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03 April 2017: "Boys und Bomber"

Sorry ladies, our tankery is the fastest!


#10 Beta lights things up again with a 0.3 AF cut! He worked on LC2 this week and dropped his ARR sub 4 with LC2 1'14"423 / 24"459, both Myth B. There's some ways to go before ranking up but he has plenty of other tracks to bring up to par, good luck!

#11 Louis Vivares makes a splash again with his 0.4 AF cut! He jumps up a spot thanks to his work on LC1 1'12"158 / 23"711 both God, and BB 34"487 God. Like Beta, he too has some ground to cover before ranking up so best stay fresh!

Karters missing the first cut included #468 Adam Roberts -10.9060 Intermediate A, and #544 Trevor Shiloh -12.4850.

New Records



He's one step shy of the top 10 now, so Louis Vivares wins the POW for the fourth week of March!

For reaching the top 10 prb and a flurry of new WR's, Beta wins the POM for the month of March!

Victory! ~Etch