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09 January 2008: "December update"
Many, many players active which is great. Also some new players and players that surprised us all with crazy prís. Who? You gotta read this!


Letís start with myself, Alvin van Asselt #22. I tried to become the Dutch champion before Karel joined and I failed miserably. But still, many good prís, going from #29 to #22. I still have some CRís left, like 31Ē86 and 3Ē23 on RKB1, and also some very good records like RR 44Ē33 (#10) and 10Ē83 (#5). My activity dropped after a mental injury, but maybe Iíll get the Dutch pr smash virus back soon!

An other guy that was very active the last few weeks is Yuus Aricanli #18. He shot from #25 to #18, passing legends like Kevin Black. Some of his best new prís are RP 18Ē66 and SW 19Ē49! Judging by his times on Bowser Castle 2, I think he can cut even more AF! Well done Yunus!

Letís talk about the surprising comebacks. Letís talk about Florent Lecoanet #12 He improved some prís to get an AF of exactly 16 points! It might be a bit boring to put all the prís here, so I wonít. Will he make a major comeback and chase Karel? Only time can tell!

Next is Kevin Black #19. He showed the world that you really CAN have a WR with an AF above 20 (except the RKB1 f-lap). Iím talking about his WR on Retro Bowser Castle 3, 1í13Ē80*!!! RBC3 is a track that most players hate, but Kevin doesnít! Was that all? No! He got many other prís, like his great f-lap on RBC3: (yes, yet again!) 12Ē86 (#2). 0Ē01 left to go, a great performance Kevin!

I bet you all know that thereís a new world champion there. Iím talking about smk PAL. Iím talking about somebody who is very busy at the moment but found time to play MKSC. Iím talking about Pierre LíHoest #1 (of course). Some nice prís and wrís makes his AF even better. How good are his times now? Well, look at his WR on PC: 44Ē98. The #2 has 46Ē15!

Our great updater Luca Barbetta #16 did it again. He got a CRAZY WR on Sky Garden. The f-lap is 12Ē25* now. Donít say he doesnít have any competition there, because the top 3 all set a new pr there this year. Was that all he got? No! A good example: SG 48Ē21! Forza Italia!

One of that three is Cole Gilbert ,#14.at the moment. But if he wins 0.1 point AF, heíll pass Florian Chollet for #13! ButÖ He also submit some old times. SG is a new one: 49Ē68 and 12Ē31. In front of him are 2 Frenchies. But if Cole wants to get even more positions, Cole must get many new prís. Is he able to do that? Possible, heís a good fighter! Coooooool(e) Gilbert!

Robin Usher and Pete Crawford, the #52 and #53, were both active and both got good prís. (1 more and we have a new rivalry!) Judging by a matchup, Robinís laps are much better than his course times, and Pete is somebody who likes the courses. You can see that when you take a look at the new prís: Robin got (for his rank) crazy times like MC 18Ē73, LC 25Ē17 and SL 25Ē05, while Pete got very good times like PC 50Ē66. Pete is still a few points behind, maybe he could pass Robin in the next few weeks.

Jacob Goldfinger #36 played again! He got very good records and got a very good AF cut! The American guy from Chicago passed players like Sean Billingsley and Guilherme Arantes with records like: YD 1í14Ē98 (#33!) RCI2 9Ē44 and RBC1 13í32 (#34). The YD 3-lap isnít his best record (yet!), thatís still the CCI 3-lap. Which legends will he pass next week? At least itís almost sure that he will be active!

Alex Hantson #44 didnít win any position these weeks. But he did pr! I think we all know that he isnít ďjustĒ a MKSC player. Heís also the Swiss champion because heís the only Swiss player with a full timesheet (now happy &#61514wink His best pr from the last weeks can be found at Boo Lake, itís a crazy 23Ē27 f-lap, ranked #26 that is much, much better than his AF!!! His BC3 is a bit better than that time, though. He chases Kristopher Will and might pass him next week! Swiss power: 101%!

Alvaro Fababu #70 completed his time set and is now ready to rise up the charts. Looking at the prís he got, I bet it took a lot of time to get that times. Some times show that he is still a newbie and needs a little help from vids, but some times prove that he is a great talent! Letís just take one of íem: The RKB1 f-lap. He got 4Ē35 there! Some people think that you donít need skill to get a good time there. But think about when you began to play. Was it easy to do that strat? No! Also good news for him: Because heís the only Spanish player (who has a full timeset), heís also the Spanish champion!

Back to somebody who is very active. Back to Martin Morissette #10. The Canadian hit some good prís on Retro Donut Plains 2 one or two weeks ago: 1'11"66 and 11"60. Most of his prís from the last weeks are on the retro tracks, but he also got many ďnormalĒ prís a few weeks ago. I bet he feels Karel coming at the moment, but Iím afraid he also isnít extremely active at the moment. Tactics or not? I think he just needs a break!

It took a long time before Enzio Fruijtier #24 came back to MKSC. But now, heís finally back! He submit many old times, so Iím afraid I canít say he got many prís. An outstanding new pr is a 14Ē28 f-lap on Peach Circuit. Heís chasing Alvin (me) at the moment. Will he be able to pass me and chase Karel? Well, I bet you know the restÖ anyway, team Netherlands ftw!

I canít even remember when Iíve seen new MKSC prís from Robert Szabo #31. I donít even think I joined before the last time that Robert got some prís. But he drove some nice prís last month! He got 2 records, both are f-laps. The first one is at Cheese Land: 16Ē17 (#32). And the second one? 8Ē95 at Retro Choco Island 2! Iím afraid he didnít win a position, but I think weíre all happy that he got some prís again. Welcome back, Robert!

Itís nice to see that Matt Ellis #8 picked up his DS/GB to play again. And not just for 1 pr! And theyíre not bad, theyíre all very good! I can tell you all about his new prís, but Iíll just focus on 1 pr at the moment. After eating some chocolate, he went looking for more. It was time to go to Retro Choco Island 2. He had want to wait very long for the chocolate, so he decided to make an f-lap there. And whatís the time? 6Ē55*! Well done Matt! I bet youíre hungry now 

Daniel Sampson #63 got many prís at the beginning of the month. He still isnít the best Aussie at the moment, and I donít think that will happen soon because he isnít active at the moment. But still: He won a few positions. He has 2 new prís that are ranked #44: RR 49Ē35 and LP 20Ē06. Well done Daniel, I think you can go a long way if you keep up with this great pace like a few weeks ago!

I must tell the same about Andrew Howes #57. He also focused his efforts to the begin of December. Itís good to see him active again. His AF is just a few points lower than Daniels AF (new additions to the rivalry!), and the main difference is that Andrew also has a few very good times. Some new good times: BC2 22Ē80, BC3 28Ē08, RKB1 4Ē15 but especially: RVL1 7Ē27 and RKB2 7Ē75, both ranked #37! When will he come back? Weíll wait!

Last but not least: Alencar Faria #9. His AF is exactly 11 at the moment, and that means he has improved! He focused on Sunset Wilds and he got some nice times there: 1í03Ē40 (#3!) and 18Ē86 (#2!!) These are some great times! He doesnít have any WRís at the moment, but it might be possible that he will get one soon!

New players:

Heís coming from the World of smk. He is a huge talent and still NTSC world champion. Itís Karel van Duijvenboden #11. Heís coming from the Netherlands. He joined at the beginning of December and is very, very active since. He shot passed many players and legends and s almost in the top 10! So: How good are his records? He has 73 CRís now, and his retro course records arenít much better than his ďnormalĒ records. A 10Ē73 f-lap on Rainbow Road is very good, and his Retro Rainbow Road times are even better! 1í11Ē36 is ranked #2, and 12Ē22* is a world record! With a crazy vid: 12"22*
I think we have a new talent here, and I think that Tom (or me&#61514wink will write about his road to #1 soon. Itís still a long way to the topÖ

POWís, POM, POQ and POY::

To be posted later today or tomorrow.