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12 March 2017: "March Dankness"

Greatness awaits...


#10 Beta unleashed a 1.1 AF cut to secure a spot inside the top 10! He decimated some of his records with SR 1'41"001 Titan C / 33"102 Titan D, WP 2'00"949 Titan D / 39"550 Titan B, and an absurdly fast PC 16"779 God. I'm sure his work isn't over yet so keep firing off those mt's!

#18 Sam Jones rounds up the action with his work on WS. It might just be a 0.2 AF cut, but he managed to throw down some insane times with 1'50"197 / 36"426 both God! Keep up the nice work!

People who made the dance included #202 Sam Smith -3.6410, #556 Trevor Shiloh -42.5470 Intermediate D.

New Records

Not this time!


He slashed off a full AF point to join the top 10, so Beta wins the POW for the first week of March!

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