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27 February 2017: "The Kart of the Deal"

It takes the right man to snack...


#1 Ben Stoneman improves his LM 3lap again taking the WR down to 1'31"173 God!

#6 Abel Marques reports in again with a new time on CI2! He scored a new non-prb flap here with a 15"645 God. He's still sitting pretty comfy chart wise so stay the course!

#13 Marcus Frenje keeps up the fight improving his CI2 3lap to 48"689 God! The only other karters to reach the God here are God overall, foreshadowing? Clearly the Scandinavian Snackian has the chops, we're rooting for ya!

#14 Louis Vivares keeps up the pressure crushing his YC 3lap to an insane 1'25"499 God! He cut half an AF point again ranking up to 7th here overall. The fight for the the top 10 is getting fierce!

#17 Sam Jones was living in prb land this week wrecking up shit on RR. He currently holds the bronze medals here with 1'42"007 / 32"319, both God! It's anyone's guess where he'll strike next, but if he stays in the groove the PR's will follow!

#20 Beta also joined in on the LM fun with his own 3lap of 1'31"791 Myth A. He saved the best for last on BC flap where he dropped his WR to an insane 35"707 God! Nice time!

#47 Diogo Dos Santos Costa keeps storming ahead with a 4 point AF cut to reach Titan A overall! He rambled off another mess of new times which included MMF 1'04"621 Titan A, LM 1'34"929 Titan A / 30"494 God, CCB 1'27"105 Titan A, PC 56"672 Titan C, and SG 21"580 God. His big highlight came on RR sc flap where he landed a 32"407 God. It's his best ranked time at 4th overall, wow! What can I say, let the good times lol!

#61 Paulo Ferreira hops up a spot with a 0.4 AF cut. He made some nice progress on a couple tracks scoring DS 30"261 Titan E and PG 1'30"620 Titan C. It's a pretty comfy area on the charts here, little by little he can mow over the karters of yesteryear. Sock it to me!

People who weren't fired included #626 Trevor Shiloh -2.1570.

New Records

A couple heroes this week!

Ben made a couple improvements on LM 3lap with 1'31"184 and then 1'31"173! Just when you thought BC flap was already tough, Beta knocked it down again with 35"755 and then 35"707!


Biggest cuts again and reached Titan A overall, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the third week of February!

HUGE! ~Etch