Here's where we bestow some honours for impressive karting. If you find your name here, you must have done something that has caught our attention---good for you, keep it up!

We have also set up a little chart at the bottom to keep track of which of you is catching our attention the most! We just tally up your awards, with a higher point score for rarer awards.

Player of the Week

Week 4, Dec 2016Christian WildWent out with a bang with a massive AF cut to reach the top 50!
Week 3, Dec 2016Diogo Dos Santos CostaAnnihilated his way to the top 250 and Expert overall!
Week 2, Dec 2016Christian WildBig cuts again launching him into the top 60!
Week 1, Dec 2016Christian WildNice cuts reaching Titan C overall!
Week 4, Nov 2016'Rupa'Became the 7th overall God and non-prb champion!

Player of the Month

Dec 2016Diogo Dos Santos CostaHe's already closing in on top 100 and is Hero overall, welp!
Nov 2016'Rupa'Huge surge pushes him to #1 and God overall!
Oct 2016Christian WildMassive cuts propel him to Titan E overall!
Sep 2016Christian WildHuge cuts to crack the top 100!
Aug 2016Andrew HsiehHuge cuts got him inside the top 100 and Hero A overall!

Player of the Quarter

2nd Quarter, 2016Sam JonesStorms the Myth ranks reaching the top 20!
1st Quarter, 2016Sam JonesExploded onto the scene and is already inside the top 40 and Myth D overall!
4th Quarter, 2015Paulo FerreiraEnded the year strong pushing near the top 150 and Hero E overall!
3rd Quarter, 2015Josh GriffinHe dug out his phat and crashed inside the top 30 Myth C overall!
2nd Quarter, 2015Paulo FerreiraStarted outside the top 400 and made it to the top 300 and Advanced B overall!

Player of the Year

2015Ben StonemanIt was the closet decision yet, but Ben gets the nod in the end over Josh and Matthew (39% vs. 32% vs. 29%). He became the prb World Champion and Myth A overall to cap off another excellent year!
2014Ben StonemanIt was a landslide win thanks to his countless WR's, reaching #3 overall on both charts, and becoming the 5th non-prb God!
2013AmemiyaJoining at #14, he made it all the way to #7 and Myth E overall! He amassed 40/64 non-prb Gods with over 30 top 10 times on each chart. In addition to collecting CR's, he also lead the poll the entire way to win the title!
2012'Rupa'Building upon his success, he went on to lead the site in non-prb AF/ARR % cut as he sliced his way deep into the top 10. Pretty much hit world records at will and easily won the poll to take the title!
2011'Rupa'This was his break out year storming the WR table with dominance on both charts. Ending up in the top 10 prb and top 20 non-prb, Rupa ended up the winner in the run off poll to take the title.

Overall Achievements

Who Week (1pt) Month (2pts) Quarter (5pts) Year (10pts) Points
Ben Stoneman2664388
David Roldan2253157
Thomas Bolton1571254
Timur Ahmad1132137
Paulo Ferreira1262034
Matthew Ord2102031
Timothée Le Borgne1052030
Marcus Frenje1522029
Leone Castar1541028
Sam Jones832024
Christian Wild1041023
Robert Lee732023
Marshall LeVett931020
Michael Fried731018
Josh Griffin821017
Alex Frasca531016
Brett Berger811015
Beta MKDS1310015
Dylan Gaunt621015
Cole Gilbert711014
Federico Mazzucchielli521014
Fabien Da Silva521014
Abel Marques1110013
Michele Magnaterra421013
Dallas Wilde820012
Giulio Centrone630012
Sascha Brauninger701012
Lenny Andreev511012
Miguel Rodriguez321012
Michael Hutchings411011
Simon Levy501010
Elliot Griffiths311010
Jayden Bartlett620010
Joep van Gelder620010
Andrew Hsieh52009
AJ Skinner71009
Stefan Mayr61008
Emilio Garcia61008
Marcus Whitley42008
Fabio Sacco80008
Alex Garcia51007
Andrew Mao51007
Sam Smith32007
Nick Welch32007
Martin Prigent41006
Lars Stelzig41006
Nicola Torre60006
Nicholas Joseph Renzetti III41006
Milan Pacino31005
Jeff Ferencz-Nagy31005
Daan Becker12005
Louis Vivarès31005
Mikel Nelson31005
Derek Rogers21004
Patryk Choma21004
Godot Armando21004
Sebastian Wimmer21004
Jeffrey Gutierrez21004
Kevin McAteer21004
Robert Szabo21004
Ben van Keulen11003
Andrea Gardina11003
David Schiering11003
Zach Sterling30003
Mike Bennett11003
Benjamin Block30003
Phillipp Hellmers30003
Ben Sackville11003
Simon Birker30003
Long John Marv30003
Guillaume Bettin11003
James Farrell-Shaw30003
Diogo Dos Santos Costa11003
Paul Gourdon30003
Armando Cobian11003
Leonardo Assisi11003
Nicolas Mathez30003
Nicolas Barco20002
Carlos Munoz20002
Mark Engelsman20002
Ben Allen20002
Christian Martin Lapeira20002
Florian Lorang20002
Kevin Borne20002
Daniel Marass10001
James Leare10001
Jack Murphy10001
Krystian Wieczorek10001
Taylor Fankhauser10001
Beatrice Thomasson10001
Sean Dyer10001
Thomas Rielly10001
Ted Kim10001
Thomas McConville10001
Dan Lindblad10001
Matt Flees10001
Tristan Eyma10001
Christopher McMullen10001
Robin Mazzucotelli10001
Bryton Daniels10001
Matt Ellis10001
Hugo De Moya10001
Andrew Howes10001
Jerome Francois10001
Tim Shelbourne10001
Enrique Wilde10001
Patrick Chea10001
Murray Wright10001
Ivo van der Stap10001
Thomas van Leeuwen10001
Eduard Gomez Bao10001
Lewis Benny10001
Mickael Smolen10001
Alvin van Asselt10001
Selim Basrour10001
Stefan Peters10001
Alvaro Arroyo10001
Robin Elliott10001
Christian Steverding10001
Florian Chollet10001
Mark Vizza10001
Lachlan McEachern10001
Jag Ruth10001
Anthony Valette10001
Jonathon Jones10001
John Colley10001