Here's where we bestow some honours for impressive karting. If you find your name here, you must have done something that has caught our attention---good for you, keep it up!

We have also set up a little chart at the bottom to keep track of which of you is catching our attention the most! We just tally up your awards, with a higher point score for rarer awards.

Player of the Week

Week 3, Feb 2017Tux Linuxlol
Week 2, Feb 2017Tux Linuxlol
Week 1, Feb 2017Tux Linuxlol
Week 4, Dec 2016Jonathan Toole-CharignonHis massive surge launched him to 4th overall!
Week 3, Dec 2016Joseph ArmstrongHad a huge 7.6 AF cut to reach 94th overall!

Player of the Month

Dec 2016Jonathan Toole-CharignonWent insane slashing his AF to reach 4th overall!
Nov 2016Robert SzaboNice work in shortcut land and a WR!
Oct 2016Joseph ArmstrongWas incredibly busy and managed to join the top 100!
Sep 2016Cole GilbertHe didn't let off the a button finishing strong at 8th Myth D overall!
Aug 2016Cole GilbertHe shocked the world propelling himself to the top 10!

Player of the Quarter

4th Quarter, 2016Joseph ArmstrongToiled away with massive cuts to reach the top 100!
3rd Quarter, 2016Cole GilbertHis resurrection put him back into the top 10 and Myth overall!
2nd Quarter, 2016Fabien Da SilvaMassive load of times pushed him into the top 20 and Titan overall!
1st Quarter, 2016Robert SzaboRejoins the top 10 and newest Myth overall!
4th Quarter, 2015Jonathan Toole-CharignonEnds the year strong reaching #6 overall!

Player of the Year

2016Robert SzaboReached 7th and Myth D overall as well as 2nd in shortcut land with WR's in tow!
2015Andy LundeenFor getting 80/80 Gods and smashing WRs per usual business!
2014Andy LundeenHonorable mentions to Christian Wild and Stefan Glosby; Andy takes this POY with 176 WRs in 2014 and his overall efforts to push the game to its limits
2013Andy LundeenFor more insane WRs and an AF around 1.3 this year.
2012Andy LundeenFor being sandwiched between POY 2011 and POY 2013

Overall Achievements

Who Week (1pt) Month (2pts) Quarter (5pts) Year (10pts) Points
Andy Lundeen501175157
Robert Szabo421442110
Sebastian Stellmacher1993272
Alicia L'Hoest1332249
Jonathan Toole-Charignon2562047
Christian Wild1942037
Ben Allen1452034
Stefan Glosby1732033
Michael Hutchings1651031
Daniel Pabst1541028
Mickael Smolen1821027
Lachlan Young1331024
Stacy Needham1450024
Yunus Aricanli1031021
Fabien Da Silva641019
Cole Gilbert731018
Tom van Kessel921018
Florian Chollet1320017
Alan McArthur631017
Guilherme Arantes821017
Chris Flemmer721016
Alencar Faria621015
Andrea Gardina630012
Matt Ellis511012
Austin Gates321012
Nicola Torre411011
Joseph Armstrong311010
Stephen Weber810010
Nicholas Harvey52009
Kevin Borne21109
Robert Lee71009
Alvin van Asselt42008
Kevin McAteer30108
Manuel Babjar61008
Jonathan Steel32007
Luca Barbetta51007
Alex Hantson51007
Sebastien Holmiere41006
Michael Fried10106
Thomas Jordet Larsen41006
Matthew Ord31005
Chuck Foster50005
Ethan McCormac50005
Timur Ahmad31005
Stephen De Winter40004
Enzio Fruijtier21004
Jon Coppernoll21004
Ben Stoneman40004
Louis Tounet40004
Andrew Howes21004
Martin Morissette30003
Daniel Sampson11003
Vincent Zee11003
Timothee Le Borgne11003
Kevin Black30003
Simon Laflamme30003
David Taylor11003
Kristopher Will11003
Tux Linux30003
Joe Sebeny20002
David Schiering20002
Alvaro Fababu20002
John Colley20002
Paul Tanney20002
Sebastien Legay20002
Kyle Begley20002
Sebastian Wimmer20002
Michael Vogt20002
Guillaume Leviach10001
Sam Smith10001
Mark Engelsman10001
Bryton Daniels10001
Coen Hartendorp10001
Frances Penfold10001
Sam Fairless10001
Karel van Duijvenboden10001
Jacob Goldfinger10001
Marco van Turner10001
April Thompson10001
Dave Phaneuf10001
Sven den Hartogh10001
Sami Cetin10001
William Lacey10001
Simon Birker10001
Pierre Ruffin10001
Benjamin Block10001
Robin Usher10001
Jean-Francois Schepers10001
Andrew Manning10001