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02 January 2017: "Happy New Year, Fools!"
Hey guys, it's Chris. First of all, a happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a good start. The year finished with some nice activity and great WRs. But why am I talking... just read the news!


SC champ Ethan McCormac had 4 PRs to report, 2 Non-SC and 2 Sc PRs. His Non-SC PRs were 2 very strong BC1 times, both ranked 3rd close behind Chris. His SC times involved a new lap WR on SG, see the WR section. His CCI lap would have been WR, but Konrad improved the WR, see the WR section aswell.

#2/#7 Robert Szabo had yet another great month with 4 Non-SC PRs and 5 SC PRs to report! His SC progress resulted into a 0.1125 AF cut which helped him to close the gap to SC champ Ethan a bit more. The sub 4 AF is also coming closer and a few more improvements like on the BCs could help him to reach it! His Non-SC AF has been reduced by 0.0750 points, actually losing a few spots to Lafungo, but still enough to cut some distance to #6 Mick.

Speaking of him, #4 Jonathan Toole-Charignon had a fantastic finish at the end of the year! With 10 new PRs across the cups he was able to speed up his goal and finished at 4th in Non-SC! He needed to cut ~1AF point, in the end he was able to cut 0.95 AF, passing Mick and Stacy. Mick has been #3 for quite some time, seeing him out of the TOP5 now shows great potential for the strength of the TOP5! Lafungo not only made it to #4 in the AF charts, he also closed the gap in ARR and tied Mick for #5 here.

#6 Christian Wild decided to give his SC timeset a fresh kick and improved both his BC3 times to #6. He cut 0.55 AF points and closed the gap to Flo Chollet and the TOP5.

#23 Konrad Hieronymus, Germanys #4 in SC sent us 3 new PRs for his timeset, 2 of them being WRs. His AF cut of 1.1625 points helped him to pass 2 more players and close the gap to the TOP20. Konrad still has a few low ranked times, so easy AF cuts should be possible by improving his worse times.

#72 Paul Tanney had a few unsubmitted PRs to report. 38 in total, and they resulted into a big 7.9875 AF cut. He passed 10 players with it and easily joined the TOP75. Most of his submitted times scored around the TOP60-70ish area, and not only the AF cut was big, but also his ARR cut, which helped him to reach the next standard: Advanced D! Congratz!

#94 Joseph Armstrong also had a few PRs to report, 14 in total! All of them were bigger cuts and resulted into a 7.6375 AF cut and helped him to pass 7 players. This also means he reached the TOP100, and is our latest TOP100 member! Josephs cut was not big enough to make the jump to the next standard, but he's very close to get there.

#113 Bryton Daniels sent us a single RVL2 improvement for the 5lap and passed 2 players with the resulting 0.3490 AF cut.

Unlisted Steven Quincy showed again that he has potential to reach higher ranks! With his latest Non-SC times for BL flap (#72) and CL dual (#59/#41) he got a few strong PRs and his CL flap almost reached the Titan standard, too! His SC PRs, a dual CCI time ranked 15th and 18th, are now among his strongest SC times and helped him to cut some ARR aswell!

Nice World Records




Ethan McCormac reached a new record on SG flap, which helped him to tie Robert and Konrad for a triple tie here. The time was a 1"06 lap!

Konrad Hieronymus had a new CCI lap to report which beat the previous WR. The new time is a 1'85!

His rCI2 flap was also a new WR tie and joined the 11-way tie. The time was a 0"03!