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01 June 2016: "Karter Contest just started - don't miss it!"
Hey guys! It's Chris. I was a bit lazy lately when it came to times updates, but at least the news should be in time! Let's see... we had 8 active players and even a new WR!

New Players

Not this time!


The highest active player this month was #6 Jonathan Toole-Charignon, who sensed danger with Etch in his back. He decided to play MKSC after almost half a year of abscence and improved 6 PRs, namely PC, SW and BC3 dual. The PC 3lap was a nice cut from his previous 46"00 3lap and he managed to not only get the sub 46, but also sub 45 with a 44"93! The flap also saw the sub 13 and is another TOP5 time for him. Same as his SW times, both are new GOD times and landed on #4! His BC3 times are also new GOD times with a sub 1'21 on the 3lap and a barely missed sub 25 flap, but another TOP5 here. His total amount of GODs increased to 28, making him the player with the 7th most GOD times. In AF, he cut a really big amount of AF with a 0.5875 AF cut, getting him very close to the sub 9 AF!

#8 Robert Szabo, who's more present on the SC side, decided to go full Non-SC this month and reported us a whopping 7 PRs on various tracks: PC flap, MC dual, RMC1 and RGV1 flaps and rKB2 dual saw nice improvements! 5 new TOP10 times have been achieved which pushes him up to 49 TOP10 times. The strongest times of this update were his RMC1 and RGV1 flaps, with the RMC1 flap ranked 7th and reaching Myth C and the RGV1 flap ranked 8th and reaching Myth A, barely missing the godly 7 seconds sub! In AF, he came dangerously close to Alicia and the 7th spot with a healthy 0.1875 AF cut. In ARR however he was more successful with a promotion from Myth E to Myth D!

The Swiss Champ #16 Fabien Da Silva had another month of nice PRs, 6 in total on YD, RMC4 and RDP3 dual. His RDP3 PRs stood out the most, as both are new TOP10 times and GODs and the 5lap was yet another win on Lafungo, Fabiens most liked target (for... whatever reasons :^) ). However, he got the sub 1 minute on the 5lap and missed the flap sub 9 by 0"09 seconds. It's a tough flap to get really high in the ranks, as this track has been played a lot when the new strat was found. Fabien also hit a Myth A RMC4 flap, which tied the GOD standard exactly.. a bit disappointing, but a nice goal to shoot for the next time. He got a nice 0.8625 cut off it and closed the gap yet more to Guillherme, who occupies the TOP15 entry.

#25 Konrad Hieronymus, who contributed another german timeset to the Player's Page last month, hit 3 PRs this month; SC only. His SW dual times look sharp and the flap was even enough to hit the WR! It's his 9th WR on the SC side so far, and I guess he can probably take a few others down. Konrad also improved his LP 3lap down to the TOP5 and Titan C level. In AF he was able to pass 3 players with a nice 1.5625 cut, reaching the TOP25 with style!

#39 Tom van Kessel decided to not let Timur pass him ever again and leaves him alone in the TOP40 to be the eternal worst news updater! Poor Timur, if only he would get his lazy ass up and grab the GBA! Well, Tom was on a quest to improve his Bowser Castle times, and hit 8 PRs on BC2, BC3, BC4 and rBC2 dual. rBC2, which he claimed to be the "worst track" saw the smallest improvements, with a flap that shows that he can get a better 5lap, but everyone knows how tricky this course can be! Tom hit a few nice Nitro Cup BC times though, with nearly all times into the TOP30 (except BC2 3lap, which remained at #43) and a very strong 19"45 flap which is ranked 21st! Tom passed Jon Steel to secure his TOP40 position once more with a big 1.9750 cut, which leaves him only 0.2 behind the next 2 spots! In ARR, he is close to become 40th Hero. Better keep going for a bit more TvK!

#67 Ben Stoneman had a more silent month this time but still provided us with 4 new PRs on SGB and SW dual. His SGB times saw solid cuts, with the 3lap being 111th and the flap down to 79th with a sub 16"5 lap! The SW times however were even stronger with a very solid 1'11"23 3lap ranked 69th and the sub 22 flap at 74th! Ben couldn't pass Matthew in MKDS yet, but made Matt lose his spot to him in MKSC now with a 2.55 AF cut!

Bryton Daniels made an unexpected comeback to MKSC this month aswell with 13 new records to report! It's been 4 years since his last submission, but he said he is officially back now, maybe filling his timeset to be ranked on here! Bryton got his times into TOP130 range mostly and also hit his first TOP100 on PC flap ranked 94th with a 14"85 flap!

Steven Quincy, also unranked, hit 3 new Non-SC times on rDP1 flap and rGV1 dual and also hit 5 SC times on SGB and CCI dual and also got a RP flap. His Non-SC flaps show great potential with rDP1 flap being ranked 48th and rGV1, his new best Non-SC time, ranked 34th and Titan B! Steven hit a few strong times in SC aswell, with a 26th ranked 3lap and a 17th ranked flap on CCI! If Steven keeps up with those times and fills his timeset with the potential he has right now he will probably land in the TOP50 range, but as he improves it'll probably be a lot higher! His SC times also show nice potential and could bring him high up in the ranks!

Nice World Records


Konrad Hieronymus was able to beat Andys Non-SC time, which was also the SC record for SW flap. The new time is 0"03 faster with a 17"55!