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31 March 2017: "Order Up!"

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#10 Beta went all out on LC1 this week. He dropped the WR on LC1's 3lap/flap three times, wow! Since the sub wasn't enough, he followed that up with the first God times here landing 1'09"660 / 22"882, incredible! Next up was a crazy 1'09"495 / 22"782! For his final trick, he delighted everyone with a spectacular 1'09"299 / 22"750! Amazing how a subtle strat change produces dramatic results, great job!

#12 Louis Vivares jumps up a few ranks as he works his way towards the top 10. He sported a solid 0.6 AF cut to make this leap. He regrouped and crushed his BB times with 1'44"790 / 34"524 both God, and made a tiny cut on YC flap with 27"635 God! For now, the top 9 spot is up for grabs but there is a major AF graveyard to overcome and join the Elite 8. Had to work in a reference somewhere, lol.

People outside the top 100 failed to season their runs correctly...

New Records

Beta blew the doors off LC1!

For his first course, he offered 1'09"660 / 22"882! Even though they were God times that wasn't enough. For his second course, he offered 1'09"495 / 22"782! At this point the karters were stunned, such power in the strats! He later delivered dessert and shocked us to our core with an unfathomable 1'09"299 / 22"750! Congratulations for pushing this track to the next level!


For his insane progress on LC1, Beta wins the POW for the third week of March!

Fabien was right! ~Etch