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06 March 2017: "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Ronery"

After many karts and strats, a special sub was finally reached...


#1 Ben Stoneman's work on the LM 3lap finally paid off! After a few more improvements he becomes the first karter to sub 1'31. He reached this milestone with a very nice 1'30"954 God! Great job!

#12 Beta exploded this week with a humongous 8.8 AF cut! He made several improvements on multiple tracks which included LM 1'31"253 / 29"958 both God and 2nd overall, SR 1'42"481 / 33"250 both Titan E, FS 32"396 Titan A, WP 2'01"141 / 39"938 both Titan D, BP 8"199 Titan A, and DP1 52"549 Myth C / 17"266 Titan A. This also helped him launch his way to Myth D overall! There's not much left between him and a top 10 spot so we'll see what happens, nice work!

#13 Marcus Frenje shaved 0.1 AF points with a very nice time. He became just the twelfth karter to reach the BP 5lap God with a solid 42"726! Keep working that thumb magic elsewhere!

#14 Louis Vivares may lost some minor ground AF wise but came up with a very nice YC flap of 27"649 God.

#61 Paulo Ferreira wraps up the fun with a 0.3 AF cut. He focused on PG flap and got close to the sub here with a 29"025 Titan B!

People who get scared by the boos included #604 Trevor Shiloh -31.3750 Intermediate E.

New Records

Ben finally broke through!

He took the LM 3lap down again first with a 1'31"151, and followed that up with a 1'31"012. Any sane person would refuse to call it quits coming that close to the sub so Ben pressed on and finally made history with a ridiculous 1'30"954 !


He made insane improvements as he closes in on the top 10 prb reaching Myth D overall, so Beta wins the POW for the fourth week of February!

Busiest of the bunch, he crashed the top 50 at Titan A overall, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POM for the month of February!

There's something missing in my kart...~Etch