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01 December 2016: "Time to attack the advent calendar... :3"
Hey guys, it's Chris. A quite short news update due to quite low activity, but hey! I am still here to write stuff, so let's see!

New Players



#7 Robert Szabo hit 4 new SC PRs this month, with a new dual SL PR, a Sunset Wilds flap and a new WR on CCI flap (see WR section for more information). Roberts PRs helped him to cut 0.225 AF points and got closer to the sub 4 AF. Ethan, still comfortably sitting at 3.5 AF, could be challenged soon if Robert keeps playing.

#20 Lachlan Young improved 3 PRs. Those included a very strong 6th ranked 3lap on Lakeside Park, which is not only his new strongest time but also an Australian Record! He also got a dual PR on rGV3, which landed on 17th and 23rd, resulting in a total AF cut of 0.875 points, passing Chris F and Matt Ellis respectively. This means he is our newest TOP20 member!

#67 Ben Stoneman got 4 new PRs on RaR dual and BC4 dual, improving his times by quite a bit. His RaR times still have room for improvement, but are both in the TOP100 now. His BC4 times look very good with the flap entering the TOP50 and the 3lap barely missing it, ranked 51st. Bens cut of 0.9 AF points pushed him a bit closer to Matthew Ord and the next rank.

#115 Bryton Daniels has finished his timeset in November and is finally ranked on the charts! With a wopping 38 PR submission he got a few very nice times, but he also got some times left that can be improved quite easily. Keep it up and you will reach the TOP100 soon!

Nice World Records


Robert Szabo had another month to share a WR with us! This time, thanks to Sam Fairless who found a way to improve CCIs flap, Robert was able to push the WR down to not only sub 2, but also far away from everyone! The new time is a 1"92!