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08 February 2017: "Here comes the rain again..."
With Chris out of commission and Andy busy being an adult, I have no choice but to actually write news! Unthinkable! That aside, 2017 started off with a bang, as January counted a total of 15 active players (including 3 new recruits)! Keep it up and continue ironing out your timesheets!

New Players

#127 Samuel Gomez, of CDM fame over in the SMK world, received the greatest Christmas gift one could ask for (from his younger brother, no less): a GBA and a copy of MKSC! Samuel has a few times in the Top 100 already, and he'll have plenty of room for improvement once he figures out how to use shrooms in Time Trials.

Michele "Jerk" joins from Italy with a pair of RR times set when he was kid. If nothing else, they provoked a knee-jerk reaction from Chris who couldn't stand to see his Yoshi No-R hegemony challenged. Here's hoping to see more from Michele now that he's motivated to play MKSC again!

#96 Joel Johnson of the USA has some promising Experts right off the bat, spearheaded by his impressive LP times 53"98 (#44)/16"53 (#53)! He also joined with a few SC times on CCI, rKB1, and rDP3.

Non-SC Movement

#1 Andy Lundeen sent in two WRs he had forgotten to submit in 2016, namely 54"56 RP 3lap and 37"86 rCI1 5lap.

#4 Jonathan Toole-Charignon was challenged from below and set new PRs on LC and rMC3. Only LC 1'04"51 was ranked in the Top 5, but he still managed to cut over .25 AF due to how poorly ranked his prior rMC3 times were. His AF now sits at exactly 8.

#5 Mickael Smolen couldn't accept getting kicked out of the Top 5, let alone becoming a subject of the King of the Noobs, and was only half-successful in his goals. He set strong LC times (in particular 18"79 on the flap ranked #2!), and got a tiny BC4 flap improvement. With a .125 AF cut, he inched back ahead of Stacy into the Top 5.

#7 Robert Szabo sent in a lone Non-SC improvement of 19"00 (#7) LC flap.

#50 Stephen Weber reached the iconic Top 50 barrier after setting 15 new PRs over the course of January for a 2 AF cut, and got promoted to Expert D. The entire batch was solid overall (almost entirely within the Top 60), but his rDP2 times stood out above the rest at 1'13"73 (#41/HE)/11"63 (#27/TA). Both times are ranked higher than the rest of his timesheet, and his flap marks several firsts for Stephen: first Top 40, first Top 30, and first Titan! Will we see him push it a bit further to reach his first Myth?

#69 Jon "Cheesesteak" Coppernoll watched some handegg between MKSC sessions this month (or was it the other way around?), which distracted him enough to set 20 new PRs for a 8.5 AF cut that bumped him up a whopping 11 spots and promoted him to Advanced C. Although perhaps not quite as impressive as the aforementioned LP times, Jon found his own track of predilection in RR, where he set times of 44"30 (#31/EE)/11"23 (#38/HA). While he may be enamored with his current rank, surely he can't resist the temptation of chasing after Stephen?

#84 Joseph Armstrong set 31 times of his own to cut over 10 AF and 10 spots. Joseph had a forerunner track of his own in the form of rMC2 times of 1'02"55 (#50/ED)/9"34 (#63/EE), with the 5lap being both his first Top 60 and Top 50. He also joined the Advanced ranks by the smallest of margins.

#85 Kyle Begley went pretty hard the past few weeks, and had a whopping 44 PRs! Rather than typing them all out, I'll just send a screenshot of them: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Mario_Kart_Super_Circuit/conversations/messages/10958
That aside, he cut over 20 AF to leap into the Top 100 and become Advanced himself. Four of his times were in the Top 60: BC1 flap, MC flap, and YD dual. Will we see a Top 50 in February?

#113 Bryton Daniels sent in 8 new PRs on the first 5 tracks of the game (missing only SGB) for a .9 AF cut that allowed him to pass James Mekealian. His only time inside the Top 100 was an impressive 14"71 (#79/EE) PC flap.

Gautier Estaloy improved 4 of his course times after being MIA for 2 years, including his second Top 100 (on BC4 3lap), but it seems he still can't figure out where flaps are stored in this game. Hopefully he'll work that one out and fill out his timesheet so he can appear on the rankings.

Ethan McCormac played both CL and rKB2, scoring a double Top 3 on the flaps with 13"88 (#3) CL and 5"17 (#3) rKB2.

SC Movement

#1 Ethan McCormac attempted to retake the CCI flap WR from Konrad, but fell short with a 1"87 (#2). He also set a new WR on SW flap.

#2 Robert Szabo sent in a lone SC improvement on rDP3 5lap, which also happened to be a WR.

Gautier Estaloy also dabbled in some SCs, landing lapskips on CCI and rKB1 among other improvements.

Steven Quincy landed the CL lapskip for a 3lap of 16"86.

World Records

Ethan was the first to break the 17"50 barrier on SW flap with a 17"41.

Robert improved rDP3 5lap by exactly half a second to 14"16.

May your PRs be plentiful and my updates short!