Shock @ Monday, February 1st   [link]

Hey guys, Andy/Shock here. It's been a long time since you all have imagined what I sound like as you read my words. I wonder what kind of voice you imagine I use? (As for the people who Skype with me: you are chesters and don't count for this experiment.)

1) The poll for the POY 2015 is up! Go to the forums and cast your vote! Poll closes in about 2 weeks. Good luck to the nominees, and congrats to those who earned a mention!

2) Please remember to mark your times as SC/non-SC when submitting them. I had lots of messages (relatively) to update this month, and now that the returning and new players have been warned, I'm not going to update them anymore as non-SC if they aren't marked as such, no matter how non-SC they look to me.

3) Double USA CR-holder Jonathan Toole-Charignon, aka Lafungo, wins the LOY (Laziest of the Year) award for 2015! Congrats!

New Players
A welcome to the French player Tanatix who has ties with the FFSMK community, and the Canadian karter Steven Quincy aka Jazzy, a solidly-ranked MK8 player!

As a side note, this site hasn't seen any new players in something like 10 months I believe. I was getting worried that I was scaring all the visitors away!

Non-SC Movement/Activity
Andy did a thing this month. A self-improved WR. Yawn. On to more interesting stuff. Such as...

#4 Stacy Needham, the UK combined ranks champ, has passed Mickael Smolen! Mick at one point was ranked #2 on the site, and he also still holds a WR on rKB1 flap. Stacy's gotten close to a couple WRs, like rVL1 - will he pull something off, or is he going to take a break now and focus on getting those coveted combined ranks points somewhere else?

#10 Robert Szabo sent in a nice batch of PRs this month: enough for him to re-enter the top 10 after being dislodged around #12 or so. It's going to be tough to decide whether to give him or Stacy the POM for January!

#15 Guilherme Arantes opened up the AF graveyard that he stands guard to some more, closing the gap a bit (0.3 AF) to Yunus/Brutus. It's good to see such a strong SMK player active here!

Also active this month is #36 Stefan Glosby. He didn't pass anyone this month, but he's been turtling for longer than I can remember. He's the kind of player I'd expect to be consistently active for a long time to come, and someone it'd be wise to check up on every once in a while. You're likely going to see him a few ranks up than the last time you checked!

Lastly, 2 years earlier than expected, #104 Stephen Weber made a nice 15 AF comeback cut, bringing him just outside the top 100. Rumor has it he met Andy back in summer 2011; he played some MKSC, but after he left Andy's place he quit for nearly 5 years. Coincidence?

SC Activity
Robert Szabo seems to have sent in the only SC time this month, a solid 12"65 on rBC3 flap.

Just Andy Lundeen with a .2 cut on rBC2 to 1'22"08.

That about wraps everything up I think. I'm sorry in advance for any errors: it was a bit of a mess this month with all the submissions that needed updating, the fact that I forgot to zero the charts before said update making progress of players this month a bit challenging to accurately report, and I hope I didn't send anyone to a bad link in this update. I was trying to help rep you guys, I promise!

An update that's actually on time not written by Leone or Chris? Historic.

Until next time,

2K16 HYPE!!!!

Leone @ Saturday, January 2nd   [link]

It's everyone's favorite time of month again- time for a news update! Hey MKSCers, hope y'all had a great holiday season; I sure did. It looks like Santa really brought us lots of goodies to close out the year, as we had a good number of top players submit PR's and WR's. Let's take a look at the times all the well-behaved karters found under the tree this Christmas!

New Players

Maybe we should use a fancier font on our ads...


Leading the pack (well, more like blasting hopelessly far ahead of everyone else) as always, MKSC's risen lord and savior #1 Andy Lundeen fulfilled his usual status quo of ridiculously overpowered times. Most noteworthy, his WR-ish exploits actually gained him a small AF boost of 0.025, bringing his total down to 1.1625! Given these strides, it isn't inconceivable to think he may one day attain a full 80/80 non-SC WR timesheet (against his own predictions). As usual, his records have their own section, so have a look when you get down there! Overall GOD is not a bad way to end off yet another successful year: very much looking forward to even more ridiculous exploits and achievements in 2K16!!

#5 Stacy Needham Sent in some good PRs, amounting to a decent 0.225 AF cut. His repertoire included three new times: a YD flap of 17"45 (GD), a solid rKB1 flap of 2"97 (GD), both at a comfortable rank of #4, and to end the year, a rDP1 5lap of 1'08"81 (MD), tied with unranked Ethan McCormac at #8. He's now well within striking distance of #4 Mickael Smolen, so definitely stay tuned!!

#6 Jonathan Toole-Charignon Made an AF cut of 0.2125 this month, similar to Stacy's cut, extending his lead over #7 Alicia L'Hoest a bit. Although Jonathan opted to drink egg nog over writing the news, Santa decided he had been a good boy this year, as he showed up with dual rBC2 PRs. Although both times are top-5 material and large placement cuts off his previous records, only the 5lap of 1'23"31 is a GOD time, as the lap sits right on the GOD standard at 14"80! Better luck next year!

#9 Daniel Pabst showed up with holiday cheer, dropping off a gift of four PRs. Times included #15 SW 1'03"33 (TC)/#12 18"72 (MC) and #13 rDP1 58"78 (ME)/#14 9"45 (MA), good for a 0.075 AF slice. With just under a point between him and #8 Ben Allen, Dan has a ways to go to move up the charts; hopefully we'll see the motivation necessary to do so in the coming year!

SC champion/non-SC #12 Robert Szabo enjoyed the holidays by playing non-SC for a change. He obtained and submitted one lone time of 7"03 on rGV1 flap, sitting in the top-10 at #8, just ahead of a four-way tie for 7"05 at 9th. This gave him an AF cut of 0.0375, bringing him to within only one improvement of #11 Frederick Hutchington! Robert may not even have to play to pass Frederick, as AF fluctuations caused by activity above or below could switch their positions!

#25 Manuel Babjar turned up four new times this month, gaining him a 0.575 AF slash in the ranks! His AF now sits exactly at 27.0. While he didn't move up any positions, he did solidify his spot in the top-25, moving a comfortable distance from #26 Louis Tounet . The times Manuel obtained were dual sets of PRs on rMC3 (#23 1'14"68, HA, and #18 11"96, MC ) and rVL2 (#11 40"76, TC, and #20 5"36, MC). If these alone were enough for over a half-point AF cut, then Manuel has a large reservoir of untapped potential! Will he exploit that potential in 2016?!

Finally, unranked James Farrell-Shaw submitted dual SGB PRs of 59"50 and 17"58. Perhaps he'll finish out his timesheet next year!

Nice World Records


Only Andy attained WRs over Christmas, sending in five times to bring his non-SC count up to 69/80 (huehuehue). First things first, Andy cranked out dual rMC4 WRs again, taking the 3lap down to a strong near-sub 1'15"10, and the flap to 12"62, more than 0.3 ahead of the #2 time! Next he tackled rKB1 5lap, taking the WR from Ethan here with 26"90! And finally, Andy ushered out 2015 with a bang by taking rBC3 5lap down to 1'12"73, and by utilizing Mick's YD strat to steal the flap there with a strong 16"80!

Well, that wraps up 2015! Thanks to everyone who played for another awesome year of competition and WR action! Keep your eyes peeled on the forums for this year's POY thread(s), hopefully soon TBD. LET'S MAKE 2K16 THE MOST AWESOME YEAR YET!!!!

My resolution is to play MKSC more.

November news - well... at least a few people were active...

Chris @ Monday, December 7th   [link]

Hey there, MKSC folks! It's Chris with the freshest of the fresh news! Unfortunately there were only 3 active players in the whole month November, what a pity! But those 3 players got a few nice improvements nonetheless. Let's see what happened:

New Players

uhm... no.


#12 Robert Szabo hit a new pair of BC4 times of 1'36"10 and 30"28 which gave him a nice boost of 0.2 AF points. He's not too far away from re-entering the TOP10, and Hutch is even closer, sitting 0.1375 AF points up the ranks. An easy task, isn't it? In SC, he also got a dual PR on BC4 with 1'33"33 and 28"38. The flap beats Ethan by JUST 0"01 and gives him the #2 spot here. Still far away from Su, who is the only person who achieved the GOD standard on flap and 3lap.

#36 Stefan Glosby hit a new time on BC1 flap and passed 8 players on that chart, leading to a comfortable 0.1 cut in the AF ranks. Not even one point lies between him and Kevin McAteer, who occupies the last place in the TOP35.

#70 Ben Stoneman made an improvement on CCI flap and improved his AF by 0.125 points, solidifying his position in the TOP70 for now.

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen!... no wait, there was no progress from him.

Well, there's nothing more to talk about... so see ya next time and hopefully with more activity! smile


One small step for man...

Leone @ Saturday, November 14th   [link]

Greetings karters, regular people, and Andy, and welcome to a brand-new news update! While this month might not have been as active as usual in terms of player count, there was plenty of awesomeness happening in MKSC land, including PRs, WRs, and one player's ascension to eternal glory! (I'll let you guess who that was.) So without further ado, let's check out what's gone down since last update!

Oh, before we get to the main event, there is one special announcement! Thanks to the completion of a long-running collaboration between our awesome (and handsome) site staff, MKSC now has Shortcut Standards! Check them out when you get a chance!

New Players

Well, now we know putting out donuts won't help...


MKSC Time Trial Champ Andy Lundeen shocked the world once again, this time for eternity! Utilizing the power of the ironing boards to their ultimate potential, the already-inhuman #1 further removed himself from us mere mortals by attaining a title once thought impossible by many: MKSC non-SC overall GOD!!! The times that sealed the deal weren't WR's, ironically, but were still incredible: RR 34"66 GOD and rKB1 26"96 GOD, both set on the same day, 10-09-2015! rKB1 was made possible in large part by Ethan's strat development, which allowed him to sub 27" first a couple months ago. To celebrate, Andy played SL and rMC4, getting the flap WR and 5lap WR, respectively. More on these will be in the Nice WRs section. Years of effort, strats, and grinding have gone into our champion's MKSC journey, so this culmination of skill in the form of those beautiful 0's on our ARR charts was very well-deserved; congratulations!

MKSC SC Champion Robert Szabo, while not adding new shortcut standards to the site, was doing his thing over in SC land, racing the new standards and setting PRs to protect himself from Ethan's onslaught. He acquired an LP 3lap of 34"30, Hero D, and dual BC2 times of 1'00"21, Hero D, and 17"98, Titan D, all top-5 and just enough to counteract the AF treadmill caused by the Beerman's behind-the-scenes WR action!

#5 Stacy Needham showed up this month with a new rVL1 flap of 4"87, good enough for God at 5th! Stacy has amazing potential to push other tracks to this level, and isn't far off from #4 Mickael Smolen; maybe we'll see an upset here in the near future?

#6 Jonathan Toole-Charignon, in lieu of writing the news, had a successful month in kart, cutting 30 spots and propelling past #7 Alicia L'Hoest! His new times included rMC1 flap 6"85 (MD), tied at 12th with Robert (Etch) and Alencar; rDP1 flap 9"32 (GD), tied at 5th with Yunus (Brutus); and rBC3 1'13"86 (MD), good for 4th. He has a ways to go to catch Stacy and Mickael at the top-5, but given the skill he's displayed as of late, who knows how far he could climb?

Ethan McCormac, not to be left in the dust by Andy, made a strong appearance this month, sporting PRs and WRs alike! New non-SC PRs included a #4 SL flap of 17"80, a #3 rGV2 7"70 lap, and a 7th-place rMC3 flap of 11"74, all GODs. At this rate he might eventually get an 80/80 filled timesheet, as he currently stands with 52 submitted non-SC times and submitted 77 SC times! Goodies on the SC side of the coin included #3 SL flap 7"65 (TA) and #6 rBC1 5lap 1'11"25 (TB). His more WR-ish endeavors are described in the Nice WRs section, so check those out when you get down there!

Bringing up the rear, as of yet unranked James Farrell-Shaw submitted a new non-SC SGB 3lap of 59"60.

Nice World Records


We had 3 non-SC WRs set in October, by both Andy Lundeen and Ethan McCormac!

Ethan may have only hit one of these three WRs, but it was monumental! After years of off-and-on grinding, Ethan finally put together three complete splits on RR, and walked away with a new 3lap WR of 34"53! However, this didn't dethrone Seb from his long reign on the course, as the time Ethan got ties Seb for #1 here! Even now, Seb manages to hold onto RR by his fingertips; how much longer will his record stand?!

Andy followed up his god-like performance by claiming SL flap from Chris with17"05, and strengthening his already-ridiculous lead on rMC4 with a powerful 5lap of 1'15"26!


Ethan McCormac was the only guy setting SC WRs, but he delivered big-time! He kicked things off by improving his BP 3lap to an incredible 10"63 GOD. Next he took rGV2 flap with an awesome 3"17 GOD, then became the first sub-11" on rMC3 5lap with an astounding 10"95 GOD! Finally, he finished things off by hacking his BC2 flap all the way to a strong yet improvable 17"05 GOD, not to be confused with Andy's SL flap of the same time!

Well, that's it for October, folks! See ya next time, and have fun racing the new standards! So many new undefeated GOD's... who will be the first to collect them all?!

Must... stare... at... 0's... ...

I don't always write news. But when I do, they are in time :^)

Chris @ Thursday, October 1st   [link]

Hello ladies, gentlemen and Andy (because he is definitely not human)! Welcome to the September news! We got tons... well at least kind of what you can call activity. 6 active players, 2 WRs this time. Not as much as last time, but it does the thing! Let's see what happened:

New Players

*watches tumbleweed roll by*


MKSC Time Trial Champ Andy Lundeen had a quick go at RDP3 with an optimized MT strat at the end of the run and got a new WR (see WR section). No AF gain though. He stays constantly at the 1.2 AF mark though, even with Ethan and Chris beating some of his WRs.

#24 Fabien Da Silva had a massive PR spree this month and sent us a total of 30 PRs! He had a few really strong times within the submission, like a 7th ranked RMC1 flap, aswell as 2 new GODs on RDP2 and RDP3 flaps (his first GODs!). Fabien cut 5.05 AF points and passed 6 players to make it easily into the TOP25! His ARR dropped by 2 standards, now being at Hero A! Only 0.4 points more and he is one of the 20 Titans in this site! (being 21 with him, of course ;D)

Within those passed players is #25 Manuel Babjar, who also reached the Hero A ranks this month! With his 1.0375 AF cut he passed Karel and Louis for the TOP25 position! Manuel improved all his RCI times, which makes 4 new strong times. 3 of them are new TOP20s, his rCI2 flap being a new Myth time! Manuel still has a few weaker times he could easily improve which could gain him some more ranks and make him the TOP20 possible. Go for it!

#36 Stefan Glosby had 5 new records to report, resulting into a 0.2 AF cut. He didn't pass anyone, but closed the gap to Florent and Kevin, who sit very close together above. The next player, Nicola, is almost 6 AF points away from them! Can Stefan keep his patience up and overcome this huge gap?

#84 Leyla Hasso made a surprise comeback with her first 9 PRs since February. Her PRs resulted into a 3.4 AF cut to pass 3 players. Only a few more ARR points and she will no longer be in the Intermediate ranks! Will she play more and get this almost reached goal?

Ethan McCormac filled his timeset with a few more times, nearly all of them new GODs. He's coming closer to the 80/80 timeset, currently standing at 59 registered times, of which 35 are GODs. He also sent us 3 SC times on RMC1, RGV2 and RDP3, which is a new WR. The RGV2 lap however missed the WR by 0"01 seconds. So close!

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen is the only person to hit a WR this month. With a new go at RDP3 he optimized the 5lap with an added MT at the end and improved the old WR 2 times by almost 0"4 seconds. The new time is a 56"61!


Ethan McCormac achieved a new WR on RDP3 aswell, but on the SC side. And on the flap. He bested Roberts old WR by exactly 0"01 seconds, which meand this one reached the maximum. The new time is a 0"18 flap!

That's it! Took me not too long... *looks over to the MK64 news update*

Well, cya next time!


[20.08.2015 09:39:30] BeerMan666 (Hahaae): ITS DONE 26.95 GOD

Chris @ Wednesday, September 2nd   [link]

Hey guys! It's Chris with the news here. As you can read in the title, something has been achieved. It was nothing less than the rKB1 5lap GOD time! Do you know what that means. I tell ya; it means EVERY GOD TIME in the game has been achieved! 0.000 WR ARR! Isn't that awesome?! GGs to Ethan for that task, it's taken way too long, but here it finally is!

On the other news, 8 people were active with a total of 12 different WRs (6 Non-SC, 5 SC, 1 non-ZZMT). Let's see...

New Players



MKSC Time Trial Champ Andy Lundeen had fun destroying other peoples times. But enough is enough. A crazy storm of WRs (let's call it Ethan) have been achieved and Andy lost 3 WRs alone in this month! He got a pretty sharp RKB1 5lap though apart from his two own WR improvements. It was actually his last non TOP3 time, and his complete timeset is now in the TOP3! The only times not being 2nd or 1st are RaR 3lap and RVL1 flap.

MKSC SC Champion Robert Szabo scored a few SC and Non-SC times, and is increasing the gap to #2 more and more. 0.0375 points were cut and he has almost subbed 4.6 points! In Non-SC he scored a new SG 3lap, a sub 48. Unfortunately because of many new registered times in the leaderboard he lost almost 0.1 points here, which is not even a huge loss compared to the guys around him...

#2 Christian Wild played some Non-SC and SC aswell. It was mainly Non-SC, where he cut 0.175 AF points and finally surpassed the 3 AF points mark! In SC, he played some of the easier SCs and achieved a quite big 0.8 AF cut to get closer to Florian Chollet, who got a pretty solid SC set.

#7 Jonathan Toole-Charignon, the master of news updates, played MKSC for the first time since the beginning of the year. With new PRs on rDP2 dual, BL, SGB and SG flaps he was able to cut 0.475 points and.... aaaaaaand.... *drumroll* subbed the 10 AF points mark! hehe He also improved his ARR and reached the Myth D status! He is only 0.35 AF points behind Alicia, the number 6. Remember, she was once the champ of MKSC! So if Lafungo started to play earlier he could have a serious shot at the top spot! But man, let's be serious, since Andy came, no one would ever have a chance again razz. However, after Alicia, #5 Stacy Needham is on the edge of the TOP5. He scored his first PR in a while on CL flap with a 14"00 lap. He lost AF though, because of Ethans secret PRs.

#26 Manuel Babjar scored 3 dual PRs on rDP2 and rDP3 and rBC1. All times had strong 5laps, but especially the RDP2 flap was really strong! It's ranked 9th, is his first TOP10 and also his first GOD time! Well done!! Manuel also passed 2 players in the progress and is getting close to the Hero A ARR.

#36 Stefan Glosby hit many new PRs, almost entirely Retro PRs. But he aslo achieved new PRs on BP, which are ranked 22nd and 29th! The 3lap is his new best ranked time. Stefan cut 0.8 385 AF points and passed Robert Lee and Andrea Gardina.

#36 Sam Fairless sent us a lot of new times in SC and Non-SC. He completed his timeset for SC, but somehow lost 7 AF points. I think something got mixed up here. However, he is not long on the site and already holds 7 WRs, one untied! He is probably able to do much better, but for now, he needs to improve his Non-SC driving aswell, as some of the times don't contain SCs or useful ticking spots...

Ethan McCormac still hasn't finished his timeset, but hell, 3 WRs in one month is just insane. You can read more in the WR section. Meanwhile he also sent in two other times on BC2, BL flap (which is a non-ZZMT WR aswell, so actually 4 WRs!) and SGB, which is finally a 3rd GOD on the flap here! Well done!

The non-ZZMT WR by Ethan was set on BL flap, with a time of 21"43!

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen is usually not the runner up for most WRs in a month. This time he only got two. The first was an improvement of his own RDP2 5lap which saw a 0"3 cut and stands at 1'06"58! Later in the month he also improved RDP3 flap with an alternate strat by me. The new flap is 0"04 faster and stands at 8"83!

Christian Wild also scored a WR this month. With 2 improvements on RGV2 flap he bested the old WR by Andy by 0"07, which makes the new WR a 7"55 flap!

Last but definitely not least, unranked Ethan McCormac scored 3 new WRs in the retro cups! The first was on RKB1, which saw several improvements over the month, 5 to be exact. The end time though was a legendary sub 27, which means, the last GOD has finally been achieved! The time is a astounding 26"95!

Inmiddle of the RKB1 action he also proved he was right about kicking our asses on RMC1... 3 people lost a WR here, and Ethan just demolished the flap by 0"03, which is now a 6"70 time!

The last one was a RDP1 lap improvement, beating Andys old WR by 0"03. The new time is a 9"23!


Andy however was able to make the tie for most WRs this month with his SC WR on RDP2, which he briefly played. The 5lap saw the first sub 56, with a time of 55"85!

Robert Szabo also has some WRs to report. He got a tie on SG flap, which is now a 3way tie with Sam and Ethan. The time is a 1"08*!
He also hit a BP WR tie with a time of 1"38*, which ties Ethan.

Sam Fairless is getting hot in the SC business. With new WRs on: LP flap with 2"43 which is a tie, and his first untied WR on CCI flap, with a time of 2"61!

Welcome to July ne... a big news update

Chris @ Saturday, August 1st   [link]

Hello Karters. It's been a month overdue, but here I am, for the news again! It's Chris here, and we had a misunderstanding about those news again... so I just decided to wait until start of August and do a big summary. SO HERE WE ARE! Let's see what happened:

New Players



MKSC Time Trial Champ Andy Lundeen was reeeally busy in the last 2 months with real life stuff, but couldn't resist the challenge on rDP2 and scored as second person the sub 1'07 and also a new World Record!

MKSC SC Champion Robert Szabo scored a few SC and Non-SC times in the last 2 months. It's been a quite busy time for him on the Extra Mushroom Cup, as he improved rMC1, rDP1 and rGV1 dual, with a few nice subs. His AF improved by 0.2, and the next rank is only 0.4 points away. Will he go for a few more times? On the SC side Robert improved YD dual and rMC1 dual to get a few really strong #3 and a #4 time! He improved by 0.0625 here and distanced himself from Su.

#2 Christian Wild had a quiet 2 months like Andy, but did get 2 more GOD times on his quest to the ultimate GOD. #76 and #77 have been scored on CCI, and 2 new PRs on rDP2, where the 5lap was originally a new WR... for 7 hours. Chris improved by 0.1625 points and closed the gap to Andy to less than 2 points. Still no chance to challenge this beast...

#38 Stefan Glosby was quite busy with a few tracks and improved by 1.1625 points. The 5 persons in front of him were quite close together so he passed 5 players with this relatively small cut! He is now a member of the TOP40 and is also closing in to the Hero ranks! Keep it up smile

#112 Sam Smith sent us a lot of new times, a few Non-SC and a few SC times. I'm not quite sure if the SC times are just not labeled or were accidently updated as SC (tell me!), but he cut 0.7 AF points and passed April on the Non-SC ladder. in SC he passed 3 players with a bigger 3.2 AF point cut.

Unranked James Farrel-Shaw sent us a new YD flap for the non-sc charts.

Seth Goodwin sent us quite a few new times for his timeset, all of the are at least ranked 100th. if he would complete his set he would probably end up in the 90s area.

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen is back! Even though Chris improved the rDP2 5lap first to a 1'06"93 and achieved the first sub 1'07, Andy just appeared out of nowhere after a almost 3 and a half month abscence of WR activity and scored another minor improvement: the new time is a 1'06"88!