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19 April 2017: "God's Blessing on this Wonderful Game!"

I never ceased to be amazed!


#5 Rupa stopped by this week to join the fun on LC1! He chimed in on the flap to score a God time as well with a 22"881. He also got around to sending in his BP flap which shocked the world awhile ago with a devastating 8"087 God! Nice times!

#10 Sam Jones keeps up the pressure with a 0.2 AF cut. He spent his time on FS this week hitting 1'38"805 / 32"199, both God. It will take some more nice cuts to rank up again but he's closing the gap!

#11 Louis Vivares improves his flap from last week with BC2 30"138 God!

People working their way up included #308 Mike Koehoorn -12.5940.

New Records

Some old times finally rolled in!

I noticed Towa was busy on MC GCN and managed to knock off the nearly 8 year old records set by Thomas Bolton with 1'11"826 and 23"564! If that wasn't enough, Rupa dropped a bombshell on BP flap with an unbelievably quick time of 8"087...incredible!


Well at least someone was busy, for hacking off a nice chunk of AF and approaching the top 300 Mike Koehoorn wins the POW for the second week of April!

I'd rather be dead! ~Etch