State of the University Address

Shock @ Friday, January 2nd   [link]

Hello all, and happy 2015! We had a lot of high-level MTing, massive AF-cutting, strat-implementing, frame-cutting chesting last year, and I think we should all be proud of our accomplishments. Especially us news writers, for when we actually wrote news. big grin

This news covers December 2014, so it doesn't cover any PRs sent today or yesterday, and doesn't cover PRs that haven't been sent in at all. (I personally didn't submit a couple times yet, for example.)

One quick thing before we get started: time updating submission tips and tricks. First, new rule: we only update one (1) message from you per day. If you send more than 1, we're just gonna update the first one we see and ignore the rest. Unfortunately, we recently had a spam problem and we don't have all day to update your times. We suggest waiting to the end of the day if you think you're gonna PR some more, then send them in all at once as a batch. Much easier for us. Second, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO MARK YOUR TIMES AS SC OR NON-SC. And I prefer that it be marked in the body of the message, not in the subject line. You may submit non-SC and SC times in the same message. Lastly, no one seems to be having a problem with these, but they're always worth mentioning: always include your name and use the correct acronyms, and only list 1 course / lap per line. The parser could get confused if you put them all in a row. Thanks!

New Players
A warm welcome to Andrew Buchan who joins us at #123.

#1-10 - The Administration

President of the prestigious University of Chester, Andy "Jesusaurus WRex" Lundeen didn't cut any AF, but he submitted some WRs to the site. You can see which ones in the usual Andy's PRs World Records section. Rumor has it, by the way, that Crocodiles were created on the 6th Day, not Adam as is commonly believed.

Dean of the School, #2 Christian "Parkour Prof" Wild made a crazy dash past Seb in the twilight hours of the year, and is the new German champ! His records definitely show a lot more potential, and we should expect him to rob Andy of a few WRs this year and trailblaze into the AF no man's land for those few extra Combined Ranks points too.

Chair of the Department of Shrooms, #7 Jonathan "Lafungus" Toole-Charignon contributed as usual to the AF cuts of the month, tying Ben Allen at the end of the year. He is expected to get a paycheck raise this year, as his research in PZB is expected to return some good results for publication soon.

#11-50 - The Students

Junior #22 Lachlan Young was busy in his studies this month. He got decent grades, making a strong AF cut of 2.6 to pass fellow classmate Alvin. If he keeps this up, he will have no trouble entering his senior year (Top 20) soon.

The only other student worth mentioning is Freshman #45 Stefan Glosby. It seems like just a couple months ago he was still in high school, a mere prospect for this institution. However, he's far from a candidate for academic probation, because just as he did before he's making steady progress in his education. (Even if graduation right now seems very far off in the future.)

#51-100 - Prospective Students

We caught them on camera: prospective students in their natural habitat, touring our campus

The foremost funding-seeking students are currently visiting our campus in Australia: #69 Stephen De Winter and #71 Daniel Sampson each submitted parts of their applications already, though it wasn't much as their AF cuts were only .2 and .5 respectively.

Perhaps more interested in one of our southern U.S. branches is #86 Leone Castar. He revamped his entire application, updating 79/80 of his PRs. However his credentials are still rather mediocre. A 22 AF cut though is definitely enough for the administration here to raise an eyebrow though and wonder how much potential he has.

Lastly, #96 Ben Stoneman found our academy through an online search, but only with the nagging of his parents. He clicked on a couple pages at least though, as evidenced by his .6 AF cut.


These students have a lot of obstacles yet to overcome. Including elephants.

#119 Kyle Begley turned in a few worksheets this month, with only a few mistakes. Good work, Kyle. A little tip for you to get your work done faster: make sure you know how to do a shroomslide - at peak speed, hit shallow water or snow in a drift and let go of R. You'll stay at top speed much longer.

World Records

According to the world record site, there were 10 total WR improvements across 5 courses, all of them by Andy Lundeen:

SGB: 44"65 / 11"84*
RP: 54"76
SW: 59"90
LP: 47"20
RBC2: 1'22"28

This category got a decent amount of activity this month, too, all by #1 Robert Szabo, the only person who cut SC AF exclusively this month:

RGV1: 32"13
RMC3: 11"12
RDP3: 0"19
RMC4: 0"18*
RKB2: 0"18
RGV3: 0"03
RRR: 29"60

Well, that's it for this publication of Chester Magazine. Let us know how your studies are going by posting your videos in our forum, or feel free to just stop by the offices for a chat and a coffee/tea. We're always interested in new talent, too!

Have a great 2015 everyone!
~Shock, University of Chester, President

December... the time when the Christmassongsession starts in shops, radios, and... well everywhere!

Chris @ Monday, December 1st   [link]

Hey guys! It's Chris and I really have no idea if you have played any of the new awesome games that came out last month. I can tell you, some of them are so worth it to get, like SSB for Wii U or the new Pokemon Editions Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Hooowever! We are here to talk about karting, so let's begin with it!

New Players

No new players...


MKSC Non-SC Time Trial Champ Andy Lundeen scored WRs as always, but! He actually lost AF as all WRs he improved already belonged to him. Instead, Mick improved his and Sebs YD WR, so he actually lost 0.0125 points. It may not sound like much, but imagine that this guys AF is almost 1.0000, which is a shitload in this area!

#4 (#10) Mickael Smolen sent us a new YD time in Non-SC which brought him a nice WR! But he also decided to try his hands on SCs, which he successfully landed. He mostly tried flaps like CL, YD, RKB1 and RRR, all of them pretty nice ranked. He cut 0.7 AF points in SC and maintained his TOP10 spot here.

#8 (#11) Jonathan Toole-Charignon played Non-SC and SC this month, with 3 new Non-SC PRs on YD and rGV3 flap, and 2 SC PRs on RCI2. He cut 0.35 AF points in Non-SC and is closing in to a sub 5 ARR. In SC, he cut 0.5375 AF points and is closing in to the SC TOP10! In Non-SC he is only 0.6 points away from Ben Allen and the #7 spot.

#9 Florian Chollet was the next active player, very close to Jon. He PRed 4 times on SW and RMC1 dual. SW is a dual #12 and his RMC1 5lap is ranked 4th! A pretty nice sub 45 helped him to reach it. He cut 0.2 AF points and maintains his rank.

#1 (#10) Robert Szabo mainly played Non-SC this month, With only 2 SC PRs, of which one is a WR (see WR section for more information). Robert passed Frederick for the TOP10 spot here and is back on track! He scored 2 PRs which led him to a 0.1125 AF cut. He is also close to a sub 6 ARR. Currently he needs 46 standard points to become the next Myth player, will he achieve it within the next month?

#29 Fabien Da Silva had an incredible month, scoring an immense amount of PRs and cutting 18.8 AF points! It's been a while since we had such a huge cut in the upper spots. He passed 14 players, including names like Nicholas, Nicola and Cole and easily reached the TOP30. He scored a few really nice Retro flap times, and a few TOP20s aswell. He is on a good way to the TOP20, will he keep this pace up?!

#48 Stefan Glosby scored a 1.2625 AF points cut with 5 new records. He passed 1 player and the next 2 aren't that far aswell. Stefan is slowly but steady karting his way to the TOP40. His daily PRs are really a joy to read in the MKSC section, really happy to see that dedication smile.

#73 (#71) Daniel Sampson scored many PRs in SC and Non-SC and made a nice 2.05 AF cut to pass 3 players and reach the TOP75! Dan got a few really nice times, including a TOP50 on RGV1. Well done!

#81 David Moll was inspired by Fuggas stream and started his own MKSC session. He successfully scored a new PC flap, and this PR alone brought him a nice 0.8 AF point cut. He's not far from the TOP80, and with his SMK skills he could definitely climb a lot higher here.

Nice World Records


Andy Lundeen made a few radical improvements on some courses. He improved 5 WRs, 2 of them saw 5 improvements this month! The first was a new 3lap time on Bowser Castle 4, were he took the time down by almost 0"7 seconds! The new time is 1'32"63!
The next big time was Retro Rainbow Road, where Andy also did 5 improvements and got the first sub 1'09. He first missed it with a 1'09"06, but then forced through the barrier and finished the job with a 1'08"75!
Other WRs by Andy:
RBC3 5lap: 1'12"88 - Also a new sub, which was barely missed a with a 1'13"00 at the beginning of the year.
RBC3 flap: 12"58 - I know what I say when I say this is a freaking strong WR. This time will probably stand for a looooong time.
BC3 flap: 24"67 - Almost a year later Andy untied the flap World Record and broke the 24"7 mini barrier.

We also had WRs by other players, Ethan McCormac is reporting a new time on RCI2 flap, where he regained his flap WR from 2013! He improved Andys WR by 0"04 seconds, which is a lot on such a short lap! The new time is 6"35!

But we also had an old veteran scoring a WR. It was no one else but Mickael Smolen! He tried his hands on YD flap. It's not only his first WR in 2014, but also his first ZZMT WR! Mick made a massive cut due to a new strat, and easily improved the WR by over 0"3 seconds! Yes, 0"3 seconds. The new time is a 16"83!


Robert Szabo sent in an amazing sub for Boo Lake flap, which he improved by over a second. It gives him a lead of almost 2 full seconds to #2 here. The new time is a 14"96!!

That's it! I hope you enjoyed it... smile


So many hype releases in November...

Lafungo @ Friday, November 14th   [link]

Looks like I've slipped back into old ways yet again... Apologies for the inconvenience, everyone.


#1 Robert Szabo didn't let up upon reaching the SC title, as evidenced by his 8 new PRs last month. He brought his AF below 5 and hit two new WRs. He also set a couple Non-SC PRs on BC1.

#3 Christian Wild managed to not cut a single bit of AF despite scoring 4 PRs. This is due to the fact that he played BC1 and CL, two tracks where he already had very strong times. Maybe we'll see Chris actually go for AF cuts and the #2 spot soon?

#9 Florian Chollet was active for the first time in several months, with 4 PRs under his name this October, including a strong Top 5 time on rMC2 5lap. With a .35 AF cut, he almost halved the gap to #8 Jonathan. Florian also got a single SC PR on rRR flap, ranked #6.

#14 Daniel Pabst focused on PC in October, battling with Florian on the 3lap. Despite reaching the Top 10 there, he fell "08 short of Florian's time. With this time and a pair of RiR ones, Daniel inches closer to #13 Yunus.

#28 Manuel Babjar had another slow but effective month, with a single rMC1 5lap PR worth .125 AF.

#44 Fabien Da Silva was the highest ranked of last month's big hitters, with 20 PRs worth well over 4 AF to pass 4 people. He seems to be motivated to leave his favorite MKDS aside for a while to concentrate on MKSC, so it'll be interesting to see just how high he can go!

#49 Stefan Glosby is a soothing constant in the MKSC world, with almost daily posts of his improvements on the Message Board. With 17 new PRs, he cut almost 4 AF and moved up two spots to reach the Top 50! His #32 RR 3lap and his first Titan on BC1 flap are also very promising and a preview of things to come.

#69 Stephen De Winter got a 1.1 AF cut from 3 PRs, but wasn't able to pass anyone. He's just ahead of two other Australian players, but perhaps we'll see him go for the Australian podium, which is only 6 AF away.

#78 Daniel Sampson was another suspect for unlabeled Non-SC times. His new RR 3lap and rMC1 5lap grant him a .275 AF cut.

#121 Kyle Begley re-sent his 24 PRs from the month prior that were indeed unlabeled Non-SC times. The resulting 4.3 AF cut allowed him to move up three spots, and also bestowed him the rank of Intermediate.

World Records

For the first time in a many months, there were no new Non-SC WRs...


Robert Szabo is fully responsible for last month's WR activity, with the following new times:
BL: 15"85
rBC2: 1'22"11

And now to find time to play all these games...

SSB4 3DS release is just around the corner

Lafungo @ Thursday, October 2nd   [link]

Looks like September news is actually on time for once, which leads to the odd situation where MKSC is getting two news updates in less than 2 weeks.


#1 Andy Lundeen got more PRs/WRs as usual, but surprisingly actually managed to cut AF, by tying Seb's BC2 3lap. Details in the appropriate section.

#1 Robert Szabo managed to pull ahead of Su to claim the SC title with a whopping 22 PRs, of which 4 were new WRs. He's now sitting at just over 5 AF and has a .5 buffer ahead of Su. He also got 6 Non-SC PRs for a small .1 AF cut.

#8 Jonathan Toole-Charignon spent most of the month focusing on LC, and got a .25 AF cut for it (and two other small PRs).

#10 Frederick Hutchington unhoarded 14 PRs to cut .575 AF and reclaim a spot in the Top 10, at Robert's expense. Amongst several high level PRs, the best were arguably his very strong Non-ZZMT CL times.

#14 Daniel Pabst got dual PRs on both BP and BC4 to cut .375 AF. Thanks to these new times, BC4 is the first track where he has gotten the double God! Daniel is now within 1 AF of #13 Yunus Aricanli.

#28 Manuel Babjar was very efficient this month, with a .6 AF cut from only 3 PRs. Just like Daniel, his main target was BC4, which is now his second-best track after rGV3. Manuel was also promoted to Hero B.

#51 Stefan Glosby is at the Top 50's doorstep. With 18 new PRs and a 6 AF cut, he catapults himself 6 spots up the ladder, passing SMK legend Matthias Boucher amongst others. Stefan also became our latest Expert player!

#124 Kyle Begley must have found MKSC more enjoyable than MK64's LR, because he got 24 new PRs, cut 4.5 AF and passed 4 people. Although his times were updated as SC ones, I suspect that he forgot to label them as Non-SC...

Matthew Layiktez got 10 new PRs, of which his LP times were by far the best, with the 3lap being in the Top 70! We're still looking forward to him filling out his timesheet and joining the AF ladder.

World Records


6 new Non-SC WRs this month, all of them by Andy, although Chris held CL flap for roughly a week (check for more info):
CL: 45"98/13"69
BC2: 1'00"40*/18"58
RiR: 1'09"98
rMC3: 11"33


4 new SC WRs this month, all by Robert (this sounds familiar somehow...):
BC1: 10"85
RiR: 8"95
rDP1: 12"95
rGV2: 3"63
(although this may be a typo for 4"63, which would still be WR...)

Tomorrow will be smashing.

Another summer comes to a close...

Lafungo @ Sunday, September 21st   [link]

Well, it's time for a long overdue news update. Sorry to all MKSCers for slacking off so much recently, I'll try my best to get back on track in upcoming months. I'll blame my too-long summer break this time around (this is my first news since April, after all). As a reminder, this update covers all times set in August only.

New Players

#125 Kyle Begley of the USA tries his hand at MKSC in between two MK64 sessions. Based on his MK64 times, he certainly has the potential to rises up the ranks here! Here's hoping he'll play more Mario Kart away from his TV!

Matthew Layiktez, also of the USA, joins with times for 6 tracks, the highlights being his RiR SC times, both of which are Top 30s! We look forward to see him fill out his timesheet in upcoming weeks/months.


#1 Andy Lundeen continues his monthly streak, setting 7 new WRs. Despite this, his AF hasn't changed at all, still sitting at 1.1875. As usual, details on his new times are in the dedicated section.

#2 Robert Szabo parallels Andy's lonely, consistent activity at the top, but on the SC side. With 15 new PRs (of which LC flap was also a Non-SC PR), he cuts well over .5 AF and closes the gap to Su's SC title to less than .35 AF. Will we see a new SC champ at the next update?

#8 Jonathan Toole-Charignon pulls off a .9 AF cut to pass Florian Chollet thanks to his switch to ZZMT. Amongst his 10 PRs, the highlights were his BC1 PRs, both of which are Top 5s on a track heavily played by ZZMTers. He also became the latest Myth player!

#14 Daniel Pabst sends in a batch of 7 PRs, as mentioned in the previous update, for a relatively small .25 AF cut. He's in a bit of an AF graveyard, with #13 Yunus Aricanli more than a full AF point ahead of him. However, if he keeps his activity up, he should have no trouble passing him in the near future.

#24 Lachlan Young sets 5 solid PRs to cut .5 AF and passes SMK legend Karel van Duijvenboden. He also got promoted to Hero A, which will hopefully lead to becoming a Titan!

#28 Manuel Babjar submits a truckload of 18 new PRs, cuts almost 3 AF, and passes 3 players. The best of his times is probably his 8"65 rGV3 flap, which is a Top 10 (and his only win on me...). He also cuts a full AF point, which gets him promoted to Hero C.

#57 Stefan Glosby is by far the most consistent MKSC karter in recent months, with a new PR or two to report on the forum almost every single day. It's definitely been paying off, as his 15 PRs net him a 3.5 AF cut which allows him to pass 5 players. We should see him enter the Top 50 quite soon at this rate!

World Records


All WRs in August came from Andy, and they were all improvements to his own times. Don't forget to check out to see WR improvements throughout the month, as well as vids and stats.

BC1: 41"20/12"06
CCI: 46"90
rBC1: 1'10"86
rMC2: 54"68
rMC3: 1'09"23/11"39

Another news update in less than 2 weeks?

Karter Contest more like MKSC Contest

Shock @ Sunday, August 3rd   [link]

Hello everyone, long time no see. smile First of all, major thanks to Chris for taking care of things here while Lafungo and I were 'busy' doing Karter Contest hosting things. (Speaking of which... our very own Christian Wild won the whole Karter Contest, with the other finalist being Andy Lundeen! Clearly proof that MKSC is the master race. cool eh? )

Hopefully now Lafungo and I will be back in the swing of things.

In other announcements, Jonathan Toole-Charignon has recently taken action on his console with a Triwing and succeeded, so he is another ZZMTing member of the PP! Why am I mentioning this here? Well, with two site co-admins now highly-ranked and ZZMT-capable, I'm hoping we can start looking into re-assessing the standards on the site. We also have a number of other tasks on our list that we haven't gotten around to yet... so stay tuned, and maybe we won't be overwhelmingly lazy. satisfied

Once again, Andy Lundeen was active this month. He made a small AF cut to bring him under 1.2 AF again, and he set a couple of world records. Same old, same old...

In SC, #2 Robert Szabo flew by partially-participating #3 Andy. The power of the bathtub PRs was strong with Robert this month - I just wonder if he went the pro-bubble or non-bubble strat...

The next active player in non-SC was #9 Jonathan Toole-Charignon, whose PRs aren't quite up to date currently on the site yet, but who still sent in his first ZZMT PRs for a nice cut. Recently he's already gotten splits on BC1 course that, put together, would give him a #2 ranking. He's a professional turtle with a trusty ironing board, so expect him to make steady movements to the top 5. In an ideal world, I'd like to see him move quickly and get Christian Wild active again, who has a lot more potential than is currently showing on the rankings...

Following closely behind in activity on the non-SC chart is #10 Robert Szabo and #11 Frederick Hutchington. Both made pretty small cuts in AF, and remain very close together with less than .2 AF separating them.

Further down, #14 Daniel Pabst made a small cut, with another August AF cut already in pending. He's been active in the MKSC Skype chat, so we'll be keeping a close watch on him. razz

More than double Daniel's AF down though we come to a shocking movement. #31 Manuel Babjar made a cut this month of double digits - 10.6! That's over 800 players passed overall - a huge leap for someone in the 30s ranks. Top 30 is perhaps where one can rightfully claim the title of MKSC professional, and players of these ranks are usually entrusted with their own ironing board. Was Manuel holding out on submitting PRs for a long time, or will he give us an August PR list to continue his movements? I hope for the latter.

Last but not least, we have our most consistently active MKSCer of the year, #62 Stefan Glosby. Stefan made a nice 4 AF cut this month from a variety of improvements that he shared with us in the PRs thread in the forums. At the rate he's going, he might yet get top 50 before the end of the year. Keep it up, Stefan!

Only 1 player responsible for non-SC WRs this month.... Shocking.

RGV1: 46"88
RBC1: 1'10"86
BC1: 41"25 / 12"06

In SC, Robert Szabo made a record...

PC flap: 11"39

BC1 course is already obsolete, but the new record wasn't set until August so that will have to wait until then. Also, if you are interested in seeing all the WRs, their history, statistics, etc. we have a great site you can visit. is the place to go for anything regarding MKSC's top records; check it out if you haven't already.

And... that's the news! If you want to be more involved with the daily happenings of the MKSC group, we have a couple options. You can join the forums, found in a link to the left, or to join the inner circles you can request to join our Skype chat by sending me or Lafungo a message on the forums. If you aren't a part of the group yet, we'd love to have you.

Hope you all had a great summer! My classes start in less than a month...


World Cup, Karter Contest, so many interesting things...

Chris @ Wednesday, July 2nd   [link]

Hi! As last time, Lafungo and Andy are busy with... stuff. Time for me to give you some brand new news for the Month June! Let's see....

New Players

One new player this month! Martin Prigent got forced from the Elite MKSC Group to join the site to finally be a real member of it! His debuting rank is 139th, the second lowest rank. Maybe Nosey will borrow him his MKSC and let him improve a bit? However, welcome to the site! cool eh?


The highest active player was once again Andy Lundeen. He improved his LC flap WR once again, but didn't gain any ranks with it, as it was his WR already. Same as the other two WRs, they were already in his hands. More info in the WR section.

#3 Robert Szabo got 3 new PRs in SC, one of them was even a new WR! More information in the WR section. Robert cut 0.075 AF points and came one step closer to Andy and the #2 position.

#14 Daniel Pabst sent us 7 new records. Well, he said 6 of them are old, only his rCI2 flap is new. With those PRs he cut 0.225 AF points and closed the gap to Yunus.

#25 Lachlan Young sent us a few old times he got and made a pretty nice 0.5 AF cut. His ARR dropped by a nice amount and he is very close to the next rank promotion.

A surprise return from #31 Nicola Torre who sent us a few records this month. He made a solid cut of 0.6 AF points and closed the gap to Cole for the TOP30 spot. He could get a lot more if he wanted, but it seems MKSC doesn't interest him too much, otherwise, the TOP15 could be easily achievable for him!

#55 Alex Hantson improved 14 PRs during the month. Alex told us that he will probably play some more during the summer, so expect some action from him! So far he made a 3.3 AF point cut and passed 2 players.

#64 Stefan Glosby was active as always. He's continuously getting new PRs and getting better almost every day! He improved 2.5 AF points and passed one player. The next player in front of him is Kris Will, but he got a nice lead of 2.8 points. Will Stefan be able to get him within the next month? We will see!

#80 Brian Smith got a few new PRs and got a 7.35 AF points cut. He passed 4 players and reached the TOP80 with style!

#81 David Moll sent us 3 times for his timeset, but sadly didn't cut any AF. David seems to be interested to try this game again, but will he keep it up and get some more PRs in the future?

#95 Ben Stoneman played some MKSC in this month and got a 0.1 AF point cut. It's not a big cut, but hey! Even small steps can lead to the goal. Keep it up!

#106 Ben van Keulen got a nice amount of PRs this month. With them he got a really good 13.6 AF cut to pass 15 players!

A few spots behind we have #110 Sam Smith who got an even bigger cut of 15.5 points! He passed 14 players, but is relatively close to Ben. Could this be a new rivalry?

#125 Scott Page improved a few PRs this month and passed 4 players to reach the TOP125! He made a decent 2.6 AF cut, but he can get a lot more if he wanted!

Nice World Records

Andy improved 3 WRs he already owned (again!).

He improved the LC flap again and it's now down to 18"30!
The next two WRs were done on flaps aswell. He improved the RBC3 flap down to 12"60, and the RRR flap fell a few hundreths and now stands at 11"84!

We also got a new SC WR from Robert, who just tied the old VL2 WR and now stands at #1 with a 2"40!