Third most active month for WRs since MKSC's release...

Lafungo @ Monday, April 14th   [link]

Hey guys, sorry about the really late news. Even though we're already halfway into April, this news will only cover March activity. I'll do a times update for the last 2 weeks as soon as this is up.


#1 Andy Lundeen got an insane 19 new PRs last month! As per usual, most of them were WRs, so check the appropriate news section, as well as, for more info.

#3 Christian Wild was also very active, with 14 new PRs! He got a whopping .875 AF cut and was promoted to Myth B. He is now within 2 AF of Sebastian Stellmacher, but he still has to set quite a few more PRs to fully close that gap.

#11 Frederick Hutchington worked on closing the gap to the Top 10 last month, with 7 new PRs for a .4625 AF cut to pass #12 Yunus Aricanli. Amongst his new times, he hit very strong YD and rMC2 flaps, which are ranked #5 and #3 respectively.

#13 Daniel Pabst had a good haul of his own, with 10 new PRs. Although many of them were Top 10s, they weren't as sizable improvements as those from the people around him and he "only" got a .375 AF cut. He was also promoted to Titan B.

#14 Jonathan Toole-Charignon also worked on several different tracks, with 11 new PRs for a 1.2 AF cut. He passed #14 Guilherme Arantes and is now within .15 AF of Daniel. Jonathan also got promoted to Titan B.

#27 Lachlan Young closed the gap to #26 Sebastien Holmiere to a mere .1 AF with his 10 new PRs and .85 AF cut. We should see him gain a few ranks soon, as there are several other players within striking distance.

#45 Thomas Jordet Larsen sent in a few unexpected PRs for almost a full AF point cut, which allowed him to pass both #47 Enzio Fruijtier and #46 David Schiering, both of which held a WR or two back in the early days of the revived Player's Page. We hope to see some more activity from Thomas!

#75 Stefan Glosby had another very productive month, with a whopping 28 new PRs for an 8 AF cut! This allowed him to pass 4 players and reach the Top 75. He is very close to a large group of players that are bunched together, so we should see him within the Top 70 soon.

#111 April Thompson sent in a single, symbolic PR last month. Although hopefully this means she will return to MKSC for a proper comeback sometime soon, April has spoken on the forum about an unfortunate IRL situation. The MKSC community wishes her and her family all the best.

Olivier Luyckx is still filling out his timesheet, with 5 new PRs last month. Although his times were updated as SC due to a lack of labeling in his YahooGroups message, it looks like they may have been Non-SC, so he may want to correct that soon. We continue to look forward to seeing him finish his timesheet and appear on the AF chart.

World Records


Lots of new WRs in March, but as with the previous two months, the only WR setters were Andy and Chris.

PC: 43"98 (SR)/12"82
RP: 54"81/16"26
MC: 52"15
BL: 1'10"56/20"91
rMC1: 6"73*
rGV2: 47"83/7"62
rBC2: 1'22"55/14"61
rCI2: 47"36/6"39
rMC4: 1'15"93/12"66
rDP3: 56"98/8"91

rVL1: 37"40/4"85*

PAX East was awesome as always.

I still don't know the title of the news I wrote that day

Lafungo @ Wednesday, March 5th   [link]

Once again, MKSC has had a very decent amount of activity. It's great to see this game been revitalized and having more consistently active players. Thanks to all of those who help keep this site alive by submitting their new times month after month.

New Players

#62 Sebastien Legay of France joined us with some promising times already, such as his BP 3lap ranked #32. His timesheet is still uneven, but if his MKDD times tell us anything, it's that he can aim for much higher than his current AF rank.


#1 Andy Lundeen entrenched himself further in his bunker at the top of MKSC land, watching and waiting for the inevitable approach of new contenders. However, he is restless alone at the top, so to kill some time he decided to crush some more WRs, notably improving his own rVL2 flap WR once again amidst a slew of other times (10 in total).

#3 Christian Wild is shaping up to be Andy's first contender, as he picked up the pace this month to score a .6 AF cut and pass 2 people. Although he is not yet at Andy's doorstep, Chris has begun probing the champ's defenses by going after a few WRs of his own, as well as improving some of his weaker times.

#5 Stacy Needham sent in a single PR this month: a well overdue rKB1 5lap PR, which he managed to bring into the Top 10. Hopefully Stacy will not be too distracted by the allure of foreign MKs and will return to defend MKSC against the arachnid invaders.

#10 Alan McArthur maintains his guard of the gates of the Top 10 by scoring 4 new PRs. He may get promoted at the expense of Robert Szabo though, as Alan is now only .4 AF behind him.

#13 Daniel Pabst sent in 4 new times as well for a very efficient .5 AF cut. He's still well over 2 AF behind #12 Frederick, but having already succumbed to the temptation of ZZMT chesting, he should be able to close that gap sooner rather than later.

#15 Jonathan Toole-Charignon's activity this month was in stark contrast with last month's, as he only got 3 new PRs for an AF cut of less than .2. However, even with a similarly small cut next month, he should be able to pass #14 Guilherme with ease.

#17 Kevin Borne continues to tear up the chart with another solid month of activity. He set 21 new PRs, got a .7 AF cut and passed rKB1 specialist Matt Ellis. Amongst his numerous PRs, the best of the lot was perhaps his LP 3lap, which is in the Top 10!

#28 Lachlan Young is another one of our regulars who maintained activity this month, with 5 new PRs and a .9 AF cut to pass 2 players and bring his AF below 30. His most impressive PR was by far his rVL1 flap, which is also in the Top 10!

#82 Stefan Glosby was active once again as the only representative of the barren lands beyond the Top 50. With his 12 PRs and 8 AF cut, he continues is inexorable march towards the fertile lands of the Top 50 by climbing over the long-inactive bodies of 11 other players. I hope to see him reach the Top 50 and beyond, and not give up hope on MKSC like so many others have before him.

Olivier Luyckx filled out his timesheet some more with 10 new times (from rGV2 to rKB1). The highlights were definitely his rKB1 PRs, which are ranked #13/#7. With only 9 tracks left to submit times for, we should be seeing Olivier join the AF ranking fairly soon.

World Records


We had quite a few new WRs this month. Now that the WR site is up (, you can check there for detailed information on WRs, including intermediate improvements, exact dates and video links. Nevertheless, the news will continue to provide a summary of the month's WR activity.

BC1: 41"26/12"08
CL: 13"79
SL: 58"73
rDP2: 1'07"00/10"82
rKB1: 2"95*
rVL2: 4"32

SGB: 11"84

The allure of ZZMT grows stronger by the day...

nog sber!!1!

Shock @ Wednesday, February 12th   [link]

Hi everyone! Once again, the news is late. We're really good at making that happen. Hopefully this will be a block of text worth reading though; January was a very active month for players, both on and off the track!

Non-SC AF Activity
#1 Andy Lundeen went over the top this month getting WRs, scoring at least 30 improvements to the times on several tracks. MKSC in the end averaged more than 1 WR a day this month, making the WR activity easily comparable to MK7. Andy's AF has dropped a bit under 1.3 AF for now, but as we'll discuss shortly, it's difficult to tell just how stable this score may be in the long run. Needless to say, Andy has won the POM of January.

#4 Stacy Needham once again made a small cut to his AF this month. If a month passes without Stacy getting a new PR on the site, it is because something tragic has happened to all the times updaters. Or the updaters are setting a nice wr in laziness.

#5 Christian Wild though is probably going to fly by Stacy in February, as he made several cuts with non-ZZMT alone, and is now going Chraizy with his new, black SP which apparently came already ZZMT capable. He has claimed that he has his eyes set on #2 on the site before the end of this summer. We might just have a very active top 10 here in only a little time... because...

#12 Frederick Hutchington cut a full .5 AF, and he's still non-ZZMT! An entrance to the top 10 for him would also mean another ZZMT player, and players who can make it to the top 10 without ZZMT tend to have some very serious potential when they switch! It's probably just a matter of time now, and if he gets enough time to reach top 10 before a certain someone else.

A 3 AF gap behind, #13 Daniel Pabst showed his skills this January, particularly on RBC2. He cut .7 AF this month, a noble improvement for a rank such as his on the AF chart.

The "certain someone else" I mentioned earlier, #15 Jonathan Toole-Charignon is our runner-up this month for POM. (He'll probably get at least 1 POW out of this January). He claimed the non-ZZMT WR this month on RKB2, bringing the time down to nearly 43"50. On top of that, he cut an impressive 2.7 AF. The heat is on, as he has goals to pass Frederick right around the top 10 mark, in which case he also plans to switch to ZZMT. With Chris, Jonathan, Frederick, Stacy, and Andy all planning on being active and fully ZZMT this year, who knows what the top 10 will look like by the end of the year? It's exciting to see so much potential being acted upon by so many players for a game that is nearly 13 years old.

A bit further down the chart, #17 Kevin Borne made a small cut, giving him a small edge over the now #18 RKB1 master, Matt Ellis. #28 Lachlan Young was also active this month, pushing his times a little further through the AF graveyard he currently sits right in the middle of. It's not totally guaranteed he's in for a smooth climb though, because #31 Nicola Torre made some top-notch PRs, cutting 1.8 AF and proving that he has the talent to really climb the ranks if he wants to.

Lastly, #93 Stefan Glosby continued his slow and steady climb up the charts with a 7 point AF cut. He's probably the forum's most active poster in the PRs thread.

SC Stuff
We had a few things to note about SC activity this month. Joining the page, we welcome Japan's Youhei, whose course totals come in at a rank of 5th.

#39 Mark Turner submitted an SC timesheet, cutting his AF on that chart cleanly in half. #40 Riku Vanhanen submitted some times as well, cutting a nice 5 AF points. Everyone else gained or lost AF based on the non-SC submissions, which also automatically count towards the SC charts.

World Records
As noted earlier, MKSC competed closely with MK7 for the most WRs improved in a month, just coming short by a couple from being able to claim the highest WR activity all around. Only non-SC WRs were set this month. The WRs that were improved either once or multiple times are as follows...

WRs by Andy:
RP: 55"53 / 16"42
RiR: 1'10"48 / 21"68
BC4: 1'33"65 / 29"40
RDP1: 56"68 / 9"26
RBC3: 1'13"00 / 12"62
RGV3: 54"65 / 7"78
RDP2 flap: 10"91 (not currently WR)
RKB2 flap: 5"11

And, Christian got a WR as well, which he improved a few times: SL flap: 17"09

I think that just about covers all the January madness. It's nice being able to write for so long about all this activity. By the way things have started off, it also looks like February has a shot at being nearly as crazy as this month. Already there are between 15 and 20 submissions waiting to be updated, which I will get to work on now! Lafungo should be filling you all in next month...

Happy karting,

POY 2013

April @ Thursday, January 16th   [link]

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and announce 2013's Player of the Year. Congratulations to Andy Lundeen, who scored many more WRs this year and basically dominated everyone else with awesomeness.

Want to see the poll results? Check out the MKSC forum.

Ethan McCormac vs. Complete Timesheets

Shock @ Wednesday, January 8th   [link]

Hi everyone, it's been over a week since the end of December, so we thought it might be a good idea to give an update on what all happened in that month. Fortunately, news updates are at least finished, as opposed to the status of Ethan McCormac's timesheet.

Non-Shortcut Movement
Consistently active #4 Stacy Needham continued his gains on Mick this month. His AF is now teetering a bit under 7 - an impressive achievement considering the strength of the top times these days.

#5 Christian Wild though is back in business this December. He went "Chraizy" with some non-ZZMT work as he waited to modify his console. He also claimed SL flap WR, which definitely helped his AF as well. He's closing fast on Stacy. Will Chris rob Stacy and claim a podium position in the game soon? And will we be soon seeing Mick all the way down to #5 in the future? It can be difficult to tell what to expect from the top 10 - especially with Ethan sulking around with an incomplete timesheet still.

Lastly for the top 10, we can see in the #10 position Alan McArthur! He's really made a statement for his skill in this game; if I remember correctly, he's passed Yunus and reached this rank entirely without ZZMT. Any more significant cuts will secure his name among the greats at non-ZZMT play.

I should save some voice though for #12 Frederick Hutchington. Though this was a slower month for him, his non-ZZMT PRs have placed him only 1.5 AF behind Alan, contributing to the high density of AF scores around the #10 mark.

The player perhaps most deserving of attention this month though is #19 Kevin Borne. He was a PR machine this month, with a ridiculous number of vids to back them all up. People need to watch out - when players move from #37 to #19 in a month, there's no telling where they might end up next. Similar stories can be told of Andy Lundeen and Christian Wild.

To round out the top 30, #30 Lachlan Young made a respectable 2 AF cut and is nearly through an AF graveyard. #99 Stefan Glosby joined the top 100 this month with a nice sequence of PRs. Lastly, #117 Ben van Keulen moved up a few spots this month as well.

Shortcut Movement
This is kind of an awkward section to deal with this month. A lot of the Non-SC movement translated to SC movement for players. However, some new players were added exclusively to the SC section, and some players sent in a mix of non-SC and SC times. It's a bit difficult for me to interpret the AF chart over there. To receive a mention in this section in the next news, I will make it standard procedure for me at least I think to only mention players whose AF cuts in SC are noticeably larger than their non-SC cuts. As far as I can tell this month, this isn't the case for anyone.

Non-Shortcut WRs
This month was pretty lacking in WRs. (Andy got distracted by a different game, had finals, etc.) Chris however helped make sure the month didn't pass without something being taken down!

SL flap: 17"40 by Chris
SGB: 47"41 (non-ZZMT) by Andy

Shortcut WRs
Ethan, almost unsurprisingly, didn't contribute to this category this month. In fact, I do not see any new SC WRs anywhere. My apologies if I missed something... Send your complaints as a PM on the Message Board to "Fant0m".

It looks like we're almost completely caught up on awards! POWs still need to be figured out, but for now I will add to the site a POM for Kevin Borne. Hopefully we'll have a 4th Quarter POQ, 4 new POWs, and a POY 2013 determined by the time of the next update.

I think that covers it all - as a disclaimer, I wasn't very in-the-loop this month, so this update may have mistakes and/or lack things that should have been mentioned. It doesn't help that the YahooGroups time updates are such a pain, as well. But that's a different subject to discuss somewhere else.

Hope the holidays were a nice time for you all, and I'll be back again some other time in the future!


POY 2013

April @ Monday, January 6th   [link]

Hi everyone!

It's that time of year -- time to vote for your choice for Player of the Year 2013! The poll is located in the MKSC section of the forum. You do need to be a member of the forum to vote, but even if you are not an active forum member, you are welcome to vote. If you choose the "other" option, please PM me with who you would like to vote for. (Also, if you are not an active forum member, please also give me your name so I know who you are.)

Voting will stay open until January 15th.

WR insanity

Lafungo @ Tuesday, December 3rd   [link]

Hello everyone! Before moving on to last month's activity, I'd like to remind you all to make sure to indicate whether your submissions are Non-SC or SC, as unlabeled times will be updated as SC by default.

New Players

No new players last month.


#1/#2 Andy Lundeen maintained his activity streak by setting a whopping 11 new Non-SC PRs, most of which were new WRs. As usual, check out the WR section for more details. Despite activity from others and an already ridiculously low AF, Andy managed to cut some more AF last month. He also sent in a lone SC time on BC3 3lap.

#4 Stacy Needham set two new PRs, on rMC1 flap and rGV2 5lap, but wasn't able to cut AF due to other active players. However, he did pass Mick in ARR.

#9 Robert Szabo submitted a single PR on rGV1 5lap ranked #12, but lost AF just like Stacy.

#11 Alan McArthur was active once again last month, getting 4 small improvements for an AF cut of less than .1. Alan was briefly tied for #10 at one point, but got pushed back by other active players.

#16 Jonathan Toole-Charignon finally picked up the pace last month and got 16 new PRs for an AF cut of over 4, which allowed him to jump up 5 positions in the main ranking. Amongst other times, he got Top 10s on rGV1 5lap, rMC2 dual and rCI1 dual. He also got a 1.8 ARR cut to become the latest MKSC Titan.

#29 Lachlan Young had another extremely productive month with 17 new PRs for a 5.1 AF cut to pass 3 people. The highlight of the bunch was definitely his RR 3lap ranked #7, where he managed to pull off the Mander strat 3/3. He also cut 1.5 ARR and got promoted to Hero D.

#37/#40 Kevin Borne made an unexpected but welcome return to MKSC at the end of last month, submitting his old SC PRs as well as setting a couple new PRs on CCI. Hopefully we'll see more from him in the near future.

#110 Stefan Glosby sent in a bunch of PRs for a 3.5 AF cut and passed a couple players. All his times got updated as SC, but it looks like at least some of them might have been Non-SC, so feel free to resubmit your times as Non-SC if that's the case.

#121 Ben van Keulen also submitted a truckload of PRs last month for a whopping 34.5 AF cut that rockets him up 15 positions from the bottom of the ranking. They also launched him from the bottom of the Beginner ranks to the top of them, so we'll probably see him getting promoted to Intermediate quite soon.

Ethan McCormac was active once again, with new times including a mix of Non-SC and SC. He's been working on filling out his timesheet some more, but he still has a ways to go before receiving an official rank on either chart.

World Records


There was lots of WR activity on the Non-SC side this November, starting with Ethan's 2"95 rKB1 flap tie that he had neglected to submit until now despite having set it the previous month, and Andy's 46"50 CL 3lap that he neglected to submit since September. As for times actually set in November, Andy was the usual culprit, with a 1'09"51 on rRR, later improved to 1'09"36, then 1'09"33 and finally 1'09"23. Andy also improved rGV1, with times of 47"06, 47"01, 47"00, 46"95 and 46"91. Both rMC2 WRs got successive improvements as well, with the 5lap going down to 55"41, 55"33, 55"31, 55"13 and subbing at 54"90, whereas the flap got improved to 7"91, 7"90, 7"86, and 7"85. rCI1 5lap also got lowered to 38"15 before Andy failed the sub twice with a 38"06 followed by a 38"03. Andy also got single improvements on rDP3 flap with a 8"93 and on rVL2 flap with a 4"35 thanks to a new strat by Ethan, as well as a 1'19"05 BC3 flap and a 24"75 tie with Seb on the flap. As for Ethan, he first tied Seb's rGV1 flap of 6"91, and later improved it to 6"90. However, the most interesting WR improvements came from rCI1 flap, where the WR got beaten or tied 7 times in 2 days. Ethan first got a 4"73 which was quickly tied and then beaten by Andy, who followed with rapid improvements to 4"71, 4"70 and 4"69. Ethan struck back with a 4"68, which Andy tied shortly thereafter.

We also got quite a few Non-ZZMT WR improvements (in big part due to Andy getting an unmodded console), almost all of which were set on the retro tracks. First off, in case you were wondering what the "rGV3 conspiracy" was from last news' title, Andy improved the rGV3 5lap multiple times in only a couple days, with times of 57"00, 56"95, 56"88, 56"83, 56"73, 56"66, 56"60 before finally settling for a 56"50 that still doesn't use the gap hop. The first Ghost Valley's 5lap also got improved, with Ethan first taking it with a 48"08, which got knocked down to 48"00 and then 47"80 by Jonathan, before Andy swooped in later in the month with a 47"75. The other non-Andy WRs were 40"36 rCI1 5lap by Jonathan, 47"68 SGB 3lap by Chris Wild and 6"90 rMC1 flap by Ethan (which tied the time set by Andy earlier that day after a 6"92). As for Andy, he tied rMC1 5lap at 46"41, then improved it to 46"26, 46"23, 46"18, 46"10 and finally 45"80 thanks to some extra MTs. He also first tied rDP3 5lap at 58"80, then improved it to 58"71 and 58"63. CL 3lap was cut first to 48"30, then 48"00. His single improvements were 1'12"65 rMC3 5lap and 48"76 CCI 3lap, both of which beat really old times (rMC3 was set in December 2006, CCI was set in March 2007).


SC was quiet by comparison, with only relatively few new WRs:
56"61/16"95 BL by Ethan
1'05"63 BC3 3lap by Andy
34"28 rGV1 5lap by Ethan
6"70 rCI2 5lap by Ethan
5"08 rGV3 5lap by Ethan

They may take away our WRs, but they'll never take our cartridges!