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01 July 2016: "Totally not doing this to try to get your vote"
Hi everyone, long time no see. I volunteered to write the news this month, and it's totally not because I want your vote in the Karter Contest....

Disclaimer: YG was less responsive to us than shadow this month, so some messages may have been lost when you tried to send them. That said, some information in here might also not be totally accurate. So yeah. #blamelafungo

New Players
None, I don't think.

The following players played their games this last month (presumably not while blindfolded):

Ethan McCormac, our SC champ, pulled off a strong lap time on SW (non-SC). He said he might try for 17"5x, and it's definitely doable, but this lap can be a tricky one to navigate at high level. Best of luck to him if he keeps trying (presumably for the WR).

#79 Jon Coppernoll was very active last month, slashing his AF by nearly 8 full points. He managed to snag a couple of top 50 times while he was at it.

#kingofthenoobs Jonathan-Toole-Charignon came up with a new strat on RVL2 (not the flap, unfortunately. That sub 4 will happen though at some point...) and made a nice cut to the old WR, claiming it for his own! As of this writing, the WR has now stood for longer than 3 hours. Lafungo is also still in the KC, so make sure to give him a vote for his accomplishment! Lafungo also got 1'00"53 to get almost within a second of the SW WR. Not too shabby...

#66 Matthew Ord decided to ignore his MKDS potential this month and instead cut 5 AF here. Not that we mind, of course.

#53 Stephen Weber pulled up just shy of the top 50, despite bribing his competitors with his seductive cake offers. Stephen can probably be found somewhere between PA and WI, as he decided to set out on the trip to see J-Cop ~150 hours ago, and it does take a while to walk that whole way while carrying a cake.

Unranked Bryton Daniels looks like he may have forgotten to label his times as non-SC. Well, he was still technically active. It looks like he wants to push all the times in his timesheet to the top 100 (or maybe he just wanted to get in the top 100 when he completes his timesheet? I didn't read his message too carefully.)

The man, they myth, the cheater-catching legend and inventor of chesting, #30 Cole Gilbert returned to MKSC this month. Cole, you've been kind to us for a while, trying to keep things fair by playing with a hand behind your back, but honestly: give it your all now and show us how it's done!

50cc GP, 100cc GP, 150cc GP, backwards racing, Quick Run, 13 lap banana skip mode, and other various categories champion Robert Szabo found time to play our site's ranked mode(s), making a nice cut with a few SC PRs. Robert is still in the KC, so make sure you vote for him instead of Lafungo!

#111 Kyle Begley, Spy (really works for MK64), and member of the Mafia, spared 110 other competitors this month, deciding to lay low and see what happens. But we did notice his 2-3 AF cut. Kyle is definitely one of the more subtle of Meak's alts.

Nice WRs

Misc. WRs
RVL2: 37"50 by Lafungo/JTC

I think that about wraps things up. I'll wait and see if I missed any SC WRs from Etch by asking him real quick. Did you set any WRs, Etch?