Welcome to July ne... a big news update

Chris @ Saturday, August 1st   [link]

Hello Karters. It's been a month overdue, but here I am, for the news again! It's Chris here, and we had a misunderstanding about those news again... so I just decided to wait until start of August and do a big summary. SO HERE WE ARE! Let's see what happened:

New Players



MKSC Time Trial Champ Andy Lundeen was reeeally busy in the last 2 months with real life stuff, but couldn't resist the challenge on rDP2 and scored as second person the sub 1'07 and also a new World Record!

MKSC SC Champion Robert Szabo scored a few SC and Non-SC times in the last 2 months. It's been a quite busy time for him on the Extra Mushroom Cup, as he improved rMC1, rDP1 and rGV1 dual, with a few nice subs. His AF improved by 0.2, and the next rank is only 0.4 points away. Will he go for a few more times? On the SC side Robert improved YD dual and rMC1 dual to get a few really strong #3 and a #4 time! He improved by 0.0625 here and distanced himself from Su.

#2 Christian Wild had a quiet 2 months like Andy, but did get 2 more GOD times on his quest to the ultimate GOD. #76 and #77 have been scored on CCI, and 2 new PRs on rDP2, where the 5lap was originally a new WR... for 7 hours. Chris improved by 0.1625 points and closed the gap to Andy to less than 2 points. Still no chance to challenge this beast...

#38 Stefan Glosby was quite busy with a few tracks and improved by 1.1625 points. The 5 persons in front of him were quite close together so he passed 5 players with this relatively small cut! He is now a member of the TOP40 and is also closing in to the Hero ranks! Keep it up smile

#112 Sam Smith sent us a lot of new times, a few Non-SC and a few SC times. I'm not quite sure if the SC times are just not labeled or were accidently updated as SC (tell me!), but he cut 0.7 AF points and passed April on the Non-SC ladder. in SC he passed 3 players with a bigger 3.2 AF point cut.

Unranked James Farrel-Shaw sent us a new YD flap for the non-sc charts.

Seth Goodwin sent us quite a few new times for his timeset, all of the are at least ranked 100th. if he would complete his set he would probably end up in the 90s area.

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen is back! Even though Chris improved the rDP2 5lap first to a 1'06"93 and achieved the first sub 1'07, Andy just appeared out of nowhere after a almost 3 and a half month abscence of WR activity and scored another minor improvement: the new time is a 1'06"88!



The dog days of summer are back in MKSC Land... but were they ever gone?

Lafungo @ Monday, June 15th   [link]

Hey guys, long time no see. As seems to be customary whenever I write news, I apologize for my tardiness. Chris and Andy both have their hands full with real life concerns at the moment, so please direct any complaints/reminders about updating to me for the summer.

New Players

Better luck new time...


#1 Andy Lundeen relieves his stress by improving his own WRs. Apparently his month of May must have been rather peaceful, because he only set two new WRs.

#1 Robert Szabo improved 2 SC times, joining the fun on rBC1 flap and setting a new WR on rBC2 5lap.

#9 Daniel Pabst decided it was finally time to break into the Top 10, cutting an efficient .775 AF with 10 PRs across 6 tracks. By far his most notable new times were his dual LC PRs, both of which are ranked #3. Cutting another AF point would cement his position in the Top 10 and would allow him to pass #8 Ben Allen. Incidentally, #11 Frederick Hutchington was kicked out of the Top 10 yet again.

#39 Stefan Glosby was productive as usual, proving yet again he's more consistent that MKSC updating. With 11 PRs across 6 tracks for a 1.2 AF cut, Stefan vaulted past a tight group of 4 players, including #41 Tom van Kessel and #42 Timur Ahmad, who are still locked in their perpetual struggle for the title of "Worst Ranked Updater". While Stefan continues to balance his timesheet, he doesn't spend more than a couple days on most tracks. This spawns the following question: will Stefan manage to hit a Top 30 time before he has no more PRs left outside the Top 50? Place your bets. (At the time of writing, Stefan has 4 PRs ranked #31, and 14 PRs outside the Top 50.)

#123 Andrew Buchan had a bit of a mixup with his rKB1 PRs, having accidentally submitted a SC 5lap as Non-SC. He fixed the situation by setting a quick new Non-SC PR.

World Records


This section belongs to Andy's PRs, as usual:
YD: 58"91
rBC3: 1'18"95


As mentioned earlier, Robert hit a new WR on rBC2, with a time of 1'21"85.

I probably set a new PR while writing this...

Almost in time hue

Chris @ Saturday, May 2nd   [link]

Hey guys! It's Chris here with the newest stuff of MKSC land. King Lundeen and his trusty loyalty had a great month and showed the other Kingdoms like SMK Land how active we are!

New Players

No new recruits...


MKSC Lands King Andy Lundeen improved 3 records of his own and maintained his AF. As for the WRs, check the WR for more information.

MKSC Lands King of SC Robert Szabo sent us a new PR for RGV2 5lap which places him at 2nd right behind Ethan. No AF changes though.

Loyal fellow, and Lundeens right hand #2 Christian Wild played a lot this month and scored 8 new records in Non-SC and 3 PRs in SC. The new records resulted into a 0.5 AF cut and helped him to enlarge the gap between him and Sebastian to almost a whole point! Chris also reached 75 GODs this month, only 5 GODs remaining which contain some of the most troublemaking ones of all.

The respectful member #4 Mickael Smolen scored 3 new PRs on SW, rMC1 and rGV1 3/5laps. Mickael lowered the gap to Seb by 0.15 AF points and is less than 3 AF points away. Mick tried a bit more ZZMTing and had success with a sub 45"5 5lap on rMC1, but also reaching the SW GOD time is a nice achievment, congratz!

Another respectful member of MKSC Lands highest members #5 Stacy Needham sent us 2 new records, one of them was a new GOD time PC 3lap, where he was barely missing it by 0"01 at 44"70! The other PR was a sub 13 lap on SGB, making him the 16th person to sub 13 seconds on this course. Stacy had no change in the AF because of Mickaels activity, but also because of the small gain from SGB.

Leader of MKSCs more skilled knights #11 Daniel Pabst sent us 5 new records which were small records, but still made him cut a bit AF compared to all the other ones who lost around 0.05 each. Dan is not even 0.3 points away from smashing Frederick out of the TOP10, will he do it before the end of May?

The great #22 Lachlan Young sent us 4 records on MC, rDP1 5laps and rBC2 dual. He cut 0.4250 points with those PRs and is only 0.7 points away from the TOP20! Lachlan is getting more and more Titans and the Titan E ARR is not too far away aswell...

The always helpful karter and the guy showing the most loyalty in MKSC Land, #43 Stefan Glosby, sent a lot of PRs as always, this time he improved a total of 15 records to make a 0.925 cut. Stefan passed no one this month, but the next few players are really close together and the TOP40 is shouting for him to join in... and kick Tom out of the TOP40 again.

Recruit #70 Ben Stoneman sent us a flood of new records, mostly smaller PRs. They resulted into a 1.55 AF points cut. Ben passed 2 fellow australian players and reached the TOP70 in the progress! Ben is now the 5th fastest karter in Australia, Lenny Andreev 5 spots in front of him is #3 in Australia. He can easily get there with a few more cuts like that, go for it!

Nice World Records


King Andy Lundeen hit 3 new WRs in the month. One of them was actually reached in March, but the last improvement was done in April. He improved the CCI 3lap record 4 times, in the end he achieved a 46"73 time!
The next WR came on RDP1, after finding out that DK is actually really useful here and can compete with Bowser. The first improvement was done with DK, which makes 56"56 the first WR reached with DK on this course. After that he threw 5 more improvements after the DK WR, and ended playing with Bowser again to reach a 56"18 5lap!
The last one came on Sunset Wilds, with 5 improvements in one day! The sub 1 minute is hard to achieve, but the sub 59"5 is a completely different thing! Andy pushed the time by half a second and reached a 59"48 3lap! Congratz!


The secret SC King Ethan McCormac was able to outplay Jonathans WR on RBC1 flap and improved it by 0"18 seconds. The new WR stands at a wopping 11"80! Congratz!

News: The news was written

Shock @ Friday, April 17th   [link]

Hi all. Sorry the news is so late. We'll try to get a times update as soon as possible now. Going to cut right to the action then....

New Players
This March, we have gained a couple new players. A warm welcome to #139 Alex Matteson and Seth Goodwin. Seth has a decent SGB time.

Andy Lundeen was active in March, barely, but he lost some AF due to some great performances on RKB2 by Christian Wild. Andy got a WR on Peach Circuit, and with that record beat the last of the records former member Terrence Fenner had posted to the non-SC rankings.

#2 Christian Wild set a couple WRs this month, but he also lost AF this month. Still, the gap between him and Seb widens, and the gap between Chris and Andy still seems utterly insurmountable at this time.

It's a little odd to do this, but I want to mention #11 Daniel Pabst and #72 Ben Stoneman together. They both submitted lots of PRs this month, providing our rankings with some good life. Dan is now very close to the Top 10, and Ben cut 21 AF. Congrats to both of them on their hard work, and I hope it continues!

Next in our activity, #15 Guilherme Arantes submitted some NON-SC PRs. It cut some good NON-SC AF, which is good because the gap between him and those on either side of him in the NON-SC ladder is pretty large. Did I mention the cuts were on the NON-SC chart? Good. NON-SC.

#43 Stefan Glosby was active as usual, keeping us up to date regularly in the PRs thread. Shockingly, he is now only 2 AF away from our beloved updater of old, TvK. (Yes, there's 4 people in the space of .9 AF!) Glosby will certainly be a Top 40 member soon. Congrats in advance to him!

Last in our activity is #68 Stephen De Winter who sent in a couple PRs for a small AF cut.

2 of the site's "elite trio" sent in some WRs this month. Chris's RKB2 flap is particularly strong...

PC: 43"80 by Andy
RKB2: 41"21 / 5"08 by Chris

As far as I can tell in the submissions sent this month to the Yahoo Groups, there wasn't any purely SC submissions.

That about covers it, I think. I apologize if I made any mistakes, especially if those are name spelling errors, but I wrote this in a hurry, because I know it's way overdue. We'll get back to updating your times now!


For the good old friendship...

Chris @ Sunday, March 1st   [link]

Hey guys! Chris here again with the newest news! Well... uh.. yeah, let's begin:

New Players



MKSC Time Trial Champ Andy Lundeen got 3 new World records, maintaining his current AF. Check the WR section for more information! It's been a while since Andy dedicated a bit more time into MKSC, but hey, as you can see, it always pays off for him! big grin

#2 Christian Wild sent a RMC4 dual record and maintained his AF position, even though he lost ranks to Daniel. Chris also sent in his very first SC time on rBC1 flap.

#12 Daniel Pabst got his first german record in MKSC in ages... but it was not only one, but 3! He started with a new rBC3 5lap, which beats the old CR by 0"3 seconds. After that, he saw more chances on rMC3, which is his first dual CR since he played! Well done! Apart from that, Dan also sent in a few other PRs, which resulted into a 0.8 AF point cut in total. He also passed Alan for the 12th spot! Now for the TOP10...

#10 Frederick Hutchington also scored a few more records this month to hold Daniel on distance. He got a smooth 0.47 AF cut and pushed himself closer to Florian Chollet. If he passes Flo, his TOP10 spot is secured for a while, but he shouldn't stop, as Flo is active from time to time aswell...

#15 Guilherme Arantes scored a few new records and cut 0.55 AF points to dig himself further through this AF tunnel. actually 6 points lie between Alencar and Yunus, and GAS is right inbetween! Will he keep it up? In other news, Guiherme was able to leave the Titan C ranks and becomes a fresh Titan B player!

#44 Stefan Glosby passed Tyler this Month with a few nice PRs and 2.2 AF cut in total, mainly on the retro tracks. Stefan is on his way to the 2 worst ranked news updaters, and if they stay inactive, they could both lose their TOP40 position. Watch out guys, Stefan is on his way!

#94 Ben Stoneman scored some nice improvements, a new TOP100 time on BC4 helped him to cut 1.2 AF points. Ben passed 3 players in the progress, coming closer to the next rank improvement.

James Farrell-Shaw scored a new BC1 flap, which cut a few ranks. He still needs to play all 40 retro tracks to be listed on the charts...

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen went on a rampage again after a silent last month. He attacked 3 WRs, all held by himself this month. The first was an improvement of the rDP3 flap, which stands at 8"87 now!

After that he improved the SGB course time; he may have failed the mini barrier sub, but man, this time is already strong as it stands here: 44"50!!

Last but not least, we have a double LC improvement on the 3lap, where Andy finally achieved the sub 1'01, with a new WR time of 1'00"76!!


Our new joiner of SC only, Sam Fairless demonstrated how good he is with SCs and tied 2 WRs. The first was a frame perfect flap which is tied with Ethan, on SG flap, Sam got a time of 1"08!

The second one was on rCI1, with a 11-way tie! The time is a 0"03!

That's it guys. Join again next time for the March madness!


Team UK!

Chris @ Wednesday, February 11th   [link]

Hey guys! It's Chris here with the activity of the beginning of the year. We got not as many WRs as last year at the start, but hey, the activity was really awesome and we saw a new SC WR holder this month! Let's see what happened:

New Players

Gautier Estaloy joined the site with 37 3/5lap times and would be ranked around #110.


MKSC Time Trial Champ Andy "Master of WRs... and Crocodiles" Lundeen hit 2 new WRs, which helped him to cut 0.0375 AF points and get below 1.2 AF points again! He got a really huge lead to the other two TOP3 players, and it doesn't look like he wants to give his position to anyone else in the next months...

#2 Christian "Master of trying hard" Wild got 4 PRs on rMC1 and rBC1 dual, those resulted into a healthy 0.15 AF cut. He's now pretty safe from any AF fluctuation, which could cause a repass by Seb, but over 0.2 points seem to be enough to hinder that.

#5 Stacy "Master of getting PRs quick" Needham ninja'd into MKSC this month to get his yearly PR of his all MK PR hunt. Stacy decided to stay a bit longer and hit 4 PRs on rKB1, rMC4 dual and BC4. They all resulted into a nice 0.175 AF cut and pushed him reeeeally close to #4 Mickael Smolen. Not even 0.2 points are needed anymore!

#7 (#11) Jonathan "Master of being lazy" Toole-Charignon hit 2 rBC1 PRs and got a small cut of 0.0875 AF points. He did a good job with the 5lap which is ranked 6th, but sadly failed the sub by a little bit. In SC he hit the very first sub 12 flap on rBC1 (see WR section) and managed to cut 0.2125 AF points here. He needs 0.2 more to pass Mickael for the 10th spot!

#13 Daniel "Master of Angry Germans" Pabst improved a lot of PRs this month, especially on rMC1 he made some nice cuts and it all resulted into a 0.9625 AF cut! He passed Yunus for the 13th spot and is only half a point away from the next spot. The TOP10 is only 1.4 AF points away, will he be able to make it?

#20 Sami "Master of the true MC1" Cetin made a nice comeback to the "renewed" SMK, getting a really nice rGV1 5lap time, ranked 8th and is a new GOD time for him! Sami also hit a CL 3lap, which was not as strong, but still made a decent cut. He cut 0.1625 AF points in total and distanced himself from Michael Fried to secure his TOP20 spot.

#39 Tom "Master of not being the worst updater" van Kessel sent us some ninja PRs this month which gave him a nice 0.8 AF boost and let him reach the TOP40 AND the Expert A ranks with style! Poor Timur got kicked out of the TOP40, and as if that wasn't enough, he also is now the worst updater! Looks like he got some work to do...

#45 Stefan "Master of consistency" Glosby got a nice PR streak this month, notable was his new RVL1 5lap, which is ranked 32nd, and among his best times! Stefan hasn't passed anyone, and the AF gap for the next 2 players doesn't look that good. But with the consistent PRing he provided he will definitely make it, sooner or later!

#85 Leyla "Master of huge AF cuts" Hasso reported a complete new timeset to us! 80/80 PRs, and an insane cut of 64.6 AF points helped her to pass 53 players and catapult her away from the lower section! She got a few decent times already, with the retro tracks being her speciality, as she's a skilled SMK player. Especially the RVLs saw incredible times, RVL1 at #48 and RVL2 at #28!

#123 Andrew "Master of Unknown locations" Buchan sent us a few records this month and got a 2.776 AF cut. He also was able to leave the Beginner ranks and joined the Intermediate E ranks this month!

James "Master of ignoring messages" Farrell-Shaw sent many new records this month. As he still has not completed his timeset yet, he is unlisted. He still misses all the retro tracks, but according to his Nitro tracks he would be ranked around 120th.

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen improved 2 WRs, which Chris briefly held aswell. First was a rBC1 flap, which was first beaten to a 12"40, which was definitely one of Sebs strongest WRs. After that, Andy found a completely new shroomstrat over the lava pits, which made it possible to lower the time even more to a 12"37!

After that, the rBC1 5lap saw significant improvements aswell. First, again beaten by Chris to a 1'10"75, Andy striked back with another 0"2 seconds cut, the time now stands at 1'10"58!!

The last WR was a tie on rMC1, by Christian Wild, who was able to hit the GOD time and tie the WR of Seb and Andy. The time was a 6"73 flap!


Unfinished Timeset Master Ethan McCormac was able to hit new world records in the SC section (actually in December, but nothing got reported about them, so I am doing that now). He attacked rGV3 5lap first, which saw a nice cut and is a nice sub 5. The new time is a 4"21!!

But he also improved another time, RiR flap, which saw a new WR time of sub 8"7, the exact time is a 8"65!!

Another WR on rGV3, this time by Robert Szabo, who improved his flap with success: he tied the WR and is now tied with Ethan at 0"03!

A completely new SC WR holder appeared aswell in January, namely Jonathan Toole-Charignon, who was able to hit an impressive lap on rBC1. He was the first person to sub 12 seconds, and now stands at a really nice 11"98!!


That's it for this month. Also, sorry for the delay, all of us (Andy, Lafungo and I) had a bit to do, so this was kind of a bad situation. See you next time!


State of the University Address

Shock @ Friday, January 2nd   [link]

Hello all, and happy 2015! We had a lot of high-level MTing, massive AF-cutting, strat-implementing, frame-cutting chesting last year, and I think we should all be proud of our accomplishments. Especially us news writers, for when we actually wrote news. big grin

This news covers December 2014, so it doesn't cover any PRs sent today or yesterday, and doesn't cover PRs that haven't been sent in at all. (I personally didn't submit a couple times yet, for example.)

One quick thing before we get started: time updating submission tips and tricks. First, new rule: we only update one (1) message from you per day. If you send more than 1, we're just gonna update the first one we see and ignore the rest. Unfortunately, we recently had a spam problem and we don't have all day to update your times. We suggest waiting to the end of the day if you think you're gonna PR some more, then send them in all at once as a batch. Much easier for us. Second, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO MARK YOUR TIMES AS SC OR NON-SC. And I prefer that it be marked in the body of the message, not in the subject line. You may submit non-SC and SC times in the same message. Lastly, no one seems to be having a problem with these, but they're always worth mentioning: always include your name and use the correct acronyms, and only list 1 course / lap per line. The parser could get confused if you put them all in a row. Thanks!

New Players
A warm welcome to Andrew Buchan who joins us at #123.

#1-10 - The Administration

President of the prestigious University of Chester, Andy "Jesusaurus WRex" Lundeen didn't cut any AF, but he submitted some WRs to the site. You can see which ones in the usual Andy's PRs World Records section. Rumor has it, by the way, that Crocodiles were created on the 6th Day, not Adam as is commonly believed.

Dean of the School, #2 Christian "Parkour Prof" Wild made a crazy dash past Seb in the twilight hours of the year, and is the new German champ! His records definitely show a lot more potential, and we should expect him to rob Andy of a few WRs this year and trailblaze into the AF no man's land for those few extra Combined Ranks points too.

Chair of the Department of Shrooms, #7 Jonathan "Lafungus" Toole-Charignon contributed as usual to the AF cuts of the month, tying Ben Allen at the end of the year. He is expected to get a paycheck raise this year, as his research in PZB is expected to return some good results for publication soon.

#11-50 - The Students

Junior #22 Lachlan Young was busy in his studies this month. He got decent grades, making a strong AF cut of 2.6 to pass fellow classmate Alvin. If he keeps this up, he will have no trouble entering his senior year (Top 20) soon.

The only other student worth mentioning is Freshman #45 Stefan Glosby. It seems like just a couple months ago he was still in high school, a mere prospect for this institution. However, he's far from a candidate for academic probation, because just as he did before he's making steady progress in his education. (Even if graduation right now seems very far off in the future.)

#51-100 - Prospective Students

We caught them on camera: prospective students in their natural habitat, touring our campus

The foremost funding-seeking students are currently visiting our campus in Australia: #69 Stephen De Winter and #71 Daniel Sampson each submitted parts of their applications already, though it wasn't much as their AF cuts were only .2 and .5 respectively.

Perhaps more interested in one of our southern U.S. branches is #86 Leone Castar. He revamped his entire application, updating 79/80 of his PRs. However his credentials are still rather mediocre. A 22 AF cut though is definitely enough for the administration here to raise an eyebrow though and wonder how much potential he has.

Lastly, #96 Ben Stoneman found our academy through an online search, but only with the nagging of his parents. He clicked on a couple pages at least though, as evidenced by his .6 AF cut.


These students have a lot of obstacles yet to overcome. Including elephants.

#119 Kyle Begley turned in a few worksheets this month, with only a few mistakes. Good work, Kyle. A little tip for you to get your work done faster: make sure you know how to do a shroomslide - at peak speed, hit shallow water or snow in a drift and let go of R. You'll stay at top speed much longer.

World Records

According to the world record site, there were 10 total WR improvements across 5 courses, all of them by Andy Lundeen:

SGB: 44"65 / 11"84*
RP: 54"76
SW: 59"90
LP: 47"20
RBC2: 1'22"28

This category got a decent amount of activity this month, too, all by #1 Robert Szabo, the only person who cut SC AF exclusively this month:

RGV1: 32"13
RMC3: 11"12
RDP3: 0"19
RMC4: 0"18*
RKB2: 0"18
RGV3: 0"03
RRR: 29"60

Well, that's it for this publication of Chester Magazine. Let us know how your studies are going by posting your videos in our forum, or feel free to just stop by the offices for a chat and a coffee/tea. We're always interested in new talent, too!

Have a great 2015 everyone!
~Shock, University of Chester, President