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09 March 2012: "Will global heating cause MK tyres to be worn out faster?"

I know you all aren't interested in reading MK news. I know you're all waiting for me to speak about global heating. Well, I'll try to keep it simple. Global heating is caused by greenhouse gasses, which are produced because of human activities like deforestation and burning fossil fuels.

Actually this is what governments want us to know. The real reason of the climate changes is of course the steaming relationship between Zarkov and Honko. But don't tell anyone I told you.

Also this update only covers the March activity, because after some misunderstanding between the updaters, the AF charts were accidentily zeroed. I apologise to anyone that expected to be in this update and isn't now.


#2 Andy Lundeen must feel very lonely. It has already been a while since he passed #3 Mick, and from that moment he has been alone hovering between #3 Mick and #1 Seb. Let's see if he has the persistance to make his way to Seb's castle, and who knows, maybe even conquer it. Anyway, he also improved his own BC1 WRs. That makes a nice start to get the PR machine working again. But then, most importantely, he became the second player to reach the Myth B rank in ARR!

It had been some time snce we heard something from #9 Robert Szabo , but now he sent some PRs in again. His countryman Brutus still sits one spot above him, so at least that makes a nice goal for a comeback.

We go down the ladder and the next active player we meet is #38 Christophe Charignon . He still has the crazy idea of passing #35 TvK, but if he wants to achieve that, he might want to make bigger cuts than this week's.

#41 Jonathan Steel is the one Christophe should pay attention to. He wasn't able to pass anone this week, but his PRs made him reach the Expert C rank in ARR.

It was also good to hear something from #55 Benjamin Block again. His recent PRs weren't enough to cut some AF points, but a start is a start and the next few players are pretty close to eachother.

Austrian champion #57 Sebastian Wimmer made the biggest AF cut this week. He again passed a few players. His movement in ARR was nice as well, reaching the Advanced C rank.

And finally, it's #96 Stefan Glosby again. He nicely pulls himself out of the danger zone with a healthy 1.5 AF cut. But of course we expect him to do more than just saving his top 100 spot. Show us some true potential!

New Records

Two new records this week. Both by the same player and both on the same track. Andy Lundeen made 41"33 and 12"12 on the BC1 3lap and flap.

New Players

Yuri Fuzio from Italy joins with 2 RRR times. We hope to see a full timesheet eventually.


The POW award for the final week of February goes to Jonathan Steel for activity all week long.

The POW award for the first week of March goes to Andy Lundeen for two excellent WRs and becoming Myth B.

And finally, the POM award of February goes; just like last month, to Jonathan Steel. Jonathan flew up the charts this week, and went from Advanced B to Expert C!

Any suggestions for next week's educational foreword?