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02 September 2016: "I think this is the most irregular news updating of all time"
Hey boiiz, hey girrrlz, it's time for the long awaited MKSC news upd- ...w-what did you say?! I... I am one month too late?? Damn... I'm sorry for this, it seems this game needs more attention shocked

Hoooowever, let's see what happened in the last 2 months allright? ALLRIGHT!

New Players

Joseph Armstrong joins us with an unfinished timeset, but would rank quite decently in the Intermediate area.


#6 Jonathan Toole-Charignon hit a nice double PR on RRR, with a very nice flap entering the TOP5 at 4th place and a big improvement on the 5lap with a 1'10"70, landing on #7. The flap shows that he got more potential on the 5lap. Both of the times are new GODs and make rKB2 flap the only Rank left that hasn't reached the GOD time in Retro Special Cup.

#7 Robert Szabo hit a nice sum of 6 PRs over the last 2 months, all of them are new TOP10 times. They helped him to cut a total of 0.3 AF points and come closer to Jonathan, who still has a comfortable lead of 1.1 AF points.

Both of them shouldn't rest on their recent PRs, as #9 Cole Gilbert decided to completely destroy his old timeset! He sent in a ton of improvements, 87 to be exact! This completely wrecked his old timeset with a ton of new TOP10 times, TOP5 times and even a few #3 times here and there!! His PRs had a huge impact across the whole AF between #3 and #40, as he jumped from #30 straight into the TOP10 to #9 with a massive 22.6 AF cut! Not only has he reached the TOP10, but also overcame Matt Ellis as Canadian Champ! He's the first Canadian in the TOP10 with a grand total of 67 CRs! Great job! Let's see what he is capable of, it'll be interesting, trust me!

#11 Frederick Hutchington has just entered the TOP10, and he already got kicked out... again! This time it was Coles rise that put him back to #11, but he scored a few new records nonetheless. PC, SW, RMC4 and GV3 3/5lap, RP, BC4 and RRR dual, a total of 10 PRs. Even though Cole made everyone around him lose AF, Mike was still able to gain 0.1 AF points due to his nice collection of records. 4 of them are new TOP10 times and all in all he was able to get 1 point close to Ben, who is now the last of the ten TOP10 members. Shouldn't be too hard, as he still got a few weak times to improve.

#52 Stephen Weber hit a nice total of 7 PRs on LC 3lap, SG dual, SL flap, rMC3 5lap, rVL1 flap and rRR. His SG times look very sharp, his flap ties his best ranked time at 43rd! His rVL1 flap was also a nice improvement and is ranked 45th. The total of those PRs was enough to let him pass the next player on the list. 2.5 points are needed to reach the TOP50. in ARR he was able to leave the Advanced A ranks and join the Expert E ranks as the 56th player who has ever reached those ranks. Well done!

#79 Jon Coppernoll sent us 5 new PRs this time. His improvements were on RiR dual, BC3 3lap and rDP1 dual. RiR flap was the most outstanding and is a new TOP60 time. It's also a new Hero time, his second one after Cheese Land flap! Jon cut a good bunch of AF, but it wasn't enough to pass anyone this time. He's not too far away from the next person though, so a few PRs here and there should do the trick!

#108 Kyle Begley had a little time beside MK64 and went on a nice little PR streak to gain a bit of AF in the last 2 months. It wasn't a huge AF cut, but the 14 PRs helped him to pass 3 more players and is closing in to the TOP100. According to some other times in his timeset he should be easily capable to do that. Kyle was able to leave the Int D ranks, and joined the 9 other Int C players to make them 10!

Unranked Bryton Daniels had another try at MKSC in the last 2 months and sent us a bunch of new records. 13 records to be exact, with a few new times for his timeset to fill it. He's still missing quite a few ranks, but so far he's doing quite well with ranks around the TOP100 area.

Nice World Records

Uhm... well I don't think so.

That's it for this time! Hopefully the next update will be in time again... it depends on the news updater... well, on the not so lazy ones!