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07 November 2016: "#blamelafungo"
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to MKSC lands newest edition of MKSC news, just in late tradition because... well the title says it all. Let's begin with the October news, maybe there's a small surprise...

New Players

Nooo surprise in here I guess...


#7 Robert Szabo was active on both charts (therefore the fancy coloring!) and started with a dual SL improvement in Non-SC. He hit a 6th ranked 3lap time, barely missing sub 1'03 and a 10th ranked flap at 18"30. It was a 0.1 AF cut and brought him within 1 AF point of Jonathan, the laziest updater in history of MKSC land. His SC improvements contained 3 improvements, one of them being a new WR (check the WR section for more info), which helped him to cut 0.075 AF points and lower the distance to SC champ Ethan McCormac.

#52 Stephen Weber has sent us 2 PRs for RP and rKB1 this month. RP was a nice cut and is ranked 54th and rKB1 looking very nice ranked 64th. Both PRs helped him to cut 0.76 AF points and close the gap to MKDS pro Simon Birker.

#67 Ben Stoneman set a new Rainbow Road 3lap record which barely missed the TOP100 entry! Bens timeset only has 9 times outside the TOP100 left, so working on those could result into a nice AF cut. For now he improved by 0.6 AF points and has passed Lenny Adreev for the 67th spot. Matthew Ord, former Non-PRB MKDS champ is right in front of him. Can Ben make it and pass him in the MKSC charts aswell, like he did in MKDS?

#100 Joseph Armstrong had a great month with a total of 26 new PRs with 28 improvements, mainly across the retro cups. He hit a lot of new TOP100 times, the highlight being a new RCI2 5lap ranked 70th! His AF cut of 7.6 points was enough to pass 7 players and break into the TOP100. What a way to finish the month! In ARR he was able to hit the Intermediate B ranks.

#105 Kyle Begley hit even more PRs than Joseph, a total of 30 PRs in his only submission for this month! He said he wanted to wait more until he had a few more PRs, but this is already a nice collection. The PRs were enough to cut 8.8 AF points and pass 4 players, one of them being fellow MK64 player Nathan Stinson. His ARR cut was not quite enough to make it for a rank up, but it'll be even easier next time!

Bryton Daniels sent us 23 new records, filling out his timeset a bit more and now with a complete Nitro Cup timeset! He hit a few nice times, the strongest in this submission being a SG flap ranked 47th! It's his best time in his timeset aswell and stands out, as it's so far his only TOP50 time. Bryton is not ranked on the AF ranks, but his ARR improved quite a bit and puts him up to Beginner B.

Jed Johnson, also unranked, sent us a new Cheese Land double PR after a 6 year abscence! It was a small cut, so no significant ARR improvement has been made.

Nice World Records

Is this the surprise we are looking for? Yes! Weeerld Receeerds!


Konrad Hieronymus and Robert Szabo had a shot at the SG flap WR and both were able to push it's limit by a little bit more. In the end both tied it and stopped at a 1"06 lap time!