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22 March 2017: "Time Trials Crisis!"

You just don't quit...


#1 Ben Stoneman lands a slightly quicker PC flap this week which ranks 4th overall with a 16"928 Myth B!

#10 Beta shocked the world by unleashing the first sub 1'10 on LC1! He astonished us with the power of new strats and mt finesse scoring a ridiculous 1'09"993 Myth A! He also improved his flap to 23"030 Myth B. I'm sure there's more in store!

Towa joins the site and in true style with a WR! He revolutionized LC1 with some timely hops which helped him defeat the flap with an amazing 22"940 Myth A! Welcome to the PP and happy karting!

People cutting men down elsewhere included #550 Trevor Shiloh -8.2960.

New Records

Towa made his debut in dramatic fashion by changing our thinking on LC1! He introduced some nice hops going into the zippers which resulted in a crazy 22"940! Beta followed suit using brute force and finally eclipsed his old time with the glorious sub scoring a beautiful 1'09"993!


Not every day you knock off an insane WR, so Towa wins the POW for the second week of March!

I'm gonna have to teach you some strats! ~Etch