Happy New Year, Fools!

Chris @ Monday, January 2nd   [link]

Hey guys, it's Chris. First of all, a happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a good start. The year finished with some nice activity and great WRs. But why am I talking... just read the news!


SC champ Ethan McCormac had 4 PRs to report, 2 Non-SC and 2 Sc PRs. His Non-SC PRs were 2 very strong BC1 times, both ranked 3rd close behind Chris. His SC times involved a new lap WR on SG, see the WR section. His CCI lap would have been WR, but Konrad improved the WR, see the WR section aswell.

#2/#7 Robert Szabo had yet another great month with 4 Non-SC PRs and 5 SC PRs to report! His SC progress resulted into a 0.1125 AF cut which helped him to close the gap to SC champ Ethan a bit more. The sub 4 AF is also coming closer and a few more improvements like on the BCs could help him to reach it! His Non-SC AF has been reduced by 0.0750 points, actually losing a few spots to Lafungo, but still enough to cut some distance to #6 Mick.

Speaking of him, #4 Jonathan Toole-Charignon had a fantastic finish at the end of the year! With 10 new PRs across the cups he was able to speed up his goal and finished at 4th in Non-SC! He needed to cut ~1AF point, in the end he was able to cut 0.95 AF, passing Mick and Stacy. Mick has been #3 for quite some time, seeing him out of the TOP5 now shows great potential for the strength of the TOP5! Lafungo not only made it to #4 in the AF charts, he also closed the gap in ARR and tied Mick for #5 here.

#6 Christian Wild decided to give his SC timeset a fresh kick and improved both his BC3 times to #6. He cut 0.55 AF points and closed the gap to Flo Chollet and the TOP5.

#23 Konrad Hieronymus, Germanys #4 in SC sent us 3 new PRs for his timeset, 2 of them being WRs. His AF cut of 1.1625 points helped him to pass 2 more players and close the gap to the TOP20. Konrad still has a few low ranked times, so easy AF cuts should be possible by improving his worse times.

#72 Paul Tanney had a few unsubmitted PRs to report. 38 in total, and they resulted into a big 7.9875 AF cut. He passed 10 players with it and easily joined the TOP75. Most of his submitted times scored around the TOP60-70ish area, and not only the AF cut was big, but also his ARR cut, which helped him to reach the next standard: Advanced D! Congratz!

#94 Joseph Armstrong also had a few PRs to report, 14 in total! All of them were bigger cuts and resulted into a 7.6375 AF cut and helped him to pass 7 players. This also means he reached the TOP100, and is our latest TOP100 member! Josephs cut was not big enough to make the jump to the next standard, but he's very close to get there.

#113 Bryton Daniels sent us a single RVL2 improvement for the 5lap and passed 2 players with the resulting 0.3490 AF cut.

Unlisted Steven Quincy showed again that he has potential to reach higher ranks! With his latest Non-SC times for BL flap (#72) and CL dual (#59/#41) he got a few strong PRs and his CL flap almost reached the Titan standard, too! His SC PRs, a dual CCI time ranked 15th and 18th, are now among his strongest SC times and helped him to cut some ARR aswell!

Nice World Records




Ethan McCormac reached a new record on SG flap, which helped him to tie Robert and Konrad for a triple tie here. The time was a 1"06 lap!

Konrad Hieronymus had a new CCI lap to report which beat the previous WR. The new time is a 1'85!

His rCI2 flap was also a new WR tie and joined the 11-way tie. The time was a 0"03!

Time to attack the advent calendar... :3

Chris @ Thursday, December 1st   [link]

Hey guys, it's Chris. A quite short news update due to quite low activity, but hey! I am still here to write stuff, so let's see!

New Players



#7 Robert Szabo hit 4 new SC PRs this month, with a new dual SL PR, a Sunset Wilds flap and a new WR on CCI flap (see WR section for more information). Roberts PRs helped him to cut 0.225 AF points and got closer to the sub 4 AF. Ethan, still comfortably sitting at 3.5 AF, could be challenged soon if Robert keeps playing.

#20 Lachlan Young improved 3 PRs. Those included a very strong 6th ranked 3lap on Lakeside Park, which is not only his new strongest time but also an Australian Record! He also got a dual PR on rGV3, which landed on 17th and 23rd, resulting in a total AF cut of 0.875 points, passing Chris F and Matt Ellis respectively. This means he is our newest TOP20 member!

#67 Ben Stoneman got 4 new PRs on RaR dual and BC4 dual, improving his times by quite a bit. His RaR times still have room for improvement, but are both in the TOP100 now. His BC4 times look very good with the flap entering the TOP50 and the 3lap barely missing it, ranked 51st. Bens cut of 0.9 AF points pushed him a bit closer to Matthew Ord and the next rank.

#115 Bryton Daniels has finished his timeset in November and is finally ranked on the charts! With a wopping 38 PR submission he got a few very nice times, but he also got some times left that can be improved quite easily. Keep it up and you will reach the TOP100 soon!

Nice World Records


Robert Szabo had another month to share a WR with us! This time, thanks to Sam Fairless who found a way to improve CCIs flap, Robert was able to push the WR down to not only sub 2, but also far away from everyone! The new time is a 1"92!


Chris @ Monday, November 7th   [link]

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to MKSC lands newest edition of MKSC news, just in late tradition because... well the title says it all. Let's begin with the October news, maybe there's a small surprise...

New Players

Nooo surprise in here I guess...


#7 Robert Szabo was active on both charts (therefore the fancy coloring!) and started with a dual SL improvement in Non-SC. He hit a 6th ranked 3lap time, barely missing sub 1'03 and a 10th ranked flap at 18"30. It was a 0.1 AF cut and brought him within 1 AF point of Jonathan, the laziest updater in history of MKSC land. His SC improvements contained 3 improvements, one of them being a new WR (check the WR section for more info), which helped him to cut 0.075 AF points and lower the distance to SC champ Ethan McCormac.

#52 Stephen Weber has sent us 2 PRs for RP and rKB1 this month. RP was a nice cut and is ranked 54th and rKB1 looking very nice ranked 64th. Both PRs helped him to cut 0.76 AF points and close the gap to MKDS pro Simon Birker.

#67 Ben Stoneman set a new Rainbow Road 3lap record which barely missed the TOP100 entry! Bens timeset only has 9 times outside the TOP100 left, so working on those could result into a nice AF cut. For now he improved by 0.6 AF points and has passed Lenny Adreev for the 67th spot. Matthew Ord, former Non-PRB MKDS champ is right in front of him. Can Ben make it and pass him in the MKSC charts aswell, like he did in MKDS?

#100 Joseph Armstrong had a great month with a total of 26 new PRs with 28 improvements, mainly across the retro cups. He hit a lot of new TOP100 times, the highlight being a new RCI2 5lap ranked 70th! His AF cut of 7.6 points was enough to pass 7 players and break into the TOP100. What a way to finish the month! In ARR he was able to hit the Intermediate B ranks.

#105 Kyle Begley hit even more PRs than Joseph, a total of 30 PRs in his only submission for this month! He said he wanted to wait more until he had a few more PRs, but this is already a nice collection. The PRs were enough to cut 8.8 AF points and pass 4 players, one of them being fellow MK64 player Nathan Stinson. His ARR cut was not quite enough to make it for a rank up, but it'll be even easier next time!

Bryton Daniels sent us 23 new records, filling out his timeset a bit more and now with a complete Nitro Cup timeset! He hit a few nice times, the strongest in this submission being a SG flap ranked 47th! It's his best time in his timeset aswell and stands out, as it's so far his only TOP50 time. Bryton is not ranked on the AF ranks, but his ARR improved quite a bit and puts him up to Beginner B.

Jed Johnson, also unranked, sent us a new Cheese Land double PR after a 6 year abscence! It was a small cut, so no significant ARR improvement has been made.

Nice World Records

Is this the surprise we are looking for? Yes! Weeerld Receeerds!


Konrad Hieronymus and Robert Szabo had a shot at the SG flap WR and both were able to push it's limit by a little bit more. In the end both tied it and stopped at a 1"06 lap time!

Are you ready for the new era?

Chris @ Saturday, October 1st   [link]

Hey guys! It's Chris and I hope this month was to your joy as I tried my best to keep updates on a regular (almost daily) basis. And here we are, with another news (in time)! Let's see what happened:

New Players

Omar Martinez Ramirez joined our site with a single PC 3lap time!


#2 Christian Wild was the highest active player. Despite getting 3 PRs, his minimal AF cut got demolished by another karter so there's no gain for him.

#7 Robert Szabo was active aswell with a dual submission for Non-SC and SC. His Non-SC submission had a lonely BC4 flap improvement in it, but it's a quite strong one ranked 7th and it's a GOD time! His SC times included an SL flap improvement which saved him a #11 spot right in front of Lafungo.

#8 Cole Gilbert had not as much to report as in his last monstrous month of destruction, but a 1.0625 AF cut still speaks for itself! With a total of 11 new PRs and 3 new GOD times, which rises his total GOD count up to 24 he was able to pass Alicia in the AF rankings and claim the #8 spot for himself! Cole is not too far away from Robert, so we will see how his progress is going on and if Robert is able to fight him off.

#10 Michael Hutchings (aka Frederick Hutchington, in case you didn't knew it already) had a massive PR spree to report this month! 19 PRs in total with improvements across all cups provided him a nice 1.2250 AF cut and lets him pass Ben Allen for the #10 spot! This is the third time he entered the TOP10 now and he could be the one to kick Alicia down to the double digit ranks if he keeps it up! His timeset it looking more and more consistent with lots of TOP10 times and his TOP5 times are getting more aswell!

#12 Daniel Pabst sent us 2 older PRs he forgot to send in and was able to get not too heavily impacted by the surrounding AF cuts. He sent 2 PRs for rVL2 5lap and rRR flap, both being new TOP20 times!

Going a bit more down the rankings we have #106 Joseph Armstrong who finished his timeset! And it was worth it, as a crazy 33.3 AF cut was the result of it, bringing him up to rank #106, almost into the TOP100! He sent us loads of new records and was able to push his ARR score out of the Beginner ranks right into the Intermediate C ranks! The TOP100 is the next big milestone, so let's see how quick he can do it.

Unranked Ethan McCormac sent us a total of 10 PRs and is on his way to fill his timeset. Mushroom Cup has been completed, with 7/8 TOP3 times (missing BC1 3lap as he didn't improve this one)! His RVL2 flap looks super strong and is so close to hit the WR! He also sent us a RRR 5lap which is ranked a bit lower, but probably unfinished business. However, Ethan hit his 41st GOD time, sitting on a 11.35 Hero A ARR. He still misses 23 times, but his mission seems to be a revamp of his old times and the addition of the missing ones. His current potential would easily rank him in the TOP5, so let's see how many other strong times he can get!

Steven Quincy, also unranked, is also on his way to completition. With a BL 3lap in Non-SC and a RDP1 5lap in SC he added 2 new times to his timeset, gaining a few points on both rankings.

Nice World Records


It's a Non-ZZMT WR by Michael Hutchings, who was able to not only beat one of the older Non-ZZMT Records, but also hit the first sub 1'02 here! Bowser Castle 2 is what I'm talking about, and the new 3lap time is a 1'01"96!! Well done!

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it and... see you next time.


I think this is the most irregular news updating of all time

Chris @ Friday, September 2nd   [link]

Hey boiiz, hey girrrlz, it's time for the long awaited MKSC news upd- ...w-what did you say?! I... I am one month too late?? Damn... I'm sorry for this, it seems this game needs more attention shocked

Hoooowever, let's see what happened in the last 2 months allright? ALLRIGHT!

New Players

Joseph Armstrong joins us with an unfinished timeset, but would rank quite decently in the Intermediate area.


#6 Jonathan Toole-Charignon hit a nice double PR on RRR, with a very nice flap entering the TOP5 at 4th place and a big improvement on the 5lap with a 1'10"70, landing on #7. The flap shows that he got more potential on the 5lap. Both of the times are new GODs and make rKB2 flap the only Rank left that hasn't reached the GOD time in Retro Special Cup.

#7 Robert Szabo hit a nice sum of 6 PRs over the last 2 months, all of them are new TOP10 times. They helped him to cut a total of 0.3 AF points and come closer to Jonathan, who still has a comfortable lead of 1.1 AF points.

Both of them shouldn't rest on their recent PRs, as #9 Cole Gilbert decided to completely destroy his old timeset! He sent in a ton of improvements, 87 to be exact! This completely wrecked his old timeset with a ton of new TOP10 times, TOP5 times and even a few #3 times here and there!! His PRs had a huge impact across the whole AF between #3 and #40, as he jumped from #30 straight into the TOP10 to #9 with a massive 22.6 AF cut! Not only has he reached the TOP10, but also overcame Matt Ellis as Canadian Champ! He's the first Canadian in the TOP10 with a grand total of 67 CRs! Great job! Let's see what he is capable of, it'll be interesting, trust me!

#11 Frederick Hutchington has just entered the TOP10, and he already got kicked out... again! This time it was Coles rise that put him back to #11, but he scored a few new records nonetheless. PC, SW, RMC4 and GV3 3/5lap, RP, BC4 and RRR dual, a total of 10 PRs. Even though Cole made everyone around him lose AF, Mike was still able to gain 0.1 AF points due to his nice collection of records. 4 of them are new TOP10 times and all in all he was able to get 1 point close to Ben, who is now the last of the ten TOP10 members. Shouldn't be too hard, as he still got a few weak times to improve.

#52 Stephen Weber hit a nice total of 7 PRs on LC 3lap, SG dual, SL flap, rMC3 5lap, rVL1 flap and rRR. His SG times look very sharp, his flap ties his best ranked time at 43rd! His rVL1 flap was also a nice improvement and is ranked 45th. The total of those PRs was enough to let him pass the next player on the list. 2.5 points are needed to reach the TOP50. in ARR he was able to leave the Advanced A ranks and join the Expert E ranks as the 56th player who has ever reached those ranks. Well done!

#79 Jon Coppernoll sent us 5 new PRs this time. His improvements were on RiR dual, BC3 3lap and rDP1 dual. RiR flap was the most outstanding and is a new TOP60 time. It's also a new Hero time, his second one after Cheese Land flap! Jon cut a good bunch of AF, but it wasn't enough to pass anyone this time. He's not too far away from the next person though, so a few PRs here and there should do the trick!

#108 Kyle Begley had a little time beside MK64 and went on a nice little PR streak to gain a bit of AF in the last 2 months. It wasn't a huge AF cut, but the 14 PRs helped him to pass 3 more players and is closing in to the TOP100. According to some other times in his timeset he should be easily capable to do that. Kyle was able to leave the Int D ranks, and joined the 9 other Int C players to make them 10!

Unranked Bryton Daniels had another try at MKSC in the last 2 months and sent us a bunch of new records. 13 records to be exact, with a few new times for his timeset to fill it. He's still missing quite a few ranks, but so far he's doing quite well with ranks around the TOP100 area.

Nice World Records

Uhm... well I don't think so.

That's it for this time! Hopefully the next update will be in time again... it depends on the news updater... well, on the not so lazy ones!


Totally not doing this to try to get your vote

Shock @ Friday, July 1st   [link]

Hi everyone, long time no see. I volunteered to write the news this month, and it's totally not because I want your vote in the Karter Contest....

Disclaimer: YG was less responsive to us than shadow this month, so some messages may have been lost when you tried to send them. That said, some information in here might also not be totally accurate. So yeah. #blamelafungo

New Players
None, I don't think.

The following players played their games this last month (presumably not while blindfolded):

Ethan McCormac, our SC champ, pulled off a strong lap time on SW (non-SC). He said he might try for 17"5x, and it's definitely doable, but this lap can be a tricky one to navigate at high level. Best of luck to him if he keeps trying (presumably for the WR).

#79 Jon Coppernoll was very active last month, slashing his AF by nearly 8 full points. He managed to snag a couple of top 50 times while he was at it.

#kingofthenoobs Jonathan-Toole-Charignon came up with a new strat on RVL2 (not the flap, unfortunately. That sub 4 will happen though at some point...) and made a nice cut to the old WR, claiming it for his own! As of this writing, the WR has now stood for longer than 3 hours. Lafungo is also still in the KC, so make sure to give him a vote for his accomplishment! Lafungo also got 1'00"53 to get almost within a second of the SW WR. Not too shabby...

#66 Matthew Ord decided to ignore his MKDS potential this month and instead cut 5 AF here. Not that we mind, of course.

#53 Stephen Weber pulled up just shy of the top 50, despite bribing his competitors with his seductive cake offers. Stephen can probably be found somewhere between PA and WI, as he decided to set out on the trip to see J-Cop ~150 hours ago, and it does take a while to walk that whole way while carrying a cake.

Unranked Bryton Daniels looks like he may have forgotten to label his times as non-SC. Well, he was still technically active. It looks like he wants to push all the times in his timesheet to the top 100 (or maybe he just wanted to get in the top 100 when he completes his timesheet? I didn't read his message too carefully.)

The man, they myth, the cheater-catching legend and inventor of chesting, #30 Cole Gilbert returned to MKSC this month. Cole, you've been kind to us for a while, trying to keep things fair by playing with a hand behind your back, but honestly: give it your all now and show us how it's done!

50cc GP, 100cc GP, 150cc GP, backwards racing, Quick Run, 13 lap banana skip mode, and other various categories champion Robert Szabo found time to play our site's ranked mode(s), making a nice cut with a few SC PRs. Robert is still in the KC, so make sure you vote for him instead of Lafungo!

#111 Kyle Begley, Spy (really works for MK64), and member of the Mafia, spared 110 other competitors this month, deciding to lay low and see what happens. But we did notice his 2-3 AF cut. Kyle is definitely one of the more subtle of Meak's alts.

Nice WRs

Misc. WRs
RVL2: 37"50 by Lafungo/JTC

I think that about wraps things up. I'll wait and see if I missed any SC WRs from Etch by asking him real quick. Did you set any WRs, Etch?


Karter Contest just started - don't miss it!

Chris @ Wednesday, June 1st   [link]

Hey guys! It's Chris. I was a bit lazy lately when it came to times updates, but at least the news should be in time! Let's see... we had 8 active players and even a new WR!

New Players

Not this time!


The highest active player this month was #6 Jonathan Toole-Charignon, who sensed danger with Etch in his back. He decided to play MKSC after almost half a year of abscence and improved 6 PRs, namely PC, SW and BC3 dual. The PC 3lap was a nice cut from his previous 46"00 3lap and he managed to not only get the sub 46, but also sub 45 with a 44"93! The flap also saw the sub 13 and is another TOP5 time for him. Same as his SW times, both are new GOD times and landed on #4! His BC3 times are also new GOD times with a sub 1'21 on the 3lap and a barely missed sub 25 flap, but another TOP5 here. His total amount of GODs increased to 28, making him the player with the 7th most GOD times. In AF, he cut a really big amount of AF with a 0.5875 AF cut, getting him very close to the sub 9 AF!

#8 Robert Szabo, who's more present on the SC side, decided to go full Non-SC this month and reported us a whopping 7 PRs on various tracks: PC flap, MC dual, RMC1 and RGV1 flaps and rKB2 dual saw nice improvements! 5 new TOP10 times have been achieved which pushes him up to 49 TOP10 times. The strongest times of this update were his RMC1 and RGV1 flaps, with the RMC1 flap ranked 7th and reaching Myth C and the RGV1 flap ranked 8th and reaching Myth A, barely missing the godly 7 seconds sub! In AF, he came dangerously close to Alicia and the 7th spot with a healthy 0.1875 AF cut. In ARR however he was more successful with a promotion from Myth E to Myth D!

The Swiss Champ #16 Fabien Da Silva had another month of nice PRs, 6 in total on YD, RMC4 and RDP3 dual. His RDP3 PRs stood out the most, as both are new TOP10 times and GODs and the 5lap was yet another win on Lafungo, Fabiens most liked target (for... whatever reasons :^) ). However, he got the sub 1 minute on the 5lap and missed the flap sub 9 by 0"09 seconds. It's a tough flap to get really high in the ranks, as this track has been played a lot when the new strat was found. Fabien also hit a Myth A RMC4 flap, which tied the GOD standard exactly.. a bit disappointing, but a nice goal to shoot for the next time. He got a nice 0.8625 cut off it and closed the gap yet more to Guillherme, who occupies the TOP15 entry.

#25 Konrad Hieronymus, who contributed another german timeset to the Player's Page last month, hit 3 PRs this month; SC only. His SW dual times look sharp and the flap was even enough to hit the WR! It's his 9th WR on the SC side so far, and I guess he can probably take a few others down. Konrad also improved his LP 3lap down to the TOP5 and Titan C level. In AF he was able to pass 3 players with a nice 1.5625 cut, reaching the TOP25 with style!

#39 Tom van Kessel decided to not let Timur pass him ever again and leaves him alone in the TOP40 to be the eternal worst news updater! Poor Timur, if only he would get his lazy ass up and grab the GBA! Well, Tom was on a quest to improve his Bowser Castle times, and hit 8 PRs on BC2, BC3, BC4 and rBC2 dual. rBC2, which he claimed to be the "worst track" saw the smallest improvements, with a flap that shows that he can get a better 5lap, but everyone knows how tricky this course can be! Tom hit a few nice Nitro Cup BC times though, with nearly all times into the TOP30 (except BC2 3lap, which remained at #43) and a very strong 19"45 flap which is ranked 21st! Tom passed Jon Steel to secure his TOP40 position once more with a big 1.9750 cut, which leaves him only 0.2 behind the next 2 spots! In ARR, he is close to become 40th Hero. Better keep going for a bit more TvK!

#67 Ben Stoneman had a more silent month this time but still provided us with 4 new PRs on SGB and SW dual. His SGB times saw solid cuts, with the 3lap being 111th and the flap down to 79th with a sub 16"5 lap! The SW times however were even stronger with a very solid 1'11"23 3lap ranked 69th and the sub 22 flap at 74th! Ben couldn't pass Matthew in MKDS yet, but made Matt lose his spot to him in MKSC now with a 2.55 AF cut!

Bryton Daniels made an unexpected comeback to MKSC this month aswell with 13 new records to report! It's been 4 years since his last submission, but he said he is officially back now, maybe filling his timeset to be ranked on here! Bryton got his times into TOP130 range mostly and also hit his first TOP100 on PC flap ranked 94th with a 14"85 flap!

Steven Quincy, also unranked, hit 3 new Non-SC times on rDP1 flap and rGV1 dual and also hit 5 SC times on SGB and CCI dual and also got a RP flap. His Non-SC flaps show great potential with rDP1 flap being ranked 48th and rGV1, his new best Non-SC time, ranked 34th and Titan B! Steven hit a few strong times in SC aswell, with a 26th ranked 3lap and a 17th ranked flap on CCI! If Steven keeps up with those times and fills his timeset with the potential he has right now he will probably land in the TOP50 range, but as he improves it'll probably be a lot higher! His SC times also show nice potential and could bring him high up in the ranks!

Nice World Records


Konrad Hieronymus was able to beat Andys Non-SC time, which was also the SC record for SW flap. The new time is 0"03 faster with a 17"55!