to find what you are wondering about. If you still have questions, please visit the forums. If you still are confused or can't register for the forum, send in a message to the Yahoogroup and it may get answered, or it might not.

Also, before you send a time in as NonSC, it's a good idea to check the site records. If your time is faster than the current Site Record, be suspicious and check the rules again.

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy karting!


P.S.: Thank you Daniel Raftery for helping out with the original course pictures!
P.P.S.:And thanks to Frederick Hutchington and Dexter Howe for providing the Maple Treeway and GCN Peach Beach pictures.