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01 October 2016: "Are you ready for the new era?"
Hey guys! It's Chris and I hope this month was to your joy as I tried my best to keep updates on a regular (almost daily) basis. And here we are, with another news (in time)! Let's see what happened:

New Players

Omar Martinez Ramirez joined our site with a single PC 3lap time!


#2 Christian Wild was the highest active player. Despite getting 3 PRs, his minimal AF cut got demolished by another karter so there's no gain for him.

#7 Robert Szabo was active aswell with a dual submission for Non-SC and SC. His Non-SC submission had a lonely BC4 flap improvement in it, but it's a quite strong one ranked 7th and it's a GOD time! His SC times included an SL flap improvement which saved him a #11 spot right in front of Lafungo.

#8 Cole Gilbert had not as much to report as in his last monstrous month of destruction, but a 1.0625 AF cut still speaks for itself! With a total of 11 new PRs and 3 new GOD times, which rises his total GOD count up to 24 he was able to pass Alicia in the AF rankings and claim the #8 spot for himself! Cole is not too far away from Robert, so we will see how his progress is going on and if Robert is able to fight him off.

#10 Michael Hutchings (aka Frederick Hutchington, in case you didn't knew it already) had a massive PR spree to report this month! 19 PRs in total with improvements across all cups provided him a nice 1.2250 AF cut and lets him pass Ben Allen for the #10 spot! This is the third time he entered the TOP10 now and he could be the one to kick Alicia down to the double digit ranks if he keeps it up! His timeset it looking more and more consistent with lots of TOP10 times and his TOP5 times are getting more aswell!

#12 Daniel Pabst sent us 2 older PRs he forgot to send in and was able to get not too heavily impacted by the surrounding AF cuts. He sent 2 PRs for rVL2 5lap and rRR flap, both being new TOP20 times!

Going a bit more down the rankings we have #106 Joseph Armstrong who finished his timeset! And it was worth it, as a crazy 33.3 AF cut was the result of it, bringing him up to rank #106, almost into the TOP100! He sent us loads of new records and was able to push his ARR score out of the Beginner ranks right into the Intermediate C ranks! The TOP100 is the next big milestone, so let's see how quick he can do it.

Unranked Ethan McCormac sent us a total of 10 PRs and is on his way to fill his timeset. Mushroom Cup has been completed, with 7/8 TOP3 times (missing BC1 3lap as he didn't improve this one)! His RVL2 flap looks super strong and is so close to hit the WR! He also sent us a RRR 5lap which is ranked a bit lower, but probably unfinished business. However, Ethan hit his 41st GOD time, sitting on a 11.35 Hero A ARR. He still misses 23 times, but his mission seems to be a revamp of his old times and the addition of the missing ones. His current potential would easily rank him in the TOP5, so let's see how many other strong times he can get!

Steven Quincy, also unranked, is also on his way to completition. With a BL 3lap in Non-SC and a RDP1 5lap in SC he added 2 new times to his timeset, gaining a few points on both rankings.

Nice World Records


It's a Non-ZZMT WR by Michael Hutchings, who was able to not only beat one of the older Non-ZZMT Records, but also hit the first sub 1'02 here! Bowser Castle 2 is what I'm talking about, and the new 3lap time is a 1'01"96!! Well done!

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it and... see you next time.